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Copper Beach. Dark Legacy #1. Originally Published January 10, Recently published December 31, Hardcover, Paperback, Audio, e-Book. In this launch of Krentz’s Dark Legacy series, a psychic rare-book expert must wrest a valuable text from evildoers while resisting (or not) the. Title: Copper Beach (Thorndike Press Large Print Basic) Author(s): Jayne Ann Krentz ISBN: X / (USA edition) Publisher.

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Sam and Abby could have been switched out with any hero and heroine from pretty much any of her books, and I probably wouldn’t have noticed.


Surely these people would have some truck with them and the Arcane society. Determined to keep the book out of dangerous hands, Sam agrees to protect Abby and find the book. The paranormal aspects in the story – “hot” books and crystals, etc. I think it was a good start to a new for me, anyways paranormal series and I’m clpper that I might actually continue reading these books.

She earned a B. Copper Beach by Jayne Ann Krentz. The romance is great and ocpper conclusion is obvious to everyone but Abby right from the start. Please provide an email address. Because where is the romance in meeting, deciding something clicked, having sex a few times and getting engaged? I blame Krentz’s bad writing. What’s the book about?


That’s odd, too, as I’m pretty sure I read another book under the Quick name set in Regency time where the lead female as all into alternative realities and her male lover was cop;er definitely not but I felt the author handled that so much better.

The Best Books of Excerpt from Crystal Gardens by Amanda Quick. It’s an enjoyable suspense romance, filled with warmth and wit, typical of JAK. Krentz did a decent job developing the relationship, even though they do jump into bed the first night, totally ruining the anticipation, sadly.

It sounds more like a customer service call. There’s a connection between the two talented people, but Sam may have bbeach hard time convincing Abby that it is more than just sex. Open Preview See a Problem?

The main characters are Abby Radwell and Sam Coppersmith. Some just want to get rich off the possibilities. And it didn’t quite get there.

A specialist in paranormal crystals and amber, Sam comes to help Abby but soon begins to think that there is something more than danger between himself and Abby.

I enjoyed the scenes with her dog — a nice change from dust bunnies. Maybe I should stop expecting romance?

The Definitive Guide to Living in the Capital , Cairo , Egypt

This is a contemporary paranormal romance filled with mystery and suspense. It’s an enjoyable suspense romance, fill 3. Abby can break codes on books locked paranormally and seems to be the only one around who can which makes you wonder who was making all the locks What I expect from Ms. Sam is a paranormal expert who further investigates the matter as well as protects Abby from the blackmailer. Copper Beach Dark Legacy Author s: Some sex scenes and swearing.


Copper Beach – Jayne Ann Krentz

She has this incredible gift for weaving wonderful characters, paranormal elements and mystery into an intoxicated beadh that I cannot seem to get enough of. This author used to be one of my old favourites, but I honestly have not enjoyed any of her books in years.

Reasonably explicit but infrequent. Feeling threatened, Abby is referred to Sam Coppersmith by a trusted friend. She received a degree in history from the University of California. Then there are a number of nefarious characters, like Lander Knox, not to mention annoying ones like Orinda Strickland, Abby’s step-grandmother. Krentz’s characters are quirky, well-written, and interesting. Whoops, followed by head smack.