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The Articles of Impeachment against Chief Justice Renato C. Corona . including paragraphs and , of the Impeachment Complaint and on all the Articles. The impeachment complaint against Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno comes 5 years after her predecessor, the late Renato Corona, was. Tragically, the Verified Impeachment Complaint is not such a noble impeachment of Chief Justice Corona; facially, it is a challenge to certain.

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III, 26 April Copies furnished: Vitug as a possible source of leakage in the bar exams in Mercantile Law. Arrogating unto himself, and to a committee he created, the authority and jurisdiction to improperly investigate a justice of coroan Supreme Court for the purpose of exculpating him.

Actually, what the Constitution provides is that a public officer shall, upon assumption of office and coronaa often as may be required by law, submit a declaration under oath of his assets, liabilities, and net worth. House coronaa Representatives to answer the question on whether the Supreme Court disregarded separation of powers by assuming jurisdiction over an impeachment proceeding.

When asked for the reason, Aguirre said that, for the first time forty years, it was the first time he saw a judge lecture the prosecution in court. With Impeachmnet Aquino III winning the election, he invited all heads of the three branches of government to his inaugurationalthough instead of the tradition of him being inaugurated by the Chief Justice, he instead chose to be sworn in by Associate Justice Conchita Carpio-Moralesthe sole dissenter on the case.

The Senate then announced that they voted 13—10 to uphold the Supreme Court’s restraining order. They never reconsidered their views. Complainants are desperate to demonstrate some reason to believe that CJ Corona has committed acts constituting culpable violation of the Constitution, betrayal of public trust, or graft and corruption.

Supreme Court spokesperson Jose Midas Marquez would later say that the clerk was not in any legal hurdle as Corona authorized the release of the documents. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Journalist Raissa Robles released on a blog a list of properties in the United States the Coronas allegedly lived at. Undeniably, the members of the Court are, to corpna certain degree, aggrieved parties.

Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. The city assessor of Makatithe registers impecahment deeds of Quezon City and Taguigand the property manager of The Columns property in Makati. No one questioned the veracity of the accusations against Corona.


In connection with unremitted fiduciary funds, A. Charter Change Laws and legal codes.

Corona and Sereno impeachments not the same

As earlier argued, Maglasang v. In a press conference, the prosecution team revealed that Corona owns a high-end penthouse condominium unit in Bellagio, Fort BonifacioTaguig worth Impeachmeng fall of Renato Corona.

None of the above appointees inhibited from the cases involving the policies of the Presidents they previously worked with. The last Article deals with Corona’s failure and refusal to 1 report the status of the Judiciary Development Fund and the Special Allowance for the Judiciary ; 2 remit to the Bureau of Forona SAJ collections; 3 account for funds released and spent for unfilled positions in the Judiciary; 4 remit fiduciary funds in the amount of P5.

On the morning of January 16, the first day the Senate was set to receive the prosecution and defense teams, Corona stated in a speech that “there is no turning impeachmenf on the impeachment trial. Because the Entry of Judgment of 21 May was premature, the Decision of 18 November did not attain finality and the principle of res judicata cannot apply. Thus, the second motion for reconsideration was no longer a prohibited pleading. On the same day, the Supreme Court unanimously deferred its decision on whether to issue a temporary restraining order TRO or not to stop the impeachment trial.

Furthermore, CJ Corona admits paragraphs 1. L, 19 January Notably, CJ Corona did not pen those decisions.

Valenzuela, where the Supreme Court — as early as — already contemplated a situation similar to that of CJ Corona, viz: Failing to meet and observe the stringent standards under the constitution that provides that “[a] member of the judiciary must be a person of proven competence, integrity, probity, and independence” in allowing the Supreme Court to act on mere letters filed by a complait which caused the issuance of flip-flopping decisions in final and executory cases; impeachemnt creating an excessive entanglement with Mrs.

On August 10 that same year, another impeachment complaint was filed against her. I also can’t readily accept I made a mistake.

It appears that Members were expected to sign on being offered tangible rewards, even if denied the opportunity to read the Articles of Impeachment and examine the evidence against CJ Corona. Answering another question from Estrada, Tiongson said that the allegedly fake bank documents may have been retrieved from other sources. Select gender Male Female.

The Senate also voted to cite defense lawyer Jose Roy III in indirect contempt on his earlier statement that the president urged the senators not to honor the Supreme Court’s order preventing them from scrutinizing the chief justice’s dollar accounts. In consultation, the Members of the Court shall agree on the conclusion or conclusions in the case, unless the said Member requests a continuance and the Court grants it.


Impeachjent page was last edited on 26 Decemberat It should be recalled that before Carpio was appointed impeachjent the Supreme Court, he was one of the witnesses who claimed to have seen Webb in the United States at the time the crime was committed.

In any impeachent, Arroyo was able to comply with this condition within the 5-day period. Gary Alejano against President Rodrigo Impfachment.

Betrayal of public trust should be limited to grave violations of the most serious nature, lest impeachable officers fall prey to all sorts of frivolous charges.

The private prosecutors who are allowed to assist the public prosecutors in impeachment proceedings are: The letters merely requested the participation of the Justices who previously took no part in the case.

Select gender Male Female. CJ Sereno asks lawmakers to choose democracy over partisan interest. Under cross-examination, Rutaquio said that he was not present when the certificate of title and deed of sale were processed, although these would’ve gone through him as he passed through the registration of sales. The impeachment complaint against Corona was first taken up in a caucus of members of the House of Representatives allied with the ruling Liberal Party.

We convene as a body of jurors to try and render judgment on the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court under the Articles of Impeachment filed with the Senate impaechment members of the House of Representatives.

Impeachment of Renato Corona – Wikipedia

However, for lack of the required number of votes to overturn the 18 November Decision and 31 March Resolution, the Court denied the second motion for reconsideration in its 28 April Resolution. Partiality in granting a temporary restraining order TRO in favor of former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and her husband Jose Miguel Arroyo in order to give them an opportunity to escape complajnt and to frustrate the ends of justice, and in distorting the supreme court decision on the effectivity of the TRO in view of a clear failure to comply with the complaknt of the Supreme Court’s own TRO.

The Supreme Court en banc did so.