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Verificación de carga en cortinas ancladas ubicadas en áreas de riesgo em tirantes de cortinas ancoradas executadas para eliminação de risco .. “Análise numérica do comportamento de cortinas atirantadas em solos”. More, J. Z. P. Análise Numérica do Comportamento de Cortinas Atirantadas em Solos 0DVWHUV ‘LVVHUWDWLRQ – Departamento de Engenharia Civil. Larissa Roedel’s 4 research works with reads, including: Manifestações Patológicas decorrentes em Solo Grampeado e Cortina Atirantada. Larissa.

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After the modeling atiratnadas performed using the Plaxis 8. ACI Materials Journal, v. Due to the increasing problems of early degradation observed in the structures, new competitive needs, and sustainability requirements in the civil construction sector, in the last two decades there has been a worldwide tendency to focus on design aspects related to durability and the extension of the service life of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures CLIFTON, The maximum value of residual load for the tie rods was 22 tons for the curtain located near the Linha Amarela expressway in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro, and the lowest value of ZERO tons was obtained for the curtain on Mauriti Street in the burrow of Santa Tereza.

The calculation of the stiffness matrix, an interpolation function, allows relating the value of the variable of the problem to be solved in the nodes of each element with its geometry and property, generating a system of equations in matrix form. They represent the parameters adopted by atiratnadas GEO-RIO Foundation that are used in modeling specifications for the designs of the anchored curtains.

It is recommended that the developer of the Plaxis 2D geotechnical and structural computational tool review the modeling of anchored curtain structures while considering the temporal development of the loads on the tie rods anchored to the ground due to the increase in overload of the contained slope considered in the proposed model.

The discretization of the continuous medium occurs when it is divided by imaginary lines and surfaces that result in a finite number of two-dimensional elements that, for this research, was verified to be sufficient for the analysis.

Anchored curtain hillside containment structures are reinforced concrete structures that atirantaas estimated service lives of 50 years. To obtain conservative values for the residual loads, the maximum residual load in tons for each anchored curtain was considered. The objective of this research, which is related to the study of pathological manifestations due to the cracking processes of structures, is to analyze whether increasing loads on the tie rods of the anchored curtain containment structures behave as predicted by computational simulations when taking into account increases in informal properties uphill of those structures.

In addition to the practical tests used to evaluate the load behaviors of the tie rods over time, theoretical tests of the rods were carried corginas using the Plaxis computational tool, which allows simulations of increases in overload due to increases in residential and other buildings qtirantadas from the anchored curtain occurring throughout the years.


The main massif is known as the Tijuca massif and is located in regions of the southern and northern zones and downtown area of the city. A schematic representation is shown atirahtadas Figure 3.

Load check on anchored curtains located in geotechnical hazard areas in the city of Rio de Janeiro

The city of Rio de Janeiro, which is known for both the tragedies caused by landslides on its slopes and the terrain formed by the encounter of the ocean with the mountains, has built more than eleven thousand interventions on hillsides located at different sites in the municipality over the past 50 years.

Universidade Federal FluminenseBrasil. This increase in multiple cracks will allow aggressive agents to enter the interiors of the reinforced concrete slabs when the structures are subject to aggressive environments, which can cause increases in pathological manifestations throughout their service lives. Peer comments on this answer and responses from the answerer agree. Close and don’t show again Close. Over the years, the word has become synonymous with an abject housing reality.

It can be seen that the two lines that represent the tests simulated using the Plaxis computational system blue line and residual load verification test red line do not meet for any of the 20 anchored curtains surveyed over five years during this research.

This article aims to investigate the load behavior on the tie rods of anchored curtain walls built to eliminate geological-geotechnical hazards on hillsides in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Therefore, to simplify the model and given the unavailability of survey reports for each executed curtain, the soil behavior was modeled using the Mohr-Coulomb model, which closely represents the behavior of soil in general. These observations are important in order to know the point at which the added overload results in significant changes in the soil and how that may impact the reinforced concrete panel of the curtain.

Sanitary sewage and leachates originating from uncollected garbage enter the soil contained by the anchored curtains and directly infiltrate the curtain walls. Over time, these anchored curtain hillside containment structures suffer increases in overload from the contained soil, which was not foreseen in the design, due to the increase in informal constructions in uphill areas with high geological-geotechnical risks and where most of the curtains in the scope of this analysis are located.

Their main characteristic is the absence of adequate technical standards, often without surrounding urbanization and without important public services such as sanitary sewage and household waste collection. The region near the support of the curtain and the first row of tie rods, which coincides with the displacement that the curtain undergoes due to the increase in overload over time, and the second row of tie rods, which is a section near the transition between the free section and the anchored section of the tie rod, indicate a stress zone in the soils.


Figure 3 Schematic representation of the finite element analysis Tschiptschin, Post Your ideas for ProZ.

ENPortugal, Reservation of rights to exclusive use No. Figure 7 Residual load verification testing underway. Figure 2 An anchored curtain in a geotechnical hazard area Author.

cortina atirantada

View forum View forum without registering on UserVoice. Participation is free and the site has a strict confidentiality policy. Because of the complex Considering the uncontrolled growth in informal real estate uphill and surrounding these containment structures, soil contamination by aggressive agents such as sulfuric acid, which is highly corrosive to steel reinforcements, occurs in addition to increased overloads.

Login or register free and only takes a few minutes to participate in this question. Figure 4 Atirantqdas plasticity of the soil Plaxis. It has been verified that there is no plastification of the soil in the upper section of the panel. With increasing overloads over time, a second plastification occurs in the lower part of the panel of the anchored curtain, with a small change in the plastification zones of the contained soil.

CORTINA ATIRANTADA by Reinaldo Vaz Neto on Prezi

For the plastified region of the soil, on the other hand, a rigid plastic model with resistance parameters such as cohesion and angle of friction of the soil, which are related to its stability and rupture, would be used. It is necessary to know, evaluate, and classify the degree of aggressiveness of the environment and to know the concrete and geometry of the structure, thus establishing the correspondence between both, i.

Figure 6 Displacement of the anchored curtain cortinnas 50 years Plaxis. Initially, the analysis of the structural behaviors of the 20 anchored curtains executed in the city of Rio de Janeiro was developed considering the effects of the overload stresses due to the additional forces at the atirantadaz of the cortinaas service life, which was estimated to be 50 years, as established in standard EN As atigantadas in European Concrete Standard ENthe design service life for current structures is at least 50 years, which is applicable to reinforced concrete structures with anchored curtains.

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The reinforcing bars of a hillside containment structure must absorb the tensile and compressive stresses arising primarily in the vertical parameters of the anchored curtains, which are dimensioned to resist not only bending but also the punching shear in the region of the tie rods.

In addition, several of these structures present either losses or increases in work load on their tie rods, the values of which are often different from the loads incorporated at the times of the execution of the structures.