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Buy The End of Human Rights UK ed. by Costas Douzinas (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible. The End of Human Rights by Costas Douzinas. Oxford: Hart Publishing, , pp, hbk £33, pbk £ Costas Douzinas’s impressive latest work is both a. Book Review. If God is Dead, then Thank Goodness for International Law: A Review of “The End of Human Rights” by Costas Douzinas. Place of publication: .

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Douzinas, above n 3 A Theory of Speech.

But duozinas progressive legalisation of existence, in which many aspects of life become rights, keeps undermining the unity of self. It was the declaration of rights which established not only those rights but also the power of the constituent assemblies to legislate. Community, on the other hand, is the condition of human existence, but communitarianism can become even more stifling.

The introduction of the Human Rights Act has led to an explosion in books on human rights, yet no sustained examination of their history and philosophy exists in the burgeoning literature. Rights are a formal recognition of the fact that before my legal subjectivity always and already has come another. But this is an empirical universality, based on the competitive solidarity of sovereign governments and on the pragmatic concerns and calculations of international politics.

Who or what is a human?

A Review of”The End of Human Rights”

But there are many problems with these globalised rights. June 1, Imprint: But the attainment of identity through the desire diuzinas recognition of the other fails in different ways, even in those cases in which human rights are successful on the surface and succeed in legalising desire. Your display name should be at least 2 characters long.

The author weaves a web of intricate connections between ‘humanity’ and ‘rights’ which spans the whole history of western philosophy.

Second, law-making in the huge business of human rights has been taken over by government representatives, diplomats, costaa advisers, international civil servants and human rights experts. Being is being together, being with others. The Rules of Sociological Method. From a non-essentialist perspective, rights are highly artificial constructs, a historical accident of European intellectual and political history.


This book fills the historical and theoretical gap and explores the powerful promises and disturbing paradoxes of human rights. Its function lies uhman in a philosophical essence but in its non-essence, in the endless process of oc and the continuous but impossible attempt to escape fate and external determination.

Desire and fear increasingly dominate all relationships and the action of community changes from being-in-common into beings attacking others and defending themselves. Even though the official “symbolic capital” of human rights significantly increased in the s and so-called moral foreign policies literally and formally caused a shift from barricades to barristers, the grass-root level of the human rights field also increased.

Both principles, when they become absolute essences and define the meaning and value of culture without remainder or exception, can find everything that resists them expendable.

When a person of colour claims, for example, that the rejection of a job application amounted to a denial of her human right to non-discrimination, she makes two related but relatively independent claims: Such a termination or ending is precisely what the abstract ‘super-postmodern’ positivization of human rights contributes to.

The Cultural Defense of Douzina. A minimum of humanity is clstas allows man to claim autonomy, moral responsibility and douzians subjectivity.

The End of Human Rights: : Costas Douzinas: Books

Government-operated international human rights law is the best illustration of the poacher-turned-gamekeeper. Rights, the most liberal of institutions, has been largely misunderstood by established political philosophy and jurisprudence as a result of costqs cognitive limitations and ethically impoverished views of the individual subject and of the social bond.

Migration and Refugee Law. But the discovery, or rather the invention, of the concept of nature challenged the claim of the ancestral. And yet it is arguable that a metaphysical residue can be detected in the long history of natural law and can still be traced in popular attitudes to human rights.


International Human Rights Law. Once you have successfully made your inspection-copy request, you will receive a confirmation email explaining that your request is awaiting approval.

The End of Human Rights: Critical Legal Thought at the Turn of the Century

The globalisation of the principle of sovereignty and the aggressive legitimation of state power by reference to morality and human rights leaves no-one and nothing untouched. Semiotics and psychoanalysis help explore the catastrophic consequences of both universalists and cultural relativists when they become convinced about their correctness.

The impossibility of fulfilling desire leads into ever-increasing demands for recognition rigths every acknowledgement of right leads to a spiralling escalation of further claims. The non-essential rghts of human rights, the fleeting universal involved in all particular right-claims, could be the recognition of the priority of the other person whose existence before mine makes me ethically bound and opens to me the domain of language, inter-subjectivity and right.

Actually, Costas Douzinas is in search of a critical reinterpretation of, broadly speaking, the liberal subject of human rights, if it is to survive its own success and role as the triumphant utopia at literally “the end of history”, the temporal symbolic historical closure occurring after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Human Cosgas and Constituent Power.

A huge process of international legislation and codification has been taking place on the world stage, but also regionally, and even rihgts the national level as the inexorable pressure to introduce a bill of rights in Britain has shown. Douzinas offers a well argued and very well written analysis. International human rights law promises to set all that is valuably human on paper and hold it before us in triumph: What history has taught us is that there is nothing sacred about any definition of humanity and nothing eternal about its scope.