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Since , Cusick’s Anesthesia & Critical Care Reference Sheet has been an attractive, time tested resource for up-to-date anesthesia related information on. Information for this sheet is obtained using the latest research articles and textbooks (see bibliography). It contains important Anesthesia & Critical Care Reference Sheet – Details. The sheet Learn about the author Dr. Jeffrey Cusick, MD. Invaluable anesthesia reference sheets that provide quick and accurate information, when you need it, Anesthesia & Critical Care Reference Sheet $

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January 6v January 28, v Fixed typo for fospropofol.

Anesthesia & Critical Care Reference Sheet | Order

Information is obtained using the latest research articles and textbooks see bibliography and contains important, newly released medications along with commonly used classics. March 28v I’m using a new Ricoh Color Laser Printer for the standard size sheet which gives the best results yet.

Started a Facebook group so everyone who’s interested can keep up to date on what’s happening with Anesthesia Reference Sheets. November 8, v Vasopressin added to Adult ACLS table as it is now a first line therapy not recommended for responsive patents with coronary artery disease.

Many small formatting changes to increase readability, especially in the formulas area. Sometimes a best average had to be used.

December 23v Check or Money Order. Morphine remains in the Pediatric and Adult Preoperative Meds. If you have not received your sheets after 2 weeks, please e-mail me to request order status. December 15v I am not set up to provide tracking information. Updated website with a new order process with pop ups to select quantity and size.


Now they look more like the colors prior to sheet critlcal in Reviewed the ACLS guidelines but no changes were needed on my sheet since drug doses did not change.

Note added to epinephrine cusicck for Pediatric code that second and subsequent doses may be increased. October 30Changed heading for “Third Space Losses” to Third-Space or Incensible Losses” because some medical students did not realize they were the same.

Doses did not change but fine tuned drug administration and formating. April 5, rapacuronium Raplon was withdrawn from the market and from my drug sheet due to rare but lethal bronchospasm. Very difficult dose to find and infrequently used for infusions, but my prior reference Omoigui was obviously incorrect.

Anesthesia & Critical Care Reference Sheet | Update History

Version of sheet can be found on the back page, copyright info at the bottom. Quantities of 50 and sheets have deeper discounts and are calculated automatically. I used information from a guest lecture Dr. Shipping and handling is included. December 30, v Revamped neuromuscular blocker doses, now with a single “quick look” dose to choose from.

Minimal formatting changes to main title of sheet slowly working to add more space to add a new drug.


Drug set up, Autonomics Recall, and Drug Reference Sheet

I guarantee that you will be happy with your order. Although it is not an induction agent it can be used as a primary anesthetic for balanced anesthesia along with sedation and analgesia. To increase clarity and minimize errors, instituted new numbering and unit changes as recommended to improve prescription writing. December 12, v Tables are unique and have evolved over the years using input from anesthesia staff, residents, drug companies and ACCRS customers.

Quantities 1 – 4: Began rewrite of sheet for June 12, v Verified Malignant Hyperthermia Protocol current to latest recommendations. August 17v Deleted morphine from Intravenous Agents because it is no longer used clinically as an induction or balanced anesthesia agent. Savel for pointing this ccare. Zeros are added in front of all decimal points and no trailing zeros are added after decimal points i. August 08, v Added the new Mini sheet annesthesia an ordering option. August 22, v Changed e-mail address to accrs cusick.

Sheet was imported into a new program so that it can be edited on current computers. Rounded corners on all corners now.