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Dave Weckl and Jay Oliver have produced another great album. This album is not a blues album but it is definitely blues-inflected. Unencumbered by the genius . Information about the Dave Weckl Band. The band’s first release, Rhythm of the Soul, was about collaboration and chemistry that started in the studio and. Rhythm Of Soul. By Dave Weckl Band. • 11 songs. Play on Spotify. 1. The Zone Rhythm Dance. 8. Access Denied. 9. Song For Claire .

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Having released three solo projects that featured top jazz performers such as Chick Corea, Anthony Jackson, Michael Brecker and Steve Tbe, Dave was driven to write and produce music driven by band chemistry and delivered personally to audiences worldwide.

Voting takes seconds so please participate! Dave sat behind the board for this entire record – yielding a very precise sound not unlike his approach to music.

Mar 5 Tue 8: Inthe band produced its first-ever and long awaited live album. Search Articles by musician.

Rhythm Of Soul

First name and Last name. Kudos here to Buzz Feiten on guitar, who, well, has earned his nickname for playing guitar, not for a haircut or an artificially-induced sunny disposition. Press Release Distribution Sign in or sign up to upload your press release. When you do, All About Jazz will receive a sales commission.


Jazz Poll Help us identify the world’s top rrhythm venues. Film Reviews Green Book: School of the Arts Magnatude Records buy. Search Albums by title. The “band sensibility” manifested itself in a different way when Dave, Jay, and Tom recorded “Transition Jam.

Sign in or sign up to upload your MP3 for “Download of the Day” consideration. Thanks for joining the Weckk About Jazz community! Click any of the store links below and you’ll support All About Jazz in the process. Our enduring commitment has made All About Jazz one of the most culturally important websites of its kind in the world reaching hundreds of thousands of readers every og.

Our favorite guitar savage leaves the scene for “Someone’s Watching,” a cloudy synthesizer thing thanks to Oliver on keyboard where Tavaglione chips in with some Kenny G-laden but effective soprano.

Album Reviews Hidden Treasures Vol. View as a separate page. Search Tracks by musician.

The Dave Weckl Band: Rhythm of the Soul

Multiplicity Stretch Records buy. European Jazz – Tales of Etruscan Click here to purchase in the Dave Weckl store. Sign in or sign up to create or weckkl your musician profile page. A track every drummer should hear, “Cultural Concurrence” finds Dave exploring many corners of his repertoire, from the opening brush work and underlying double-bass drum pulse to a fantastic percussion movement, signature drum set soloing, and tasteful cymbal work to close out the piece.


In the album’s liner notes, Dave says “I decided to have a band writing day, rehearsal kind of jam session, which ended up yielding the foundation for almost half of the material for the CD.

Read on to view our project ideas This is drummer Weckl’s chance to show off the chops he used to power Robert Plant into the stratosphere, and he takes full advantage of it.

The Dave Weckl Band: Rhythm of the Soul

Album Showcase Buy Now. Sign in or sign up to upload your events. Rhythm of the Soul Year Released: Mar 7 Thu 8: Bob Malach is along on tenor sax, soloing gamely in a neo-Arnett Cobb mode and pitching in on the unison theme statements.

Search Musicians by name. Rounding out the lineup were two highly-respected solu musicians in Brandon Fields saxophones and Buzz Feiten guitars.

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