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Essay on the Inequality of Human Races: Arthur de Gobineau: (–55; Essay on the Inequality of Human Races), that was by far his most influential work. by Arthur de Gobineau, translated by Adrian Collins des races humaines (An Essay on the Inequality of the Human Races) (–) by. With an Introductory Essay on Count Gobineau’s Life-Work by Dr. Oscar Levy. One Vol. THE INEQUALITY OF HUMAN RACES BY ARTHUR DE GOBINEAU.

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It is only men who are killed by the sword ; and when the most redoubtable, warlike, and success- ful nations have nothing but valour in their hearts, military science in their heads, and the laurels of victory in their hands, without any thought that rises above mere conquest, they always end merely by learning, and learning badly, from those they have conquered, how to live in time of peace.

I will take a people, or better, a tribe, at the moment when, yielding to a definite vital instinct, it provides itself with laws and begins to play a part in gobineeau world. Folk tales were being collected throughout Europe. This book offers useful insights into the willful irrationality of racism, and a look into a time, a milieu, that was steeped in it.

If these men raced set in the midst of a large white population, and so had good models constantly before their eyes, they might become quite useful citizens. At the same time, they have a remarkable, and even extreme, love of liberty, and are openly hostile to the formalism under which the Chinese are glad to vegetate, as well as to the strict despotism which is the only way of governing the negro. Tribes would be formed, and become, at the end of a short time, foreign and hostile to each other.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. If the empire of Darius had, at the battle of Arbela, been able to fill its ranks with Persians, that is gobuneau say with real Aryans ; if the Romans of the later Empire had had a Senate and an army of the same stock as that which existed at the time of the Fabii, their dominion would never have come to an end.

The more this increases, the more do even the best and reichest of the new contributions diminish in value, and b y their mere presence add fuel to an evil which they cannot abate.

The Inequality of Human Races

They either come directly from the nation which has to live under them, or they are invented by a powerful people and imposed on all the States that fall within its sphere of influence. Again, in the Malayan variety, a human family was produced from the yellow and black races that had more intelligence than either of its ancestors.

This book was a cornerstone work for 20th century racial theory, and is of immense importance for this reason alone. If he is a mere doctrinaire, like Draco, he will draw up a code that will rraces be amended or repealed by the Ionian of Athens, who, like all the children of Adam, is incapable of living for long under laws that are foreign to the natural tendencies of his real self. The Inequality of the Human Races.

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Nothing remains ; the civilization is dead. They would be right, of course, if it were true that nations could exist only in a state of well being; but we know that, like individuals, they can often go on for a long time, carrying within them the seeds of some fell disease, which may suddenly break out in a virulent form.

The Myth of the Twentieth Century. Thus in our blood is mingled at the same time the sanctity of kings, who are the mightiest of men, and the awful majesty of the gods, who hold gobiheau themselves in their power ” Suetonius, ” Julius,” p.

The Inequality of Human Races. Taken individually, they were not always their inferiors even in courage and the military virtues. It would not have been all gain. Deserters from the whaling vessels or mutinous sailors are not the only colonists ; merchants, speculators, adventurers of all kinds, flock to the islands, build houses, and settle down.

Whatever side, therefore, one may take in the controversy as to the unity or multiplicity of origin possessed by the human species, it is certain that the different families are to-day absolutely separate; for there is no external influence that could cause any resemblance between them or force them into a homogenous mass.

They differed from each other in the shape of and proportion of the limbs, the structure of the skull, the internal conformation of the body, the nature of the capillary system, the colour of the skin, and the like; and they never succeeded in losing their characteristic features except under the powerful influence of the crossing of blood. Further, the ordinary level of morality is higher in the later period than in the earlier. A lot has been said about this book’s merrittsso I am not going to be redundant and praise it again.

However extravagant his ideas may have been, Gobineau demonstrated considerable erudition. The men of to-day might even be justified in flourishing in its face some new merits of their own. This was a hope I myself cherished for a brief moment, and I should like to have at once flung back in the teeth of History its accusations and gloomy forebodings, had I not been suddenly struck with the devastating thought, that in my hurry I was putting forward something that was absolutely without proof.

I have already mentioned that British India lives its ancient life, under its own immemorial laws. That I should even venture to touch on it will seem a Purchase of this book includes free trial access to www. But may we say the same of the second hypothesis, which deals with cases where a nation receives its code from the hands of foreigners powerful enough to enforce their will, whether the people like it or not?

Fest writes that the influence of Gobineau on Hitler can be easily seen and that Gobineau’s ideas were used by Hitler in simplified form for demagogic purposes: The fact that this book influenced so many people, including the opera composer Richard Wagner, and motivated them to heinious acts is still a contemporary threat to world thought.

However it has come about, the human races, as we find them in history, are complex; and one of the chief consequences has been to throw into disorder most of the primitive characteristics of each type. The causes usually given for the fall of nations are not necessarily the real causes ; and though I willingly admit that they may come to the surface in the death-agony of a people, I deny that they have enough power, enough destructive energy, to draw on, by themselves, the irremediable catastrophe.


Just as in ancient Palestine, there fo living amongst us two kinds of prophets — the prophets of evil and disaster, and those of bliss, or, as Europe likes to call it, of ” progress.

The Inequality of Human Races – Arthur comte de Gobineau – Google Books

Granted ; but we must take account of all the similar peoples who have lived and disappeared. In Greece there was a series of terrible struggles, in the Universities as well as in the small towns and villages. The Racial Elements of European History. Good Read for all races.

The light remained only for a short space ; and just as its absence had not caused death, so its presence did not bring life. On the contrary, other institutions are good for the opposite reason, though they might be con- demned, from a particular point of view or even absolutely, by the political philosopher or the moralist.

Nothing African has remained in the statute law. In vain was the gross image thrown into the water ; its fanatical admirers always fished it out again, and the help of a company of infantry was needed to break it to pieces.

There has never been a country where all theories of conduct had become more obsolete, where the executive was more feeble and dis- credited, where the organization of the church itself was so open to criticism. Can we be so certain that even in France there are not to be found to this day a few places where the tenacity of some odd superstition still gives trouble to the parish priest?

Gobineau on the inequality of races (1853)

It is today considered to be one of the earliest examples of scientific racism. In view of the debauchery, the tyranny, and the massacres of that age, of the complete withering of all the finer feelings in every gobjneau of the State — in the nobles who plundered their villeins, in the citizens who sold their country to England, in a clergy that was false to its professions — one might have thought that the whole society humman about to crash to the ground and bury its shame deep under its own ruins.

If his mental faculties are dull or even non-existent, he often has an intensity of desire, and so of will, which may be called terrible.

I have shown the unique place in the organic world occupied by the human species, the profound physical, as well as moral, differences separating it from all other kinds of living rhe. There is further a general proneness Every one must have had some inkling of this colossal truth, for every one must have seen how certain agglomerations of men have descended on some country, and utterly trans- formed its way of life ; how they have shown themselves able to strike out a new vein of activity where, before their coming, all had been sunk in torpor.