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Nevertheless, I do not abandon either Philo or his De opificio mundi yet, “El De opificio mundi de Filó D’Alexandria o les lleis de l’al·legorisme clàssic al servei. The works of Philo, a first-century Alexandrian philosopher, are mostly allegorical and his laws, which is usually prefaced by the treatise “De Opificio Mundi. De opificio mundi has 3 ratings and 1 review. Yann said: Ce livre a été écrit par Philon d’Alexandrie, un érudit juif hellénisé du premier siècle.

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Philo’s works – Wikipedia

And that it is the only number the nature of which is such that it is produced umndi the same numbers whether in combination, or in power. For what the mind is in the soul, that the eye is in the body.

For he is composed of the same materials as the world, that is of earth, and water, and air and fire, each of the elements having contributed its appropriate part towards the completion of most sufficient materials, which the Creator was to take in order to fashion this visible image. But it would be impossible for bodies to be measured by the number seven, according to the combination of the three dimensions, and the four boundaries, if it did not happen that the ideas of the first numbers, one, two, three and four, in which the number ten is founded, comprised the nature of the number seven.

But of this city and constitution there must have been some citizens before man, who might be justly called citizens of a mighty city, having received the greatest imaginable circumference to dwell in; and having been enrolled in the largest and most perfect commonwealth.

So sight judges of colours, and hearing of sounds, and taste of juices, and smell of vapours, and touch of softness and hardness, and of heat and cold, and of smoothness and roughness: And the ratio of four to three effects the first harmony, that in the thirds, which is the diatessaron. Before the emergence of the material world there existed, in the Divine Word or Reason, the incorporeal world, as the design of a city exists in the brain of the designer. The Garden, we are told, represents the dominant power of the soul, and the Serpent represents Pleasure, and is eminently fitted to do so.

But what has been already said is sufficient to show what the reasons were on account of which the serpent appears to have uttered a human voice. Oeuvres de Philon d’Alexandrie 1 – 10 of 36 books.

It is plain that the real cause of his so acting is known to God alone, but one which to a reasonable conjecture appears probable and credible, I think I should not conceal; and it is this. He is a middle aged man till he is fifty-six, or eight times seven years old; and after that he is an old man.


In the second place, because he uses lumps of clay d food. After a common morning prayer each goes home to resume his contemplation.

Lists with This Book. And why may not this be reasonably affirmed? Civil War American History: Published by Cerf first published For the world was his house and his city, while he had as yet no structure made by hands and wrought out of the materials of wood and stone.

This can not be explained as a Stoic diatribe; for in this case Philo would not have repeated it. For the mind is like wax, and receives the impressions of appearances through the sensations, by means of which it makes itself master of the body, which of itself it would not be able to do, as I have already said.

And Philo would have been the last to interpret the Platonic Eros in the vulgar way in which it is explained in the “De Vita Contemplativa,” 7 ii.

And the seasons bring everything to perfection and set everything right; giving perfection to the sowing and planting of fruits, and to the birth and growth of animals. And while it is eagerly longing to behold him pure and unmingled, rays of divine light are poured forth upon it like a torrent, so as to bewilder the eyes of its intelligence by their splendour.

And in this world he lived as in his own country, in all safety, removed from any fear, inasmuch as he had been thought worthy of the dominion over all earthly things; and had everything that was mortal crouching before him, and taught to obey him as their master, or else constrained to do so by superior force, and living himself surrounded by all the joys which peace can bestow without a struggle and without reproach. And again, they make rivers to overflow and to subside, and turn plains into lakes; and again, on the contrary, they dry up the waters: But when woman also was created, man perceiving a closely connected figure and a kindred formation to his own, rejoiced at the sight, and approached her and embraced her.

But in the paradise, made by God, all the plants were endowed in the souls and reason, producing for their fruit the different virtues, and, moreover, imperishable wisdom and prudence, by which honourable and dishonourable things are distinguished from one another, and also a life free from disease, and exempt from corruption, and all other qualities corresponding to these already mentioned.

For on the other hand it is just as certain, that the composition de mundi opificio was subsequently placed at the head of the allegorical commentaries to compensate for the missing commentary on Gen. It is to call out his intelligence that he is required to name the animals. And the mind being immediately caught by the bait, becomes a subject instead of a ruler, and a slave instead of a master, and an exile instead of a citizen, and a mortal instead of an immortal.


Divine Powers in Philo of Alexandria’s De opificio mundi – Oxford Scholarship

Moreover he commanded every kind of tree to spring up, omitting no kind, either of those which are wild or of those which are called cultivated. But he was now trying him as a master might try his pupil, stirring up df disposition which he had implanted in him; and moreover exciting him to a contemplation of his own works, that he might extemporise them names which should not be inappropriate nor unbecoming, but which should well and clearly display the peculiar qualities of the different subjects.

And if he doubles the seventh from both, he will both a cube and a square; therefore, the third number from the unit is a square in a double ratio. Divine Powers in Late Antiquity. But the number seven alone is contemplated in no part. For it is according to the unit that that thing is reckoned which is spoken of in geometry as a point: At present it is sufficient to add this that it was the foundation of the creation of the whole heaven and the whole world.

For the same ratio that eight bears to six, that also does twelve bear to nine. And what is this relationship?

For either a fall of incessant rain has carried away the crops, or the weight of hail which has fallen upon them has crushed them altogether, or snow has chilled them, or the violence of the winds has torn them up by the roots; for water and air cause many alterations, tending to destroy and productiveness of the crops.

This introduction is followed by b biographies of virtuous men.

Philonis Alexandrini libellus De opificio mundi

And those who describe it as being uncreated, do, without being aware of it, cut off the most useful and necessary of all the qualities which tend to produce piety, namely, providence: The pre-eminence of Life-breath and Light are shown, he says, by the one being called “the Spirit of God ,” and the other pronounced “good” or “beautiful.

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