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Dell UltraSharp UH – LED monitor – Full HD (p) – ” – with Service and Premium Panel Guarantee overview and full product specs on CNET. Dell UltraSharp UH – LED monitor – Full HD (p) – 24″ – with 3-Years Service and Premium Panel Guarantee overview and full product specs on CNET . Dell UH. Model No.: UH Monitor Specifications. The Dell UH flat panel display has an active matrix, Thin-Film Transistor (TFT), Liquid.

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The average contrast ratio of the screen was Dell UH Now Available.

Dell UH Review – TFTCentral

As we explained earlier on in the review we did find the DisplayPort was quite fussy, particularly with certain systems. The part being used is the LG. The default setup of the screen was good in terms of white point and the balance of colours, but gamma was a bit off.

There is no user control over the overdrive impulse within the OSD menu and so we are reliant on the factory setup. Laptops by Lori Grunin Aug 28, Big and bright but a little frill-free for the money Big and bright but a little frill-free for the money by Lori Grunin.

This was pretty much a linear relationship as you can see from the shape of the graph.

Dell’s UltraSharp range always attracts quite a lot of attention and they always seem to do a good job of updating their screens to offer buyers something a bit new and different each time they do. There is a specific ‘movie’ preset mode available for movies or video if you want but it is much cooler than our calibrated custom mode and has a lower static contrast ratio too. We carried out our normal tests to establish its power consumption ourselves.

23.8″ Dell UltraSharp U2414H – Specifications

Note that the PH model was also flicker free which is good news. Full HD p x at 60 Hz. Performance – overall, both are very comparable. The screen has an integrated power supply and so it only needs a standard kettle lead which is provided in the box. Privacy Policy and Cookies. At the lowest height setting the bottom edge of the screen is approximately 40mm from the edge of the desk. The VESA mounting support may also be useful to some people as well.


The preset mode 2u414h are shown above as well for reference. There are different FRC algorithms. It has a simple setting for off and on, and is labelled as “Dynamic Contrast”. Monitors by Rick Broida Sep 24, The stand is different to the mostly black style stands of the UltraSharp models, and comes in an all-silver colour.

Throughout the review we will try to make some comparisons between the two to help you understand the differences. It’s very hard as a result to produce a technique which will measure just the signal processing on its own unfortunately. Please remember that not every user would notice a flicker from a backlight using PWM, but it is something to be wary of. An additional easier access USB 2u414h is also available a little above these connections in the back of the screen.

Height adjustment range Information about the extent to spevs the stand allows the height to be adjusted. The HP ZRw also showed low levels of motion blur, but there was some slight dark trailing introduced here. You are able to reduce the motion blur even more through the use of the LightBoost strobed backlight which we talked about in depth in our article about Motion Blur Reduction Backlights. Cyber Monday Newegg deals: The other sections shown above are pretty self explanatory.

Brightness, contrast, sharpness, saturation, gamma correction, input select, color temperature, hue, aspect control, off speca. Below is a summary of delll features and connections of the screen: On other UltraSharp models of recent years these would light up when you hover your finger near them or use them, but on the UH they don’t.

Power Device Nominal Voltage. We recorded the screens luminance and black depth at various OSD brightness settings, and calculated the contrast ratio from there. The tilt function is smooth and very easy to use, offering a wide range of angles to choose.

To help in this section we will also introduce a broader classification system for these results to help categorise dsll screen as one of the following levels: Sepcs CIE diagram on the left of the image confirms that the monitors colour gamut black triangle matches the sRGB colour space pretty well, with some over-coverage evident in blue shades and some slight under-coverage in greens. The actual plastic secs only 1mm along the sides and top, and the bottom bezel is a modest 15mm as well.


The main OSD menu is split into 8 sections down the left hand side as shown above.

Power Consumption On mode. There was dwll audible noise or buzzing from the screen, even when specifically looking for it using test images with a large amount of text at once. Quoted G2G Response Time. The response time is split from the overall display lag and shown on the graph as the green bar. It would have been better if this was on the side of the u241h really we felt. We had a great deal of difficulty getting a laptop connected over DP, when normally on every other screen it’s just a simple case of soecs it in and it automatically detecting the appropriate resolution and refresh rate.

This uses an oscilloscope and photosensor to measure the pixel response times across a series of 20 different transitions, in the full range from 0 black to white. There’s no point having a low dE colour accuracy figure if the gamma curve is way off for instance. Matte plastics are again dwll for the stand and base.

Lastly there is the MVA based Eizo FG screen with a fast response time especially for the panel technology being used and Hz refresh rate support.

An inexpensive general-purpose monitor deserving of its popularity An inexpensive general-purpose monitor deserving of its popularity by Lori Grunin. Dell UltraSharp 49 is a big monitor matched by a big price. It also has touch-sensitive buttons if that it important to you.