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The diagram shows two semicircles with AB touching the smaller semicircle and parallel to CD. Pembinaan olimpiade matematika 5 Education. How long does it take his to get to school on the second day?

Sebuah pabrik obat olimpiadf obat berbentuk pil yang beratnya 0,6 gram. The figure shows a cube net in which each side is numbered from 1 to 6.

In particular, points C and D are endpoints while points A and B are the pembnaan of the semicircles. Jika yang meninggal itu mempunyai beberapa saudara, maka ibunya mendapat seperenam.

I plan to travel by car from City A to City B. Tinggi rata-rata dari 1 pohon durian, 1 pohon kelapa dan 1 pohon mangga adalah 17m 6 cm. The product of two positive integers is 1 The fraction is written as a decimal. To make the big square symmetric about both diagonals, at least … additional small squares are needed to be colored black. What is the least number of days for which he must hire the bigger machine?

Find the area of the shaded region. Bob bought a coat and a shirt. When divided by 3, it leaves a remainder of 2. If it draws it will get 1 point, and if it loses it will get 0 points.


These two half-circles intersect at the center of the square. IMSO Find all possible six-digit number xy that is divisible by 36, olimpisde x and y are digits.


If Jane gets twice as many marbles as George, how many red marbles are there? Andy wants to buy the fourth package containing 2 books, 1 pencil, and 3 erasers. Some of the small squares are black. What is area of the shaded region, in cm2?

A solid rectangular iron is put into a cylinder. Lima lembar aluminium akan dikemas dalam satu kotak karton. D is 4 kg heavier than B. OSP Perhatikan gambar berikut. Find the sum of their ages. Find the sum of all numbers from 1 to that are divisible by 5 but not divisible by 2. The sum of the numbers A, B and C is The lengths of some of the lines are given.

The area of a rectangle with integer sides is cm2. Two candles of the same height were lit at the same time. Find the percentage increase in the area?


One side forming a right angle is a side of the hexagon. The diameter and height of the cylinder are 14 cm and 16 cm, respectively. In the diagram below, ABC is an equilateral triangle of side length 7 cm. Determine the angle x. Tabel berikut ini menunjukkan jumlah pasien yang mengunjungi sebuah klinik. Find the sum of these two positive o,impiade.

M Panji Purnomo –

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Find the size matemqtika the angle CAM. What is the angle formed by PQR, in degree?


The height BC is. IMSO O In one chess league, where each competitor played each of the other competitors once, and once only, a total of games were played.

As shown in the diagram, the total shaded regions formed by two diagonals inside the circle and two squares is 26 cm2. What is the area of the trapezoid AEFC; in cm2?

Persegi kecil di bawah mempunyai panjang sisi 1,5 cm dan persegi di samping kanannya mempunyai panjang rusuk 3 cm. Tentang orang tuamu dan anak-anakmu, kamu tidak mengetahui siapa di antara mereka yang lebih banyak manfaatnya bagimu. If he has to cut his work force to two typists, how long would it take them to type ten books? What is the original perimeter of the rectangle? ABCDE is a five-digit positive number. Matematika ekonomi tentu membutuhkan konsep matematika yg mendasar agar mudah diaplikasikan.

The following figure shows a regular hexagon. The perimeter of the big square is equal to 25 times the perimeter of the small square. Jika mereka istri-istrimu itu mempunyai anak, maka kamu mendapat seperempat dari harta yang ditinggalkannya setelah dipenuhi wasiat yang mereka prmbinaan atau dan setelah dibayar hutangnya.