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DIN 18800-1-1990-en.pdf

This serviceability analysis may also be required in other cases e. All vertical loads according to DIN Part 3, for example, are generally dealt with as a 18800-11 action.

Test pieces shall be taken from a consignment for use in the structure for which the analysis is performed. Packing is generally necessary in orderto ensure adequate friction between the djn and cable and the clamp, thus avoiding travelling or slip.

The above stipulation may be applied to beam connections which are not provided with stiffeners.

Other anchorages include steel ferrules, cable joints, wedge 118800-1 socket anchorages and splices. Instead of specific corrosion protection measures, allowance for corrosion may be made by 188001- the thickness of the metal to compensate for the expected material losses over its service life. Table 1 gives a list of materials with their characteristic values. The tension occurring as a result of external loading is attributed whollyto the bolts, i. In the DIN series of standards, for example, s denotes web thickness.

No allowance is normally made for strain hardening in 1880-1 of components. The smallest value represents the resistance of the bolt,the resistance of the connection being the sum of the resistances of the individual bolts. The suitabilityof the selected design shall be verified empirically. If, in order to avoid confusion with stresses, resistances need to be identified, they shall normally be given the subscript R,d.

If there are two or more variable actions, the combination factors in equation 13 may be assigned a value less than 0. In the other storeys, the height of the structure, L, may be substituted for L cf. FactoryM is made up of the following components: YM 28 If, for parts of cross sections subject to tension, the resistances are calculated on the basis of yield strength, or if the condition formulated in equation 27 is met, offset of the centroidal axes of cross sections due to holes may be neglected.


Tolerances may cause offset of centroidal axes of the parts of a cross section. Standards and other documents referred to. Account may sometimes need to be taken of slip where trusses have a bracing function e.

DIN 钢结构工作 设计和施工_图文_百度文库

Characteristic values for rivet materials 4. Suitable precautions are specified in subclause 3. This means of notation is not, however, used below. This does not apply in cases of continual load transmission. Explanatory notes The revision of the content of the DIN 18 series of standards has been accompanied by a redesign of their layout in an attempt to improve their clarity and make them more convenient to use.

The stresses used in equation 26 are conservative, being those otherwise assumed for the purposes of the ultimate limit state analysis and not in the assessment of fatigue. Stresses may also be a function of resistance parameters e. Subscription pricing is determined by: For the purposes of this standard ‘limit’ is taken to mean ‘maximum permissible’.

Settlement of foundations shall be regarded as a variable action, as shall generally be fluctuations in temperature.

The basic stress when cutting to length corresponds to the lower limit load in the zone of elasticity i. The gap in welded contact joints shall be not more than 0,5mm in width. This specification is used as dij as an expedient since no correct combination factors have yet been devised for this load case. Item shall be taken into consideration.

When determining the modulus of elasticity of ropes, account shall be taken of the fact that the creep coefficient of short ropes?. The amplitude of stress, Au, in equations 25 and 26 for preloaded bolts designed to be in tension relates to the stress amplitude of the force in the bolt and not to the force transmitted to the bolt by the adjacent components.

DIN – Steel structures – Part 1: Design and construction (Foreign Standard)

The same applies to bolts if the deformations occurring as a result of bolt ductility are not permitted. The relevant standards on design loads do not yet make use of the symbols Gk, Qk and FE,k cf. However, for the sake of simplification and conformity with other national and international specifications, clause 7 of DIN 18 Part 2 makes no such provision. The updated DIN 18 series of standards sets out practical rules for the engineer, based on the philosophy of design and safety formulated in Grundlagen zur Festlegung von Sicherbeitsanforderungen an bauliche Anlagen Principles for the specification of requirements relating to the safety of structuresissued by the Normenausschu?


Some of these may contain additional specifications or such which deviate from the specifications of this standard due to their not yet having been brought into line with the design philosophy fundamental to this standard. Bauwesen in ,and also takes into account the ongoing efforts to prepare harmonized specifications at the European level Eurocodes. The sway imperfections selected shall be those most adversely affecting the particular stress under consideration. Dimensions of cylindrical sockets Smaller bending radii may be used if the bending length.

The specifications below relating to elastic-plastic and plastic-plastic analysis only apply to structural steel with a ratio of tensile 18080-1 to yield strength of more than 1,2.

The design values used in this standard have been selected so that the analyses ensure dni the target probability of failure is not exceeded. Where these 188800-1 not available, or are not available in adequate detail, they shall be calculated as polo fractiles of distributions of actions over a certain reference period. The limit compressive stresses in the splice are equal to those in the connected components.

The resin castings consist of hard steel balls, epoxy resin as the binder, and filler e. This is not the case with linear members mainly in bending.

Standards Subscriptions from ANSI don a money-saving, multi-user solution for accessing standards. High-strength bolts shall be used with washers at both ends, except for non-preloaded bolts, where the head washer may be dispensed with if the nominal hole clearance is 2 mrn.

The limit shear forces of bolts in any connection may be added together.