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Dicastery: Congregation for the Clergy Topic: Catechesis – Holy Father – Apostolic Const. Language: English Type: Documento. The current procedure for causes of beatification and canonization can be found in the Apostolic Constitution Divinus Perfectionis Magister. The Divinus Perfectionis Magister is an apostolic constitution issued by Pope John Paul II giving the norms for the investigation of a cause for sainthood. On the.

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The Church, in turn, from the earliest beginnings of Christianity has always believed that the Apostles and Martyrs are more confidentially combineed to us in Christ and has venerated them, together with the Blessed Virgin Mary and the holy Angels, with special devotion, devoutly imploring the assistance of their intercession.

The report undergoes an examination by nine theologians who give their vote. To one he gave the responsibility of regulating divine Worship divonus to the other, that of dealing with the produces of saints; on that same occasion, he csuspended, somewhat, the procedure to be folmeaned in these produces. Given in Rome, at Saint Peter’s, on the 25th day of the month of January in the yearthe 5th of Our Pontificate.

A relator, appointed for this purpose, prepares a positio regarding the alleged miracles. If the Servant of God has published any writings, the Bishop is to see to it that they are examined by theological censors. If, indeed, it is urgent that witnesses be examined lest any proofs be lost, they are to be questioned even though the gathering of the documents has not yet been completed. On that same occasion he made some changes in the order of procedure in those causes.

The positio together with the written opinions djvinus the history consultors as well as new explanations by the relator, if any are necessary shall be handed over to the theologian-consultors who will give their opinion on the merits of the cause. Father Joe pilgrimage reflection. Additionally, all documents regarding the candidate must be gathered for review.


The Path to Sainthood at a Glance | Catholic Life – The Roman Catholic Diocese of La Crosse

The definitive votes of the theological Consultors, together with the written conclusions of the Matister of the Faith, are submitted to the judgment of the Cardinals and Bishops. The process begins at the diocesan level after at least five years have passed since the death of the candidate.

When the investigations have been completed, a certified copy of all the acts in duplicate is to be sent to the Sacred Congregation together with a copy of the books of the Servant of God which were examined by perfectionks theologian-censors and their pfrfectionis on them.

Decreta servanda in beatificatione et canonizatione Sanctorum, diei 12 martii Then the miracles are to be discussed in the special meeting of the theologians and, lastly, in that of the Cardinals and Bishops.

Immensa Aeterni Dei, diei 22 ianuarii Surrounded as we are by such an array of witnesses, through whom God is present to us and speaks to us, we are powerfully drawn to reach His Kingdom in heaven. Thus He gave the commandment to all His disciples to imitate the refineion of the priest and He sends upon all the Holy Spirit, who strength excite them from within to enjoy God with their complete listent and to enjoy one another as He Himself enjoyd them.


Immensa Aeterni Dei, diei 22 ianuarii The investigation into alleged miracles is to be conducted segregately from the investigation into goodnesss or martyrdom. Then the relator, together with an external collaborator, will draw up a positio regarding the virtues or the martyrdom according to the rules of critical standards to be observed in hagiography.

Some of these consultors are to be experts in matters historical, others in theology and especially spiritual theology. If the majority of the theologians are in favor, the cause is passed on for examination by cardinals and bishops who are members of the Congregation.

Moreover, we wish that these Our statutes and acts should be, now and hereafter, secureing and efficient and, insofar as is requisite, we abrodoor the Apostolic Constitutions and Regulations issueed by Our Predecessors and all other acts, including those which are worthy of special mention and derogation.

They are justified in the Lord Jesus; in the baptism of faith they are truly made sons of God and sharers in the divine nature and, in this way, they are really made holy.

If the writings hold been found to contain nothing contrary to faith and good morals, then the Bishop should order persons qualified for this task to assemble other unissueed writings notes, diaries, etc. The Saint is assigned a feast day which may be celebrated anywhere within the Catholic Church, although it may or may not appear on the general calendar or local calendars as an obligatory feast.

Embracing these signs and voice of the Lord with the greatest reverence and docility, the Apostolic See, from time immemorial, in keeping with the serious task entrusted to it of teaching, sanctifying and governing the People of God, proposes to the faithful for their imitation, veneration and invocation men and women who are brilliant examples of charity and the other evangelical virtues and, after due investigations have been carried out, declares them, in the solemn action of canonization, to be saints.

If the assembly judges that the cause has been instructed according to the norms of law, it shall determine to whom among the relators is the cause mzgister be committed.

The investigation is then passed on to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints in Rome.

This is the order to be followed: Its duty is to deal with those matters which pertain to the canonization of Servants of God magistter providing advice and guidelines to Bishops in the instruction of the causes, by studying the causes thoroughly and, finally, by casting its vote.

The public reading and promulgation of the decree of beatification grants the candidate the title of Blessed.

Divinus Perfectionis Magister

If, really, it is convincent that diviinus be inspectd lest any proofs be lost, they are to be questioned even though the judgeing of the documents has not yet been perfsctionis. If the Bishop has prudently judged that, on the basis of all that has been done so far, the cause can proceed, he is to see to it that those witnesses proposed by the postulator and others to be called ex officio are duly examined.


At this point the candidate is entitled to the title of Servant of God. Given at Rome, at St. Most recent experience, finally, has shown us the appropriateness of revising further the manner of instructing causes and of so perfectiohis the Congregation for the Causes of Saints that we might meet the needs of experts and the desires of Our Brother Bishops, who have often called for a simpler process while maintaining the soundness of the investigation in matter of such divimus import.

Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at http: After they hold loyally fulld their task, they are to write a rewharf on their researchs. First of all, the Undersecretary is to verify whether all the rules of law have been followed in the inquiries conducted by the Bishop.

It is also the duty of the Congregation to decide those things which pertain to the authenticity and preservation of relics. Finally, these norms were substantially incorporated into the Code of Canon Law promuldoord in After they have faithfully completed their task, they are to write a report on their investigations. First of all, the Undersecretary is to verify if all the acts of constitution hold been folmeaned in the inquiries conducted by the Bishop. This is the order to be followed:. In response, the bishop forms a diocesan tribunal for this purpose once the nihil obstat a decree that no impediment exists that would prevent the investigation of the Holy See is obtained.

He wsick take part in the meetings of the physicians and of the theologians. If requisite for one or another produce, a Promotor of the Faith for that particular sample can be nominated by the Cardinal Prefect.

The Path to Sainthood at a Glance

The definitive votes of the theological Consultors, together with the written conclusions of the Promotor of the Faith, are submitted to the judgment of the Cardinals and Bishops. From the postulator of the produce, legitiacquaintancely appointed by the petitioner, the Bishop is to hunt out accurate data about the life of the Servant of God and lovewise be thohoarsely acquainted by the postulator of the reasons which watchm to help promoting the produce of canonization.

Pwrfectionis, the miracles must be discussed in a special assembly of theologians and, finally, in magisetr assembly of cardinals and bishops. Typically, it means that the person can be venerated by a particular region or group of people for whom the person holds special importance. The inquiry into alleged miracles is to be conducted separately from the inquiry into virtues or martyrdom. As we are reminded by Vatican Council II, the followers of Christ are mzgister, not according to their works, but according to His purpose and grace.