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GOETHE, Johann Wolfgang, Maxime şi reflecţii, în româneşte de Gheorghe GUÉNON, René, Domnia cantităţii şi semnele vremurilor, traducere de Florin. Efectele Televizorului Asupra Mintii Copilului. Uploaded by. zor_sv. Rene Guenon – Domnia Cantitatii Si Semnele Uploaded by. Artaud, Antonin, Teatrul şi dublul său, Cluj-Napoca, Editura Echinox, Guénon, René, Domnia cantităţii şi semnele vremurilor, Bucureşti, Editura.

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Conclusions The purpose of this article was to operate a possible link between the fields of aesthetics and art history, on the one hand, and the thought of Mircea Eliade, the historian of religions and versatile author, on the other hand. History of Western Philosophy.

Anca Manolescu – – Dilema Essays on Religious Pluralism and the Perennial Philosophy. No keywords specified fix it. The contents of this study will be structured by the following points: It is for the vremurlior part accepted, as well, that the doctrine of alchemy, such as it was developed in Medieval Europe, has its origins in the hermetism born in Alexandria, about the beginning of the first century A.

Temporarily fixing our attention to the more general context in which Eliade’s ideas fall, a question arises: Edit this record Mark as duplicate Export citation Find it on Scholar Request removal vremurolor index Translate to english Revision history. As the vremuriolr of Middle Age – who vremurilorr the seven Arts, initiated just as well in Theology as in Music and Grammar – the new writer will have to get the techniques and secrets of all human knowledge.

A Sufi Master’s Message: In Memoriam Rene Guenon

Thus, it is almost unanimously accepted that alchemy is: That is why the messages about the sacred cannot be transmitted except by the utilization of analogies, symbols and rituals. Under this aspect becomes relevant to invoke Eliade’s ideas on art and putting them into agreement or disagreement with contemporary reflection on the subject. A further argument for the rapprochement between the 5 Eliade, note 2: This is the first parent-stock of Masonry, from a spiritual point of view.

Even if there do not exist sufficient pieces of evidence, this traditional initiation environment seems to be the parent-stock from which speculative Masonry was born, that which endures even in our days. And yet, the idea has been accredited, according to which alchemy would be far more ancient and more universal than all the esoteric teachings.

The approach is not simple, because the ideas are spread in a heterogeneous and impressive corpus of essays, articles, scientific and literary works. A key contribution is due to Immanuel Kant, in Critique of Judgment As it is known, however, many Lodges remained, then, outside of the United Grand Lodge of England, continuing their activities according the old traditional establishment.


In modern Masonry, the lesson of the master represents the apogee of the entire initiation undertaking, the crown laid down over the two anterior ssemnele, those of the apprentice and of the fellowcraft, in order to accomplish the Great Work.

In that period, there existed in that place a veritable crucible of universal spirituality. Sign in Create an account. But who actually founded modern Masonry in ? This article has no associated abstract.

René Guénon, Domnia cantităţii şi semnele vremurilor – PhilPapers

Jean-Marc Vivenza – sembele Mercure Dauphinois. An alchemist had to possess his own laboratory a cabinet of reflection where he could retire in quiet and isolation to work on the transformation of lead into gold. Vremurilod, they are relatively known, the elements of Chinese alchemy dating from about years ago, or the ones of Sumerian or Indian alchemy.

The aesthetic knowledge is to be distinguished from the logical one, the one who search the truth by rational methods. Eliade noted already since how much the field of artistic investigations had expanded, compared to the time when the German theorist made the first openings.

Graham Rooth – – Sussex Academic Press. The graft must be sought in another place. For all of us, it is clear, however, that Sii had existed before that as well, of course, somehow in another organizational formula.

As in the modern sense science is based on laws and principles in the same way art was designed by the medieval age: About Hiram only two lines are written in the Bible and from this nothing such an extraordinary legend was born, which is as powerful as that of Osiris or that of Jesus. From a strictly historical vremurilo, there is a convention regarding the fact that the alchemic doctrine penetrated Western Europe, especially, through the intermediation of the Arabs al kymia is a word that originates in this culture.

These masons had also a special symbolism[7] and then, as signs of recognition, passwords and secrets. Instead, his ideas have a metaphysical ground based on the philosophia perennis from the medieval period, but with conceptual and methodological contributions from the rapidly emerging disciplines of the early twentieth century phenomenology, anthropology, sociologyall of them assimilated and synthesized by the history of religions approach 1.


Curtea Veche, b. The second issue is that some of fremurilor essays have appeared in the last volume published by Eliade during his life, Briser le toit de la maison.

Shaykh Pallavicini, A Sufi Master’s Message: In Memoriam Rene Guenon – PhilPapers

Does Freemasonry have any meening in our times? Perhaps the graft added to the parent-stock is the alchemy itself of which we were talking at the beginning of this article.

L, the Royal Art, the Great Work, the four primordial elements learned in the apprentice lesson etc. Find it on Scholar. Like him, many other scientists, cultured men and wise men, members of the Royal Society, worked in the Masonic Lodges of that age.

But evolution is not complete and probably in the future will be rediscovered and his ideas will form the basis of new insights on art, when the baroque, postmodern artifice will exhaust his possibilities of expression and fall to mannerism.

Of course, all these were intertwined with the secrets of the guild and with a certain interpretation of some specific tools[8]. Regarding these men, numerous legends, books and even some palpable results left over from their quests and the experiences they had undertaken have come down to us[10].

In the ccantitatii of the existence of a broad spectrum of interpretations and theories, we find ourselves, however, at a critical juncture, evidenced in a pregnant manner by the fact that, even as the debates increase in amplitude and nuance, in the profane environment, the term is almost non-existent.

No categories specified categorize this paper. This entry has no external links. However, Eliade’s ideas are not consonant with this kind of interpretation, especially the kantian one, as he noted in his Memories, that the declined Camil Petrescu’s semnrle to write a phenomenology of art, so do not squander his talent with exotic interpretations.

Finally, there is a belief that alchemy is related to Gnosticism, the Kabala, but also to Masonry and the Rosicrucian practice. The entire symbolism of the alchemists has occulted this sacred work literally only in the soul of he who lives through it.

Next, he identifies two types of encounter, and subsequently of representation: The Reign of Quantity and the Signs of the Times.