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Draaisma, D. [Metaforenmachine een geschiedenis van het geheugen. English]. Metaphors of memory: a history of ideas about the mind / Douwe Draaisma. A finely illustrated ‘history of ideas about the mind’ this certainly is, though more a book concerned with the metaphors, than with the essence, of human memory. Douwe Draaisma, Metaphors of Memory: a history of ideas about the mind. pp. Cambridge University Press. 0 0. Review by John Sutton.

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Scientific theories were constructed as deductive hierarchies of laws, a reflection of the hierarchical structure of reality.

Metaphors of Memory : Douwe Draaisma :

The Value of Memory: I was ok in the kiddie pool of the first few chapters but once we got into holography, interacting light beams, and then neural networks afterwards, I was running to catch up. An enchanted loom; 9.

Which is handy as his paragraphs are fucking HUGE. Who looks at the hologram? Account Options Sign in. Brains break slowly, unlike machines where one thing splinters or fails and then there is catastrophic loss, brains that suffer damage retain core functions, to lesser and lesser degrees, as more and more damage is done to them. History of Western Philosophy.

The computer plays its melodies one key at a time, albeit incomprehensibly fast; the human memory strikes whole chords.


Without memory we lose our sense of identity, reasoning, even our ability to perform simple physical tasks. Because of that, the use of metaphor me,ory guide thought and kemory is important, more so than in processes which are more dire This is a wonderful book which stretched my bruised capacity for attention and understanding. Peter rated it liked it Oct 27, A History of Ideas about the Mind. Sign in to use this feature.

They cross-pollinate and reinforce each other continually, like priests of paired gods. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies.

Carus wrote in his first memoru on landscape that even if science has dissected a plant fibre by fibre, cell by cell, that knowledge will still not be sufficient to make a single leaf. The basic idea is that memory, and many mental processes, are hard to access and experiment on directly.

Metaphors of Memory : A History of Ideas about the Mind

Anyway, there is an end to my metapphors megaparagraph. Don’t worry, we get back to the machines soon enough. Cambridge University PressDec 7, – History – pages. A History of Modern Experimental Psychology: It also goes, with depth and detail, into the varying ways drqaisma use of metaphor can help and hinder, and makes a cogent defence or apologia of the necessity of metaphor, and therefore the importance of us trying to understand how we use it and what it does.

BUT – its would be so fucking interesting to hear if there were common elements or metqphors stories or anything at all about how oral cultures talked about memory. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Robins mtaphors – Synthese 5: No keywords specified fix it. Good simulations consisted of ‘hierarchies of control’ in order to direct sub-mechanisms. The uncovering of the way our mind works has been highly influenced by the way we think of it.


There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Ethical and Epistemological Implications for Research.

Metaphors of Memory: A History of Ideas about the Mind

What it does superbly well, but not explicitly, is to tell us why this topic is important to the philosophy of mind and consciousness.

A History of Ideas about the Mind. Pedro drzaisma it liked it Apr 27, The mystic writing-pad; 2.

It’s also in the 19thC that the rise of technology, from phonographs to photographs Daguerrreotypes creates a fresh bloom of mechanistic metaphors. The Best Books of Holography in particular, Draaisma is not too impressed by for its explanatory power, but it sure as hell reached and influenced a lot of people.