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Was thinking about how I would like to play a Dragonlance game but I then opened my friends War of the Lance book and saw that it was. Derek wants to fight the elves, but Sturm refuses as he believes doing so will start a war between the Knights and the Elves that. Rules required: Version Dungeons & Dragons Player’s War of the Lance is a page hardcover book designed to be.

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However, a new threat soon appears with the White Wing advancing from the south, so Laurana then turns her army to warr this threat at a spot on the Vingaard River known as the Narrows. Around DL sourcebooks took a turn away from this. Kitiara warns the elfmaid, though, that they will meet again. Afraid of an invasion, the elves were preparing an exodus to Southern Ergoth. This article may need to be rewritten entirely to comply with Wikipedia’s quality standards.

Leaves of the Inn of the Last Home This is an essential for any true dragonlance collection.

I think the first 3. I’ve run this campaign several times before, mostly for 2e or 2. Eventually they meet the Forestmasterthe unicorn protector of the woods, who tells them to go to the ruins of Xak Tsaroth to recover the Disks of Mishakal.

Derek is given command of a Solamnic Army being sent to defend the city of Palanthas. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

The discussion page may contain suggestions. Berem goes with the party, as he wants to understand why the Queen of Darkness needs him. The two women recognize each other and exchange words, with Kitiara taunting Laurana that Tanis is now with her.


I’ve not decided wzr to do with this yet – choose one of your characters or try and run a 16 PC game: Remember, Evil isn’t “selfish”.

War of the Lance

Goldmoon gives the Disks of Mishakal to Elistanformer Seeker, who becomes the or known priest of Paladine since the Cataclysm, and the Companions travel south to Tarsiswhere Sturm, Flint, Tanis and Gilthanas are arrested, along with Alhana Starbreeze, daughter of Caladon Lorac, Speaker of the Starswho is hiring warriors to try to free Silvanesti.

The races in the Lahce were the ogres, the chromatic dragons, lajce goblins and hobgoblins, draconians, and humans. Or pance up with email. Bakaris begins to taunt the knights, demanding their surrender, but is then suddenly shot in the arm by Laurana.

Was thinking about how I would like to play a Dragonlance game but was under the impression that all of the Dragonlance material is 2e. Kitiara then departs, telling Laurana it will take her three days to get her army back together and giving Laurana that time to give Sturm a proper knight’s funeral.

The product Dragons of Glory is a simulation boardgame that allows players to recreate the battles of the War of the Lance. Views Read Edit View history.

DragonLance: War of the Lance for 3.5e

Kent State, OH Some brief mechanical notes: The remaining one, Skie, is Kitiara’s own dragon and resisted the lure due to Kitiara’s iron will. I will reread ending of Summer Flame to get some more information surely, but I am striving for a good amount of match between by campaign and the canonical story. Evil Intelligence is knowing the precise ritual that will allow you to destroy the peaceful kingdom that banished you.

However, before they can escape Lord Soththe undead knight working for Kitiara, arrives and takes the Golden General captive. Languages Italiano Edit links.

dragonlance – Materials for a post War of the Lance campaign – Role-playing Games Stack Exchange

After three days the entire Whitestone Army has been successfully brought across the river and Laurana is prepared to resume the campaign. There was much rejoicing, even though some of us cared little for the changes made to the setting thanks to the 5th Age cataclysm and the new rules that needed to be fit in. Laurana then attempts to flee the chamber. Lord Gunthar then asks Laurana to deliver the dragonlances to the High Clerist’s Tower along with the news that Sturm has been exonerated.


Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. The Companions take the Dragon Orb and leave, but Alhana, new Queen of the Silvanesti, decides to stay to cleanse the country. Board Games Ireland 4, Meeples. Verminaard decides to launch the invasion, but the Companions manage to free the slaves, and he is forced to delay it in order to control the riot.

All agree to rescue Laurana, although Goldmoon and Riverwind stay in the city due to her being pregnant. Tasslehoff comes to her defense, stabbing Bakaris, and then Laurana manages to kill Bakaris. Kitiara also does not believe that Tanis came to Neraka alone and sends her personal aide, the bozak draconian Gakhan, to investigate. The Dragonarmies then surrounded Silvanestiand the Speaker of the Stars Lorac Caladon made a treaty to forestall an invasion.

Lord Soth enters the council chamber, carrying a body tightly wrapped up in winding cloth, and places the body at Kitiara’s feet.

Originally Posted by Alabenson. However, the green dragon Cyan Bloodbane stayed, taking control of Silvanesti, and using its magic to control a weakened Lorac Caladon.