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Dimitrijevic, Colonel Dragutin, (a.k.a. Apis)() Chief of the Intelligence Department in the Serbian General Staff. Founding member and charismatic. A founder member and leader of the Serbian Black Hand secret society, Dragutin Dimitrijevic (), also known as ‘Apis’ (assigned to him as a youth on. Dragutin Dimitrijević known as Apis was a Serbian colonel. He was a leading member of a military group that organized the overthrow of the Serbian.

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Execution by firing squad. There was a hitch, however; the driver was confused about the route.

The Austrian nobleman saw it coming and batted it away. Without him there would never have been a Stalin or a Hitler. Both Ferdinand and his wife were still sitting up, and it was not immediately obvious that they had been shot. It will maintain friendly relations with all the States, nations, organizations, and individual persons who sympathize with Serbia and the Serbian race.

In administering capital punishment the sole responsibility of the Supreme Central Directorate shall be to see that such punishment is safely and unfailingly carried into effect without any regard for the ways and means to be employed in the execution.

Inthe Austro-Hungarian empire decided to annex join to itself two Balkan provinces just south of its borders: For the execution of such decisions of the organization, the absolute executive power shall be vested in the President and the Secretary.

Desire for military reform was only one of many interests for Dimitrijevic-Apis. We are talking an intelligence officer, who took it upon himself to overthrow his King, to whom he had sworn loyalty, for his own ends, through an organization that he created, The Black Hand. There is another analogy: If he succeeded the elderly emperor and his moderate political reforms were accepted then support for a greater Serbia might dissipate.

Dimitrijevic however was careful not to form one of the conspirators who actually travelled to Sarajevo to murder Ferdinand: All communications and conversations to be conducted only through specially appointed and authorized persons.


First World – Who’s Who – Dragutin Dimitrijevic

It will give every assistance to those nations and organizations who are fighting for their own national liberation and unification. Apis was increasingly worried by the action of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his conciliatory attitude towards the Serbs. For the purpose of ensuring a more efficient discharge of business, the Supreme Central Directorate shall be divided into sections, according to the nature of the work. But bypolicy disagreements had arisen between the two.

This page was last edited on 28 Novemberat They were found not guilty due to the lack of proof of their involvement in the assassination plot. The Francis Mott Company, source of excerpt.

ChiefSerbian military intelligence. Germany had plans to invade France, drawn up immediately after the Franco Prussian War. Dimitrijevic himself was shot three times during the assassination although the shots dimitrijegic never recovered from his body.

The Tsar made a personal plea to the Kaiser, to stop the insanity. Stein and Day, Aside from the murder of Ferdinand, Dimitrijevic played a part in the assassination of Serbian King Alexander on 10 June two years after another failed attemptwhich ended the Obrenovic dynasty and brought Peter Karadjordjevic to the throne as King Peter I.

Their car drove along a wide avenue called Appel Quay on that warm and sunny summer morning, following the north bank of the River Miljacka.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. There were over 16 ddragutin deaths and 20 million wounded ranking it among the deadliest conflicts in human history.

The duty of each individual Provincial Directorate will be to carry out the principles of the organization within the respective territories of each Serbian region outside the frontiers of the Kingdom of Serbia. Basically, you can use the poker analogy, everyone kept raising the stakes, hoping to keep everyone in the game no one could afford to foldbut no one checks either.


The world had been teetering domitrijevic the brink of a great war since the beginning of the Balkan Wars, because Europe’s Leaders feared the consequences of such a war. Also in June of that year, Black Hand was formally outlawed.

Tekst koji je napisan je toliko konfuzan,nabijen sa istorijskim faktima da na kraju ne znamo sta je istina a sta imaginacija! With the rest of the army, he marched over the mountains to the Adriatic, rested on Corfu, and returned to action in Salonika. This adventure into Albania set the stage for subsequent Serbian military successes. All official business questions of the organization shall be decided in the sessions of the Supreme Central Directorate by a majority of votes.

You may find it helpful to search within the site to see how similar or related subjects are covered. The brilliant and admired officer quickly immersed himself in conspiratorial politics and assassination plots.

Lee, and Abraham Lincoln as the most evil people of, say, American history.

Captain Dragutin-Dimitrijevic Apis

The Organization’s official seal dragutiin thus composed: But Apis could play no role in the fighting, for while inside Albania he had contracted a serious illness that disabled him for months. An ardent nationalist – the English translation of the Black Hand society was ‘Union or Death’ Ujedinjenje ili Smrt – Dimitrijevic dedicated his life to the Greater Serbia cause, even while he served within the Serbian military as chief of the intelligence department.

It will carry out a revolutionary organization in all the territories where Serbians are living. They were horrified at the position Apis and Serbia had put them.

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