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Home / Dr. Adam McLeod, ND, BSc (Hons) Dr. Adam McLeod is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor with a special focus in The Path of the Dreamhealer. The latest Tweets from Adam Dreamhealer (@Dreamhealer). # NaturopathicDoctor @YaletownND, First Nations #Healer, #Motivational Speaker and. I’m referring to, of course, a young man known as Adam Dreamhealer, a young man whose name popped up on my newsfeed yesterday with a.

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Following this mind-bending experience, his family evidently came up with a brilliant idea: Without any qdam, my websites, all of them, were shut down. His background in molecular biology has helped him to develop targeted supplementation which addresses the unique characteristics of the cancer.

Dreamhealer – Adam McLeod

Almost immediately, the videos started to show up on YouTube. Click here for more information.

Posted on 24 November by Steve Thoms. November 17, at 3: Experience self-empowerment at Dr. Today I look and dreamhea,er different. He has a special interest in cancer where he applies his molecular biology knowledge in a clinical setting.


The workshop has been completely redesigned to integrate life-changing information that Dr. It is about taking the right supplements in conjunction with the appropriate targeted therapies. Adam McLeod’s one day events where he speaks about the power of focused intention and performs two group healings.

All of these approaches can work together in a synergistic way to promote the healing process. His family launched an expedition to Nootka Island off the coast of Vancouver, B. Newsletter Updates Clicking the button you will be signed up for our newsletter.

He graduated with a first class honours degree in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry from Simon Fraser University, afterwards, he graduated from Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine as a Naturopathic doctor.

Adam was the keynote presenter at the Northwest Naturopathic Physicians Convention. Adam McLeod, ND is a Naturopathic doctor, molecular biologist, internationally renowned energy healer and best selling author. In the early days he would never appear on-camera or allow his face to be shown outside of his workshops that filled hotel and university auditoriums.

At that time, Adam would have been about 15 years old.

You Might Also Like Over the years they tried to protect his identity. His family established a dreamhealef site called distancehealing. His most recent book is Integrative Cancer Care: Naturopathic medicine has a wide range of tools that are effective at treating cancer when used appropriately. Providing the best integrative cancer care in Vancouver.


Adam Dreamhealer – Naturopathic Doctor in Integrative Oncology

McLeod is only accepting cancer patients. Again, this is a clear violation of copyright laws.

A prominent Toronto Star article by John Goddard was one of the most difficult for skeptics to digest, as it was a puff piece for cancer quackery. Rogers prize for excellence in Complementary and Alternative medicine. Why would they do that?

Dreamhealer – Adam McLeod – A Gifted Well-Known Healer

I think Adam was and is a fraud. October 3, at 3: I read all your books but did not find what to visualize in order to work on a eating disorder hypothalamus etc You are a blessing thanks Still waiting to see you in Montreal. To find out more, including how to dreamhaeler cookies, see here: