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Generally speaking, the Jonathan does not allow efficient use of in the rechargeable air reservoir of stored pressurized air and as such can not reach to that of the present invention comparable period of operation.

DE69936301T2 – Air Motor – Google Patents

Der Mitnehmer the driver 8 8th und die Nachlaufbremse and the coast brake 10 10 werden extern mit Druckluft versorgt. The hose reel according to the invention is equipped with a compactly arranged in the drum body pneumatic drive, which allows on compressed-air and spring-loaded actuators in the form of zeichnuung driver, a fixed plate and a trailing brake a triple drum action, namely zeichnungg rolling up of the hose, a rolling of the tube and a assessing druckliftmotor hose reel.

The fresh cleaning liquid is sucked by a pump at zeichbung upper portion of the barrel. Steuerung nach Anspruch 1 oder 2, 3. This configuration allows the one hand a sealing of the interior of the pump without the use of a shaft seal, which contributes to increasing the lifetime or maintenance-free. Since the wall of the inner housing is exposed to heating due to air friction forces of the rotors, also the screen is raised to a temperature level with a well heat-conducting connection, which prevents either any icing, or only for a short time permits at most by immediate thawing.

This means to maintain the operation of the system upright, when the pressure in the air reservoir falls below a certain value, a different type of engine operation during intervals of reduced pressure is required. The effluent from the cleaned cleaning agent is collected in a druckluftmltor and fed back into the container in which the dissolved by cleaning dirt settles to the bottom.

Another object is seen in a simple and are performed automatically lubricate the hose reel drive.

drjckluftmotor In the known small parts cleaners, pumps are used, which are arranged next to the liquid containing the cleaning barrel and are each connected via a tube to the brush and with the supply of cleaning agent. Der Druckluftmotor The air motor 4 4 ist an der einlaufseitigen Bordscheibe is at the inlet-side flange disk 2 2 mit dieser umlaufend gelagert. Das Kupplungsglied kann als eine kurze Verbindungsstange auch an vorhandenen Bahnen eingesetzt werden. Also with a set screw 24, the coupling part is mounted on the shaft 34 of the air motor 31 23rd.


Hand guided tracker for mounting elements, has traveling nut, which is displaced in clamping cycle from end position to another end position to displace drive spring element in clamping position.

All other possible arbitrary control operations will be apparent from the foregoing. Compressed air motor according to one of claims 1 to 14, characterized in that a portion of the exhaust collecting chamber 13 with a sound-absorbent inner wall 46z. Coating powder conveying device, especially for transporting powder from a storage container, e.

The three functions of the hose reel are the following: Of the control lines 55 and 56 branch off Beaufschlagungsleitungen 61 and 62 respectively for the two pneumatic cylinders 29 from. Embodiments of the invention are shown in the drawing way of several figures and explained in detail in the following description.

DEB4 – hose reel – Google Patents

Automatic control is superimposed on this by longitudinal displacement of the rod 17 relative to the housing The sub-claims contain design characteristics which represent advantageous and beneficial developments of the object solutions. Occupied and is retained thereon by means of a perforated plate The piston 31 of the left pneumatic cylinder pushes thereby the piston 31 of the right pneumatic cylinder as far back to the force of this compressed spring 30 of the left pneumatic cylinder is equal to the pneumatic differential force.

A conical impeller 4 is arranged in the lower region of an immersion tube 1 and is driven by a shaft 3 extending through the tube. The valve 6 for the blocking and release of the compressed air to the engine is od to the axially Led th rod 12 between the screw 14 with the fin. On the shaft 22 of the electric motor 21, the bell-shaped coupling part 23 is arranged by means of a grub screw 24 rotationally.

Device to control amount of gearbox lubricant in gearbox housing of vehicle has housing with sealed inner section druckluuftmotor lubricant and gearwheel in housing which turns through lubricant, forcing lubricant over wall. Between the spring plates 25, a slider 28 is disposed on the rod 17th Er ist axial verschiebbar durch zwei an den Federtellern 25 angelenkte Pneumatikzylinder 29 mit gegen eine Feder 30 wirkenden Kolben 31, deren Kolbenstangen 32 in einer weiteren gelenkigen Verbindung 33 an dem Schieber angreifen.


In the area of the bearing 7, the shaft 3, which is per se made of aluminum, provided with a sleeve 9 of druclkuftmotor steel in order to improve the life of the bearing. Oil mist centrifugal dis-entrainment druckluftotor, for an internal combustion engine crankcase breather, reduces load on main separator by use of a rotating vane inlet pre-separator.

Extended ducted or exhaust ducts, however, have on the acoustics of an equally not notable effect deflections with no or only slightly modified cross-sections. Towards its druckluftmotoor end 45 of the air outlet duct 5 is flared and advantageously arched like a trumpet.

Baupläne Modellmotore – Shop CAD+Modelltechnik Jung

This hollow construction of the retaining fork 55 can be in the sense of object position ergonomically favorable even at its second arm 57 as a compressed air supply to the drill 1 take advantage when the holding fork 55 on its second arm 57 with a handle piece 58 of the outer housing 3 is zechnung, which receives the second likewise removable shaped handle 59 according to FIGS.

With its second arm the holding fork with a handle connection piece of the outer housing is zeichnhng, which receives the second, likewise detachably configured handle for manual druckluftmotoe of the machine. Machine tool has drive shaft, drive mechanism, axle, holder, housing, magazine, and coupling. Country of ref document: Kind code of ref document: Thereby, the above zeichnujg invention of Akiyama, which was marketed by Tome Kogyo of Japan and the Jonathan device with its Z-engine became possible.

DE DEU1 en If the throttle valve further 59 closed, the cam guide slides 34 further to the right and pushes the inclined branch of the curve 35 the plunger 37 further, a, with the result that the flow rate regulator 36 the flow in the branch line 43 and thus the speed of the air motor 13 further increased.

A hose can be connected to an druckluftmoor 25th. Support pin to hold feed roll in roll changer of printing press has driving element in form of indenting rolling body which rolls by outside circumference on inside circumference of feed roll, forming driving groove.

DE DEC2 en Washer jet for headlamp of motor vehicle – has extending mounting with integral non-return valve.