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Notes. 1. Computer Architecture Q&A Part 1 2. Computer Architecture Q&A Part 2 3. Computer Architecture Q&A Part 3 · Home. Subscribe to: Posts (Atom). Anna University Department of ECE Semester: V Year: 3rd Yr Department: B.E Electronic and Communication Engineering Regulation: EC Computer Architecture and Organization Notes anna University lecturer notes unit wise unit 1, unit 2 unit 3 unit 4 unit 5. here you can find all notes for.

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It is very dry. The bell curve shifts accordingly.

ECcomputer architecture and organization-lecture notes -periit edition

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here On the flip side, there is not a lot of big words you need to remember, no readings or projects, and notes needed for this module. Notees module is a very hands-on topic, with consistent practices and application a core requirement to ace. Skip to content Menu About Contact. Some people left the exam hall in less than 1hr.

The workload is not heavy at all. This site uses cookies.

Review for EC2303: Foundation for Econometrics

These sessions were always over-crowded even for the small lecture room that he booked. These are the mods reviewed so far:. I was not motivated for this mod coz the Maths seem complicated and I catch no ball after the first two lectures. You can challenge yourself by trying to do this within 2 hours without referring to the notes.


He is ok as a tutor as he writes the main takeaway points for each lecture on the board during tutorials and ensures that every student has had at least presented once. Hope this helps, cheers!

One good way noges practice for these papers is to keep doing tutorial questions and look for other papers to try. However, I must say that different lecturers probably have different standards.

This is followed by probability, leading to random variables and various random distributions.

EC Computer Architecture: Notes

Not that I can do any better, but her lectures can get kind of confusing. You are commenting using your WordPress. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The front 8 or 9 were relatively easy to grasp. There were about 12 or 13 lectures in total.

It covers the different frequency distributions PMF, PDF, CDFmeasures of their mean and variance, probability, random distributions, sampling distributions, estimation and hypothesis testing. This is an introductory module about statistics used in economics analysis. Notify me of new comments via email.

With constant redoing a must have to survive, and punching of calculators, there is not many things that is notable notess fun to commit memory. Tutorials are 1 hour sessions held once every week. To make things difficult, the lecturer teaches the new topics with a lot of mathematical symbols learnt from previous topics.

  IEC 60095 PDF

It is not difficult to attain full marks for most of the components of this module, making the bell curve very competitive. Before Mid-Terms and Finals, he even organised review sessions open to all students including those from other class.

Without a good grip of the formulas and understanding the basic foundations, you ec22303 struggle a little in this module. On the 8th August I tot is: Dr Yuan Ye TA: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Centre for Future-ready Graduates.

Dr Seo Juwon Tutor: Nottes difference is the additional amount of questions and difficulties, some of which can be very tricky if you do not interpret the questions properly. Interested to join us?

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. notds

These are all personal opinions and do note that assessment of the mods may differ depending on which year notse are taken.

Each Homework tests students on what has been taught in the previous few lectures, functioning as a litmus test and a mock exam for your understanding.

There are a lot of mathematics and referencing of formulas, with a need to be able to understanding what the questions are asking for.