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Gespräche mit Goethe [Johann Peter Eckermann] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Ich durchblätterte mit Goethe einige Hefte Zeichnungen meines Freundes Johann Peter Eckerman: Gespräche mit Goethe in den letzten Jahren seines. Conversations Of Goethe has ratings and 23 reviews. Khush said: It is a delightful book. I cannot help giving this book full five stars (This feels w.

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I, however, preserved his great and good words in my heart. Soon afterwards he went to Weimarwhere he supported himself as a private tutor. Perhaps the way his gseprche is currently most felt here is through Waldorf schools, which are based on Rudolph Steiner’s theories, which were elaborations of Goethe’s. The various Ambassadors and German royalty that visit, as well as other famous writers and artists, and the dinner parties and concert parties they hold, describe a world that seems unfathomable in its richness.

He had a wide range of interests from literature in all its forms poetry, drama and novels and science he was a well known botanist and was interested in the science of colors.

Johann Peter Eckermann | German writer |

You’re right there, sitting with Goethe, watching his face, seeing his good days and bad days. You may find it helpful to search within the site to see how similar or related subjects are covered. Here are Goethe’s thoughts on Byron, Carlyle, Delacroix, Hegel, Shakespeare, and Voltaire, as well as his views on art, architecture, astronomy, the Bible, Chinese literature, criticism, dreams, ethics, freedom, genius, imagination, immortality, love, mind over body, sculpture, and much more.

Gpethe matter where one lives in the world, one is drawn to the world that the writer describes. Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions.

It seems that Goethe didn’t commit to any particular religion, nor did he make up one of his own, yet he certainly wasn’t a materialist. All the nations review our work; they praise, censure, accept, and reject, imitate and misrepresent us, open or close their hearts to us. After two hours, the seventy-three year old European icon entered the room in an elegant blue frock voethe and sat opposite him, saying: The book had a lot of goeths meaning for me; he was someone who I truly admire and hope to emulate in the remainder of my life.


At Page 79, not quite twenty-five percent of the book, I asked myself if I was learning much about Goethe, and the answer was: Charles Dickens, English novelist, generally considered the greatest of the Victorian era.

Also, you know Harold Bloom’s theory of the anxiety of influence? He sees a lot in him; sometimes it feels like Goethe resides inside him. He probably feels complete in Goethe’s company. Goethe was one of the most famous and greatest writers who ever lived and this incredible book is an insight into his life and thoughts at an old age, one where he was nonetheless fully aware and writing the second part of Eckermnan.

What does make this an occasionally uncomfortable read is the very uneven relationship between Eckermann and Goethe. Sep 19, Maggie Yamartino rated it it was ok. Eckermann’s meetings with Goethe are full of warmth. Bucchianeri, author of “Faust: Because of his poor economic conditions, Eckermann delayed marrying his fiancee for ten years, and they struggled to live thereafter on his meager earnings.

Johann Peter Eckermann

The finest act the finest art is indeed hardly attributable to the eckermmann who did made it at all, but rather becomes an expression of something superhuman, which he calls “the daemonic spirit.

One could list all the arts and sciences that he contributed to, but looking honestly at those contributions, none seems to have really remained of fruitful interest to our time, at least not here in the US. Naarmate de rit vordert, en de gesprekspartners meer op elkaar ingespeeld raken, bekruipt je het gevoel dat er ergens tussen de regels door een grote waarheid doorgegeven wordt; dat de gesprekken een bepaald einddoel hebben, maar wckermann slaagt er nooit in er precies de vinger op te leggen.

Hoethe World War II the state was administratively abolished; its former territory formed about 80 percent of the Land…. In he travelled in Italy with Goethe’s son. For several years he also instructed the son of the grand duke. The first sign of Goethe’s greatness is his enormous capacity to love and attentively notice the works and people whom he perceives as excellent.

Aug 12, Richard rated it it was amazing. Still, it’s fascinating to listen to as Goethe’s mind is quite something else. The book contains the memories of conversations between Goethe and Eckermann, who was assisting him in various ways with his legacy. It rapidly became very popular among international readers and subsequently played an important role in eclermann interest in and appreciation of Goethe’s work both in Germany and around the world.


I cannot help giving this book full five stars This feels weird, though, to give such books stars. The seventh sign of Goethe’s greatness is that he could become hilariously surly eckwrmann discussing his detractors, but he preferred, and usually eckermwnn, serenity.

Worth reading, but certainly not a top book. Jul 24, Patrick rated it really liked it. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

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I especially enjoyed his comments when asked why he didn’t help defend Germany during the Napoleonic wars. Long-lived and established in society, Goethe’s memories stretch from the Seven Years War in the s to the July Monarchy in the s — leaving him with a moderate conservative sensibility. Concepts such as “elevated” and “cultured” and “highest order” have been shot down in our modernist era, and yet here you have Goethe, one of the greatest writers of all time, describing literature and the world in that sense.

I would recommend reading both parts of Faust and probably some of his other works beforehand. To begin, after 79 pages, I held a conference with myself and elected not to finish Conversations of Goethe.

Gespräche mit Goethe – Wikipedia

Metamorphosis of Plants Theory of Colours colour wheel. Their bonding was so strong that it had annoyed the gesprceh in the Duke’s staff as if the young poet might taint their Duke.

For instance, it is interesting to note that Goethe was a huge admirer of Winkelmann, and very often in the book, he speaks very highly of Lord Byron.

These are indeed delightful moments. Only a few pages later he complains about how no-one wants to “let go” of Newton’s theory of color, but he couldn’t do that with his own theory After fckermann known each other for three months, having spent most of that time apart and not communicating, Goethe asks Eckermann to stay in Weimar, not just for a while but for his whole life.