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Standards of the organization and functioning of the Family Medicine services in municipalities shall be defined in the sub-legal act issued by the Ministry of Health. Provisions on the deceased and autopsy. During implementation of primary health care services municipalities give priority to preventive health care measures. Qualitative eddukimi of health care services shehdetesor Health care system is organized at three levels: Health Care Institution cannot become operational until responsible body defined in section 72 of this Law issues the decision on fulfillment sjendetesor criteria for commencement of the work.

In the absence of a signed international agreement or principle of reciprocity, the non-Kosovar citizen may provide health care in the territory of Kosovo, based on the provisions of this Law. Medical implications from paragraph Ministry of Health in proposal of General Health Council shall issue mid-term Plan of specializations based on health staff plan.

Internal professional supervision should be organized and provided by the responsible person of Health Shendeteskr Institution, based on sub-legal acts of the institution.

In cases of emergency situations outside Kosovo, participation in the health care service provisions or in other forms of international cooperation within the health sector shall be carried out based on an international agreement, or based on the implementation of the principle of reciprocity.

Health care is provided by organizing and implementing health care activities in the public, private and mixed Health Care Institutions. Level and volume of basic health care, with rights and obligations for all citizens will be provided and guaranteed by Health Insurance Fund herein after the Fund.


Health care can be provided in licensed or recognized Health Care Institutions in accordance with this Law that can also be financed from the following: Health care in the Health Care Institutions shall be implemented in accordance with procedures and conditions defined by this Law and general acts of the Health Care Institution.

Health care measures in the social care institution are defined in the sub-legal act issued by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare.

Health care provision in the public Health Care Institutions to non-Kosovar citizens that reside in Kosovo shall be made on the grounds of a signed international agreement or based on the principle of reciprocity. Kosovo Government leads and executes the health policies through the Ministry of Health.

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Specific health care for workers includes services that provide optimum conditions in the working environment in order to maintain optimum physical and mental heath status of employees. Health Care Institutions of ddukimi levels and forms of financing are obliged to provide conditions for Continual Professional Education of their employees.

Only pharmacist shall give prescribed drugs; Health care is implemented in Health Care Institutions at the workplace, at the residence of the citizen and other places wherein the citizen is in need of health care. Primary Health care services are implemented through family medicine services.

Health care activities in emergency situations include: Issues related to pregnancy termination shall be defined with special Law. The Statute is a sub-legal act through which the Health Care Institution determines the organization, manner of leadership and decision-making, as well as other issues related to the implementation of health care and shrndetesor affairs in accordance with law.

Applying the international standards in process of organizing and developing the health care resources in the: The essential drug list is determined by the Health Insurance Fund on the proposal of the Ministry of Health. Health care service from section 1 point e is organized within Health Care Institutions through professional health services.

The formal conditions for such plans shall be defined in the sub-legal act from section paragraph Following completing of respective education, health workers should complete obligatory professional apprenticeship. The Kosovo University Clinical Center shall be reorganized in accordance with sub-legal act issued by the Ministry of Health and section of this Law.


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Autopsy is compulsory in the following situations: The Ministry of Health shall ensure that legal provisions that should be enter into force in the cases of emergencies are ready for endorsement.

Sub-legal acts of the Health Care Institutions are the Statute and other general acts. The Secondary Health Care Institutions are: The Tertiary Health Care Institutions are institutions defined under section 31 paragraph Mid-term objectives are defined through the health care mid-term plan for five 5 years that include: Organization, functioning and activities of the secondary health care services, outpatient and inpatient care, shall be defined in the sub-legal acts issued by the Ministry of Health.

Types, content and management of the evidences, collection, elaboration and use of the collected data, as well as reporting system within the uniform Health Information System shall be defined in the sub-legal act approved by the Government of Kosovo on the proposal of the Ministry of Health. Health care shall be implemented in the primary, secondary and tertiary level.

Until sub-legal acts under section will be issued, the existing sub-legal shencetesor which have been issued, sgendetesor which are not in contrary with this Law, shall remain into force and shall be applicable.

Funds collected by fines are delivered to the Kosovo Consolidate Budget. Private Health Care Institutions shall be organized in accordance with this Law and the sub-legal act on implementation of the private health activities under section shencetesor paragraph Provision eduimi conditions for collection of shenxetesor and blood storage; iii. The types of Public Health Care Institutions. Following completion of obligatory apprenticeship, apprentices must undergo professional exam.