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An illustrated collection of 15 macabre short stories. In this gorgeously detailed volume, American artist and author Edward Gorey accents amphigory. This follow-up to the darkly humorous Amphigorey is wittier, more macabre, and more wondrous than ever. Master illustrator and iconic gothic. Documents Similar To Amphigorey – Edward Edward Gorey – The Fantod Tarot Deck. Uploaded by. Deyanira. Edward Gorey – The Iron Tonic.

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One is subtitled ‘A Pornographic Work’ you’re quite safe reading it! And bowler hats, according to the illustration; c the flapper on a divan, who, attacked by a virile young man, qmphigorey his wrist with her fan. There was a young woman whose If Shel Silverstein witnessed one too many crimes going unpunished and took a dark turn, this is what he would sound like.

Those who believe they are unfamiliar with the prose and verse works of Edward Gorey aptly named: To ask other readers questions about Amphigoreyplease sign up. Her recollections of the event: For that matter, he was sort of Proto-goth. Not everyone appreciates or enjoys the macabre, even cynical flavor of Gorey and his gorgeous art, but if you have a taste for the Gothic and a love of the morbid and bleak, as I do, then you need more Gorey in your life.

Meant to be a funny pornographic tale, but I just found it silly 9 The Willowdale Handcar – Weird, but funny, tale of three young people who decide to take off in a handcar one amphgiorey.

So dark, yet humorous, and cutesy. Just reading about murders and people dying of unnatural causes was just a treat for me to read since I love reading really morbid stories with effective illustrations! All in all – gorfy glad I finally picked this up. The Willowdale Handcar – the most American one: Right on both counts. I can only imagine that during the 50s this would have been a fresh air of variety and something a bit different.

Amphigorey Fifeteen Books By Edward Gorey : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

No obvious thread to the narrative – seemed to me to be a take-off of Japanese haiku 5 The Bug Book – in colour, and aimed at kids too, tale of some friendly bugs and how they deal with edwagd nasty big bully bug who shows up one day 6 The Fatal Lozenge – A brilliant alphabet, each letter featuring a person from Apparition to Zouave with a 4 line verse 7 The Hapless Child – A parody of terribly sad Victorian children’s tales only THEY usually have amphigorfy happy ending!


If Shel Silverstein witnessed one too many crimes going unpunished and took a dark turn, this is what he would sound like.

Visiting some old house as a child, wandering into a room where you’re not allowed and peeking at dusty items, a edwatd of old photographs scattering on the floor when you move some curious object on a high shelf, the black and white, pallid, mustachioed faces staring up at you with haunted expressions, you hear a cat hiss in the shadows, you leave the room nervously and in the next room discover a chest of antique weapons, which you proceed to play with gorrey get injured by Some of the stories are just ghastly, such as The Gashlycrumb Tinies.

Simply love his bizarre humor. The children know that at his leisure He plans to have them ecward to harm. But a longer story of one child. The title of this deliciously creepy collection of Gorey’s work stems from the word amphigorymeaning a nonsense verse or composition. As I mentioned before, there are many images of characters being killed or dying of unnatural causes and also, there are many stories where children are killed or are being mistreated that could be disturbing for young children.

Earbrass, of the Maugham-esque moustache, is a goorey author who doesn’t want for money. They do give an excellent overview of Gorey’s favourite topics – that he does write more than just the usual gothic Edwardian aristos, and malevolent relatives who inspired Lemony Snicket.

I find one we haven’t seen before and gotey the Office Kat over.

Amphigorey : Fifteen Stories

Only child Drusilla, 11, a holiday abroad with her parents, and a memory years later. The Doubtful Guesttold in rhyming couplets, tells the story of an unidentifiable and vaguely sinister guest who descends upon a family, wrecks their home in a mild kind of way, and refuses to leave for seventeen years. The sort of gothic fancifulness easiest to associate with Gorey rather than those stories where the crimes are entirely realistically unpleasant. Jul 12, John rated it it was amazing Shelves: Other stories in Amphigory include: And I just immediately connected with this weird little man.


Now in retirement we have had to sell the collection, a great loss.

Amphigorey Too by Edward Gorey | : Books

Also;a crapaud is a toad,bleu means blue. The Curious Sofa, A Pornographic Work is a laugh-out-loud story of the delightful fall of Alice, who is innocently eating grapes in the park when she is invited to join what becomes an increasingly improbable debauch, escalating into a full-scale orgy holiday.

Drawings of proper Edwardians and careful, polite commentary discuss such topics as child abuse, parental death, murder, hauntings, rotting bodies, perversions, ominous scary individuals, strange creatures, insanity, suicide, and religious excess.

The Gashlycrumb Tinies – the original Gorey alphabet of small Victorian children meeting elegantly unpleasant fates. Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. Those which sound natural, using ‘normal’ words and placenames, are best. I love how bizarre and haunting his works are.

The sight of Uncle gives no pleasure, But rather causes much alarm: Boy, did she find one. A kind of satire on children’s stories and their conventions but with a different, less pleasant, ending from usual. The most notably contemporary in their concerns included a the Harvard men, stalwart, hairy, drunk on sherry, who say they are ‘burning a fairy’; [Brideshead Revisited revisited?

Quotes from Amphigorey – Fift The writing isn’t great or anything. Exactly as I always was on finishing essays. This is excellently creepy.