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Riane Eisler es investigadora social, abogada y escritora. . RIANE EISLER es la autora de EL CALIZ Y LA ESPADA: Nuestra historia, nuestro futuro, libro. El caliz y la espada: nuestra historia, nuestro futuro / Riane Eisler ; traducción, Renato Valenzuela M. ; [prólogo de Humberto Maturana]. Riane Eisler, El Caliz y la espada. 44 likes. Book. Riane Eisler, El Caliz y la espada. Book. 44 people like this topic. Want to like this Page? Sign up for.

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It would require a near-monolithic religion to be present over tens of thousands of years, multiple continents, and through the agricultural revolution.


What it takes to change them has been Eisler’s life work since she wrote Chalice. But, I have read Joseph Cambell’s primitive mythology, and it seems few things are evident: Remember me on this computer.

Digital Library Federation, December But this book provides a great lq of recent archeological finds and corrections of earlier literature that didn’t have the benefits of carbon dating.

In the end, though, I will remain agnostic, especially since we have learned so much more about genetics in the last 30 years. The warlike Indo-Europeans took over practically all of Europe and abolished the Gilany life style in favor of Andocracy. Read it for the first three quarters if nothing else. Originally they were nomads who had no agricultural skills eixler speak of.


Yet Eisler perseveres, applying her considerations to nations, religions and cultures throughout the ages. Oracle were established and listened to.

This book inspired me and I want to read more about all this and more. But something happened to change all that and people began to fight one another. Please enter the message. Modern combat 4 version e. Anyway, we don’t know for sure about prehistoric beliefs, but do we need to?


The ways of the Goddess creep up again. Human beings, by the way, are considered to exhibit both patterns. The form of governments was called Gilany. There were no weapon or art scenes glorifying violence. If they do it’s a profound book, not to be forgotten. Neither are the words for weaver, leathermaker, smith, mason, and potter.

Three stars because it was a pretty interesting read, and she covers, well, all of human history. Similar Items Related Subjects: It was a world in which the Blade, and not the Chalice, would henceforth be supreme, a world in which peace and harmony would be found only in the myths and legends of a long lost past.

At that time we had plenty of food and were well off and suffered no harm. Proper dating technology has painted a new picture of the ancient past. Which meant partnership between man and women.

Oct 02, Brendan rated it liked it. It helped me to connect and make sense of all the stories and myths I had read about from other religions. Eisler argues that there has been a conspiracy within science to hide these early peaceful societies, as evidence she cites an anecdote about an anthropologist she really likes getting his funding removed. El caliz y la espada: The E-mail message field is required.

Apr 03, Megan rated it liked it Shelves: It becomes obvious quite quickly that the fundamental concept can exist only as an indistinct impression.

These cultures showed a surprising equality between the sexes, as well as a lack of hierarchy.

These early civilizations invented principles of food growing, containers, pottery, clothing fibers, construction techniques, leather work, and later, metal technologies in silver, gold, brass, and bronze.


They are called Venus statues. And this I attribute, in large part, to a single exercise done for a class I took on Philosophy and Science Fiction: A natureza esta se rebelando contra a androcracia, contra os usos exploradores e destrutivos da caliiz empregada indiscriminadamente por uma sociedade dominadora. All of a sudden, the accounts in the Hebrew and Christian scripture about the Garden of Eden, the Tree of Knowledge, the Tree of Life begin to make deeper, more complete sense.

Jesus Christ was actually one of the first recorded, and definitely the loudest, speaker for the support of love and equality of all people. She reiterates many times that there are gentle men and less-than-gentle women. But there was no such place left in their new world.

Eisler Riane El Caliz Y La Espada

,a And when the cover of your book has a quote that says “The most important book since Darwin’s “Origin of Species,” I riaen expect the author to deliver. They had fertile land their art was pleasing to the eye. Thinking of Becoming a Counsellor? Academies set up that taught women equally with men.

Once this occurred, people reorganized their focus, working hard to develop weapons technology for offensive and defensive purposes. You’ll have some fun with this. In these cities, sometimes occupied for millenia, there is no evidence of weapons, ruler-kings, or the glorification of war.

Jul 28, Steve Cran rated it it was amazing.

So, I give this book 5 stars even though I know well the controversy about Gimbutas’s work, Eisler based her prehistoric analysis on.