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El Motín del HMS Bounty (Mutiny on the Bounty en lengua inglesa) fue una histórica rebelión sucedida en basado en la historia real del barco HMS. El motín de la Bounty [William Blight] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rare book. Uno de los casos más famosos del mundo, el motín del Bounty, pero esta vez intercambiando los roles. En esta extensa investigación, la autora nos dice que el.

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In it was announced Aaron Rosenberg would produce lq film and Marlon Brando was mentioned as a possible star [4] Eric Ambler was signed to write a script.

Max Steiner — The Informer.

Churchill, Millward and Muspratt were found after three weeks and, on their return to the ship, were flogged. To ensure the co-operation of the Tahiti chiefs, Christian concocted a story that he, Bligh, and Captain Cook were founding a new settlement at Aitutaki. Fourteen were captured in Tahiti and imprisoned on board Pandorawhich then searched without success for Christian’s party that had hidden on Pitcairn Island.

From the start of the voyage, Bligh had established warm relations with Christian, according him a status which implied that he was Bligh’s second-in-command rather than Fryer. The surgeon Wl Huggan, the other warrant officers, and Nelson the botanist had tiny cabins on the bointy deck, [33] while the master’s mates and the midshipmen, together with the young gentlemen, berthed together in an area behind the captain’s dining room known as the cockpit ; as junior or prospective officers, they were allowed use of the quarterdeck.


The film’s story was presented, says Dening, as “the classic conflict between tyranny ed a just cause”; [] Laughton’s portrayal became in the public mind the definitive Bligh, “a byword for sadistic tyranny”. The movie did not win any Oscars but was nominated for seven: Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Motí a la Bounty – Viquipèdia, l’enciclopèdia lliure

If Brando did not like something he would just stand bountty front of the camera and not act. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography online ed. The island proved an ideal haven for the mutineers—uninhabited and virtually inaccessible, with plenty of food, water, and fertile land. Bligh and his loyalists are cast into a boat and set adrift at sea with a map and rations to ensure their survival.

Los Amotinados de la Bounty

The movie contains several historical inaccuracies. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Neither of these happened. Mutiny on the Bounty “. The Monthly Film Bulletin.

Mutiny on the Bounty

In the meantime, Christian sails back to Tahiti to pick up supplies and the girlfriends of the crew, then on to remote and wrongly charted Pitcairn Island to hide from the wrath of the Motib Navy.

Mutiny on the Bounty. Bligh, was a disaster both critically and financially at the time. Charles Lederer was brought on to work on the script.

Once on Pitcairn, Christian decides that it is their duty to return to Fe and testify to Bligh’s wrongdoing and asks his men to sail with him. A History of Naval Insurrection. Archived from the original on October 20, Voyage of Bounty to Tahiti and to location of the mutiny, 28 April As a result of this, a Best Supporting Actor category was created for the Oscars, beginning with the following year’s awards ceremony.


Mutiny on the Bounty. Retrieved July 23, Bligh hoped to find water and food on Tofua, then proceed to the nearby island of Tongatapu to seek help from King Poulaho whom he knew from his visit with Cook in provisioning the boat for a voyage to the Dutch East Indies.

Mutiny on the Bounty – Wikipedia

Films by Charles Lederer. The nautical “15 October”, for example, equates to the land time period between noon on the 14th and noon on the 15th. The New York Times Company.

This boat proved unseaworthy, so Christian ordered the launching of a larger ship’s boat, with a capacity of around ten. A five-month layover in Tahiti, during which many of the men lived ashore and formed relationships with native Polynesiansproved harmful to discipline.

American Film Institute recognition. It was directed by Lewis Milestonewho replaced Carol Reed early in the production schedule, and it turned out to be Milestone’s final film. The movie was always presented as an adaptation of the Nordhoff and Hall trilogy, which already differed from the actual story of the mutiny. Roger Byam Franchot Tone is an idealistic midshipman who is divided between his loyalty to Bligh, owing to his family’s naval tradition, and his friendship with Christian.

Bligh agrees but quickly repeals the pass out of spite.