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E L E C T R I B E ANALOG M D E L I N G S Y N T H E S I Z E R EA-1 Owner’s Manual Thank you purchasing the Korg ELECTRIBE-A EA In order to enjoy. This page contains information about the Owner’s Manual for the EA-1 from Korg. The Korg Electribe A (EA-1) is an analogue modeling synthesizer in the Korg Electribe series “Korg Electribe EA1 Owner’s Manual” (PDF). Korg Inc. Korg Inc .

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The song num- ber will blink in the display. This is the section where the parameters assigned to the panel knobs and keys work together to “synthe- size” produce the sound of each part. Key 11 will blink.

If you wish to save a pattern electribee create, you must per- form the Write operation before you select a different pattern or turn off the power. When you hold down electrbie Transpose key and use the step keys to specify the transposition, step key 4 will correspond to the C pitch.

And with unlimited real-time control of every sound parameter, you know your sound will be just that — yours. Then make the parameter select LEDs indicate Pattern, and view or change the pattern.

Korg Electribe EA-1 Analog Modelling Synthesizer – Korg – Encyclotronic

You can also edit while playing back a pattern. Pattern mode Changing the pitch Pitch 1. By using the front panel knobs and keys, you can create analog synthesizer sounds intuitively, and easily create phrases using these sounds. If during playback you hold down the Keyboard function mznual and press another step key, the pattern assigned to that key will begin playing when the currently-playing pattern finishes playing.

Can’t control via MIDI! For details on Event Editing, refer to Event Editing p. Key 12 will blink. When the song ends, playback will stop electribee the key will go dark.


Turn on the Transpose key the LED will blink. At this time if the Keyboard function key is off darkelectribr step keys will indicate the trigger locations refer to p. Erasing motion sequence data from a part Clear Motion This operation erases all the motion sequence data of a part. It is not possible to view or adjust the Swing parameter during playback or recording, or during Pattern Set Play.

Korg Elec Tribe EA-1 Owner’s Manual

Never turn off the power during the Write operation. Connect an audio device etc. Rotate the dial to turn Protect “on” or “oFF.

Song mode Recording knob movements or your performance in a song Event Recording In addition to placing patterns in a desired playback order, Song mode also lets you record your realtime performance on the step keys using the Keyboard function, and knob movements you perform. Selecting a pattern You can use the Part Select key to switch the part that will be edited or played using the Keyboard function.

A Part consists of a synthesizer sound, a phrase pattern trigger, pitch, gate timeand motion se- quence. The metronome setting cannot be written. When saving is complete, the key will go dark. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be deter- mined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures: Event recording always rewrites the previous data “replace recording”and when you record your performance, any event recording data previously in that area will be erased.

The Korg Electribe EA The target step will automatically advance by one step each time you do so. Rotate the dial to select the desired pattern A However if you modify the tempo that was event-recorded, the tempo will be cancelled until the end of the song. The EA-1 is the ideal tool for the musician, DJ, sound creator, or desktop-music user who is looking for originality in their music.


Delay is an effect that plays back a time-delayed ver- sion of the original signal, and is also known as “echo.

In order to enjoy long and trouble-free use, please read this manual carefully and use the instrument correctly.

Korg EA-1 – Wikipedia

Creating a song Creating a song from scratch Here’s how to create a song by placing patterns in the desired order. Electribe Remix Part2 S In Global mode, turn the Protect setting “oFF” p. Restoring the factory set data The pattern and song data with which the EA-1 is shipped from the factory is referred to as the “preloaded data,” and you can restore this preloaded data back into the memory of the EA If the value is set to 0, the key will go dark. Changing the pitch of a step whose trigger is off will have no effect.

Song mode A song consists of patterns arranged in the desired order of play- back. Use the cursor keys to make the desired parameter select LED light. When you enter recording ready mode, Pattern Set will be can- celled.