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ELVOX Door entry, Lower door front entrance panel , the complete industry guide – Find Elvox / or any electronic security product from the extensive products in the database. General instructions for installation. Page 2. Interphones. Page 3. Interphone accessories series Page 4รท6. Interphone accessories series GALILEO.

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Starter pack 50 cards. Videx 3 button module. Comelit Genius 1 way 2 wire video entry system Black and White. Videx 2 wire digital audio system, panel ekvox give audible instructions, suitable to upgrade old door phone systems in larger blocks where rewiring may be a problem. Memory pack up to 20 way. Videx Extn handset for VK6 video kit.

Elvox 900/000

BPT YC handset. Includes amplifier, power supply, microphone, clips and loop cable. As above but with 3 handsets. Videx audio kit with coded access. Basic 2 way kit with handsets and rim release. Polished brass combined door entry and coded access.


Products and Spares

VX coded keypad- can be linked to existing door phone system. Proximity Kit includes slimline reader. As above but with 6 handsets. Bitron 8v DC Amplifier. Engaged, wait and enter system 3 Lights with controller, indicator and power supply. Videx 2 module back box. Wait and enter Doctors surgeries etc with controller indicator and power supply. Paxton Net 2 door controller.

Elvox / (Elvox Series) Telephone/Handset for access control | Security Products

As above with 5 monitors. As above but 6 call buttons arranged in 2 rows. Ekvox above with 2 buttons. Paxton Net 2 computer interface. Bridge bar system with induction loop.

Rim latch case chrome order lock release separate. Paxton Net 2 Software.

Mod 61 Speech amp. As above with 5 buttons.

Single monitored magnet heavy duty. Videx 5 button module. Call button with reassurance. As above with 6 buttons.

Basic 4 way kit with handsets and rim release. Operating distance for wireless systems: Pressure sensitive door unit. Sub station with privacy. Ceiling speakers v line.


Wall mounted speakers v line. Anti thrust plate brass.

Fully approved pocket paging system. Additional reader for exit use.