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purposes; its challenges and contribution of enset production for sustainable livelihood According to Stanely (), the cultivation of Enset in Ethiopia was . However, the spatial distribution of Enset production and its yield are not . Enset plant yield and assessing kocho production in Ethiopia. Annual national food production in Ethiopia for the years Table 3. Hectarage and production of Enset products in the Southern Ethhiopia Peoples.

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However, the starch yield and nutrient compositions vary among enset clones or varieties.

Others also proposed that the Ethiopian highlands as the primary center of origin for enset cultivation [ 1211 ]. The young and tender tissues in the centre or heart of the plant the growing point are cooked and eaten, being tasty and nutritious and very like the core of palms and cycads.

Another disease can strike enset even though it has been more observed ehtiopia Banana plants Musacea.

1. Introduction

Indeed, they differentiate “male” varieties from “female” varieties, according to the preferences of men and women who harvest ethiipia. However, the corms of the kocho type varieties are also edible in most cases. The corm of enset is fed to stimulate placental discharge and reduce delivery-associated stomachache and eaten with cheese, butter, and milk.

A Working List of all Plant Species”. One person requires roughly 8 enset plants per year based on g per day [ 6 ].

The entire plant but the roots is used to feed livestock. Thesis, Alemaya University of Agriculture, Prdouction, Cheesman Ensete ruandense De Wild. Some enset clones like Astara and Tayo are believed to have medicinal values and are used to treat human and livestock [ 43 ].

Retrieved from ” https: Enset Ensete ventricosum leaves. The nutritional, socio-cultural, and the opportunities and challenges of enset cultivation in the country are also described in this study.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. However, all these minerals were found to be limiting both in bulla and corm Table 1 and 2. Ensete ventricosum Plant List: In this study, the corm was better in lysine content than bulla but much lower than that of potato and teff Table 3. In return, they feed on the mealybug honeydew. Bongers, “Spatial and temporal variation in crop diversity in agroforestry homegardens of Southern Ethiopia,” Agroforestry Systems, vol.


Shank and Ertiro [7 ethjopia stated that variations in the spacing and frequency of transplanting, agro-ecology, harvesting age, and variety make the assessment of enset yield difficult. Even in the central highlands and cities where enset is not a staple, bulla is fed to a mother who gave birth for strengthening and fast recovery.

The Cataenococcus enset feeds on the roots and corm of the enset plant which leads to slower growth and easier uprooting. Therefore, two best enset varieties supposed to be the representatives of the kocho type Gena and corm type Neqaqa were considered for their nutritional composition study.

Other scholars have also presumed enset domestication in Ethiopia to 10, years ago proeuction 3 ]. It plays great role in the food security of the country and a staple food for significant Ethiopian population.

We studied the nutritional, socio-economic, and cultural values of this crop.

Based on the review of previous studies, enset plantation in Ethiopia as a food crop has long history. The sampled enset varieties in this study from AARC were of the high performing clones. Up to suckers emerge from one corm mother and they are separated from the corm and planted individually after maximum prouction 2 years.

Hence farmers were overexploiting their Enset reserves ethiopiw causing gradual losses and disappearance of the false banana as an important household food security reserve.

The essential amino acid content of the corm Ethioia is remarkably higher than that of bulla Gena. Gender roles in enset cultivation are of high importance, [35] as a strong etniopia of work exists: In all these minerals, the corm was found to be much better than bulla except it contains much higher concentration of potassium than corm in our current study Tabe 1.

Proxuction low-protein enset products are staple or co-staple foods without the required protein supplement for people [ 7 ]. Inthe celebrated Scottish traveller James Bruce first sent a description and quite accurate drawings of a plant common in the marshes around Gondar in Abyssinia, confidently pronounced it to be “no species of Musa” and wrote that its local name was “ensete”.

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Individual plant yields vary from About tons of enset fiber per year is sent to factories for processing [ 3 ]. Officho, a dehydrated starch suspension and bulla are used together with milk for bone related problems [ 20 ]. Institute of Agricultural Research, However, the corm was found to contain better nutrients except potassium, in which bulla is better as shown in Table 1.

It plays the same role as trees in protecting people, other plants, and animals from wind and sun. Enset domestication was brought to southwestern Ethiopia sometime in prehistory of Sidamo tribes [ 15 ]. Based productioj Sidamo area field study and comprehensive endet survey, the Finnish-Scandinavian geographical expedition in described the enset cultivation in Ethiopia [ 9 ].

Cushitic-speaking people later introduced enset agriculture to the northern Ethiopian highlands and then replaced by crops like wheat, barley, and teff following the migration of Semitic-speaking groups into northern Ethiopia [ 8 ].

Continuous research effort is required to improve the production of enset and its food products and ebset processing.

The fresh corm is cooked like potatoes before eating. The nutrient contents of kocho and bulla is sufficient to human requirement similar in extent to cereal flours [ 34 ]. It also affects the macro-environment of an area in a positive manner [ 3 ].

Ensete ventricosum – Wikipedia

producgion Kew, quite understandably, did not make the connection, especially as they had never before seen such seeds. ENI, Ministry of Health, Enset is rich in starch but low in protein composition hence, dietary protein source is mandatory. Crop variety register issueNo. American Geographical Society, The members of the lineage cut all the enset plants when the head of the household dies, to express their sorrow and desperation [ 6 ].