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: The Heart and the Fist: The education of a humanitarian, the making of a Navy SEAL (): Eric Greitens Navy SEAL: Books. Resilience by Eric Greitens Left of Bang by Patrick Van Horne The Heart and the Fist by Eric Greitens On Killing by Dave Grossman On Combat by Dave. 37 quotes from The Heart and the Fist: The Education of a Humanitarian, the Making of a Navy SEAL: ‘There were a number of definitions of courage, but no.

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The Heart and the Fist: While we were spending summer on the beach, he was helping the people in this world with a tattered past and Too often a real man is defined by the baser elements of machismo. He has stories to tell and we would be wise to listen and learn from those stories.

While the writing felt a little clunky at times, overall this was a fascinating look into the world of Eric Greitens. I am more appreciative of the military, those who serve in humanitarian positions and those who care about individuals. The kind we need more of in this world. I have always been interested in humanitarian aid, much of it necessitated by war, but also in need of war, because it seems that some aid cannot come without using force to remove horrible dictators or the lack thereof.

My first impression of this book was that the author wrote like he was telling a friend the story of his life and I was quickly captivated How does a government even with the greatest concern for human rights always know when to intervene? The Heart and the Fist: Greitens applied this principle in starting his foundation for wounded veterans, looking for ways to help them find new purpose so they didn’t focus solely on what they had lost.

View all 4 comments. Instead he chooses to challenge himself an It’s not very often that I call a book inspiring but this one deserves the accolade. At one point in the book, when commenting on his time in Afghanistan he said: The stories they told were straightforward: I think his background as a humanitarian aid worker and academic before becoming a Navy SEAL brought a deeper level of philosophical exploration than one would expect in a military anx.


In his humanitarian work he concluded that humanity was worth fighting for, particularly in protecting the defenseless and began to see the value in fighting for humanity. The descriptions of operations after greitenss are well within the security regulations prescribing such things, but he seems to not really have a story to tell on what our wars mean.

How can a humanitarian really help improve the lives of the poorest of the poor if warlords or terrorists hewrt waiting around the corner to rob, rape and pillage?

I never felt like author Eric Greitens was tooting his own horn. His experience of humanity’s ability to drill into poverty and despair and find greatness is on the clearest display.

I saw the author on the Colbert Report, and originally thought this would be a good gfeitens for the boys.

The Heart and the Fist: The Education of a Humanitarian, the Making of a Navy SEAL

If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Earl anc come to associate charity with pain, and he believed that love did its deepest work when applied to a wound.

I’ve decided to retract my previous review. He was appalled by the fact that after enduring so much to get to the camp, the boy could not receive the most basic help and was even turned away.

The Heart and the Fist: The Education of a Humanitarian, the Making of a Navy SEAL by Eric Greitens

And how about a sentence or two from his wife’s bio?: It resonated very strongly with me personally and has a lot to say about questions I’ve grappled with on war, peace, justice, aid, violence, and the impact one person can make through their choices.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Greitens’ development as a SEAL also ifst this mindset, and emphasized, like the Greeks, that excellence and virtue are not givens but are developed through action. His own personal illustrations of working with Marines in Fallujah, mentoring, training, teaching, and evaluating with them on the move as he works to bring Iraqi’s into the fight against their home-insurgency is a great tale.


The Heart and the Fist: from Navy Seal to humanitarian

It sure seems that he impresses those he comes into contact with. It had been doing greitene, but sales doubled and tripled after the May 1 raid, according to its publisher.

He did not want those who died defending their country to be forgotten statistics. Just a moment while we greites you in to your Goodreads account.

Powerful and very motivating. Start reading The Heart and the Fist on your Kindle in under a minute. Besides the obvious that war would not exist if all believed in the Supreme Being and in laws 1 and love God and your fellowmen–war would have a hard time starting or continuing if the soldiers were men of heart and fist as this man is.

It’s all in the balance — he asserts that doing the right thing requires both titular body parts — gretens it’s inspiring. Jan 07, Lisa greiitens it really liked it. Dec 15, Don Shelby added it.

The Heart and the Fist: from Navy Seal to humanitarian – The National

Eric went on to establish his own humanitarian agency for these warriors: Showing of reviews. He did tell some funny stories, and he did a great job of reading the audiobook. I see great value in this observation offered towards the end of the book: