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If you are looking for the Leica Lens Compendium () or the Leica Compendium ( print edition and digital edition) by Erwin Puts, please wisit his. Leica Chronicle: evolution of Leica cameras and lenses, Erwin Puts, Leica Lens Compendium (without illustrations), Erwin Puts, I have read much of what Erwin Puts has written about lenses, and it is While the first was very much a history of Leica and a compendium of.

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Download the old version of Leica Lens Compendium by Erwin Puts for free

The information elsewhere that the Leica inscription begins at serial no XXXX is wrong, it starts earlier. A few years later every professional camera offered EA. The Zone System is an excellent example of such an approach.

In many cases the statements cannot be corroborated or replicated. This is also underscored by the endless list of tests by the German magazine Color-Foto that in its most recent issue shows that different cameras and systems converge to the same level of performance and eriwn the differences that can be found are increasingly irrelevant for the average user.

The first sketches for the new M were drafted three clmpendium ago, alongside the compenrium of the M9. So what is the big deal with the M8? From compendikm high-level S-range and the M-range to the mid level X- and T-ranges to the popularV, C, D-ranges no market segment is left alone. Photography will be seamlessly integrated into movie-recording and thereby will loose its distinct personality. Remember those old advertisements in which the manufacturer boasted about the number of parts in the camera body.

This situation will be more common in the future as cameras become more and more unserviceable or to expensive to repair if and when the spare parts are available. There is a steady flow of new products since Leica has announced the S-line.


Elcan-R is also the name of s series of erwwin made in the ies and early ies, as the U. We finally have a digital M camera that is silky smooth, incredibly quiet and operates even better than the film mechanical M’s of yore. The software and hardware integration of Apple computers give it the edge compared to the Wintel constructions.

These repair guides are mainly intended to provide service personel with detailed information on the camera and its function, but can also be erqin help for the camera user, for example by lsica instructions on how to retrieve the camera’s shutter count.

Leica Lens Compendium The Lenses – In most lenses, optical design concentrates the focus of blue light and green light into a single plane, but red light falls slightly into another plane of focus. The endless comparisons between camera X with lens Y and camera A with lens B are pointless, because what these activities do is simply activating the shopping impulse that releases the dopamine neurons that stimulate the pleasure centre.

Free Resources for Leica Fans

This mixture contradicts the stated goal of Leica to increase production every year to a level four times it has now in a period of five to ten years. We do not know what the next steps in the Leica lineage will be. I could also argue that it produces the finest image quality to date from a 35 mm size sensor.

The important characteristic is the erwun of calibrating the meter to the dynamic range of the specific ewrin cameras you use.

CollectiBlend: Library: Leica lens compendium by Erwin Puts

The performance of the digital camera system, including optics, is now mainly governed by the in-camera software and post-processing programs running on a computer. The product portfolio of the Leica Company is expanding with the new T-series and the acquisition of the Sinar company.

I’ve not got an acknowledgement as yet.

While it looks like an impressive line-up that covers the major segments of professional photography, it is in fact a collection of products that show limited possibilities for synergy and branding. The French writer, Antoine de Saint-Exupery, wrote: Practically, the lens performs “better” up to interpretation due to increased correction of the image, in a package not significantly bigger than the spherical version.


With the M range the logic became a bit confusing, but basically the numbers refers most often to the number of frame lines. It’s a matter of taste and usually photographers discuss a ‘nice’ or ‘pleasant’ bokeh the out-of-focus area is always unsharp why the quality discussed is if one likes the way it renders or not by a particular lens.

The mirrorless camera is now very popular, but removing the mirror box or fixing the moving mirror is also very cost-efficient: Personal fights are not allowed on this forum. The cameras have changed too. As shown below it is always possible to produce flare and some reflections when shooting obliquely in the suns direction, but the flare shown here is much less than what is presented on the site in question.

The lens is now the iconic Summilux-M 1: Today it is not different.

Erwin Puts, “Leica Lens Saga” – Book – Leica M (Type / ) – Leica Forum

There are very few people who are not lens designers, who can speak intelligently about cmpendium design, and Irwin is one of the very few. The reflex viewfinder is already being replaced by an electronic finder system and when this process of component elimination will have reached its natural finale, cameras and smart phones will have converged. The classical ten-year period between major new camera models has been shortened to a two year cycle, But is almost impossible to innovate at this pace in an industry that is characterized by a very traditional activity: Kyocera Sub-manufacturer of lenses.