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Jo Bowman. An overall picture of apparent stability in the global market research business emerges from ESOMAR’s just-released annual. Esomar Global Market Research Report Asia Research | October The global market research turnover grew to US.1 billion in , representing a . imperfections. Authors, editors and ESOMAR do not accept responsibility for the Welcome to the Global Market Research. Report, covering . %. Turnover US$m. Net growth (%). %. %.

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Thank you for your insights. This also supports the theory that spend is flowing elsewhere in well established markets while traditional research is aggressively staking claims on emerging markets where other alternatives to traditional research may not have an established market presence yet.

Read how ArtificialIntelligence is benefitting the retail sector with applications such as chatbots or drone deliv… https: Subscribe to our newsletter here. People power One of the biggest challenges for research firms looking to new markets is finding the right people to hire.

What globla me so excited about this report? New horizons, fresh challenges.

The Honomichl Top 50, ESOMAR Global 25 & The Need To Re-Define Market Research

Europe saw 21 markets decline as the eurozone continued to struggle. Learn how your comment data is processed. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Ultimately, a good storyteller can argue both sides. I have no problem with the quality of the data or the report itself; far from it, those aspects are usually stellar.

For the first time, detailed information is available on the research market in Myanmar. While online research was once viewed with some scepticism by established research firms, the industry is coming to accept that it comprises a very different range of people and services than it did even a couple of years ago.


You can tell equally convincing stories that say the opposite of each other based on very similar data. The report also goes through an extensive market sizing exercise by country and region. In other words, how much of the 32billion dollars comes from smaller companies? North America continues the journey to recovery begun last year, posting 4.

It also features interviews with respected industry figures, both research suppliers and client-side executives, on how the business is dealing with change — and what remains to be done if research is to keep pace with the increasingly mobile, data-driven world.

Esomar Global Market Research Report – ASIA RESEARCH Magazine

By submitting this form, you are consenting to receive marketing emails from: Specifically 3 things caught my attention: Growth for the biggest firms outstripped the overall performance of the industry, with the biggest 25 companies posting net growth after inflation of 2. Change is indeed being driven by clients.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Markets lacking a history in research are also likely to be lacking in trained talent, and flying in foreigners to start from scratch is an expensive strategy.

This site uses Akismet glboal reduce spam. But if we include mrket then we have to include any research based analyst on the planet: I certainly know that a lot of it is still very time consuming, but feedback from clients is that pictures really can tell a thousand words and give people real insight.

Read how ArtificialIntelligence is benefitting the retail sector with applications such as chatbots or drone deliv… https: Yet behind this headline figure reseqrch seeming steadiness are hugely disparate stories of massive gains in some markets and severe pain in others.


A significant majority of respondents to the GMR questionnaire see a stronger business year in Expert insights into the questions around big data and the rise of mobile research.

How do we get the real meaning? Agencies are still poaching staff from one another, and Karen Morgan, head of Researdh Search International, says job specs for those vacancies that do come up are more demanding of candidates than gobal. Here is a snapshot of the overall findings: How big of a player are they in the market compared to the long time clients that are big firms. If they can wrangle the rest of the industry to take the learnings from this report to heart to help navigate all of the market complexities MR is facing then they will absolutely deserve the support of us all.

I also do not love the name MROCs. Leonard Murphy, editor-in-chief of the industry GreenBook blog, says talented people must take their core skills from the old era of research and apply them in different ways.

But the software and panel folk? Market force Information Inc. Fast-growing emerging markets buoyed the global market research industry and countered losses and sluggish performances elsewhere in Load More… Follow on Instagram. Peru, which had a national election in that boosted research investment, led growth in Latin America this year, with turnover rising