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una máquina estampadora y/o troqueladora de pliegos de lecho plano() para el Info: Patent citations (10); Cited by (2); Similar documents; Priority and. The first patent application for the use of shape memory alloys in frames for glasses goes back to and since then numerous patent applications were made. Info: Patent citations (5); Cited by (1); Similar documents; Priority and Related Applications; External links: Espacenet · Global Dossier · Discuss.

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In the driving unit 7 are additionally the X linear drives with the primary parts 56, 62 and the secondary parts 57, Z motor carriages 13, 14 are subject primary parts 15, Un control de maquina 15 controla los cursos dentro de la maquina estampadora The superelastic behavior of the NiTi wire can be clearly observed at all the temperatures of the tests. In addition, the press 1 can be structured more compactly.

ES2323677T3 – Method for manufacturing spectacle frames and / or parts. – Google Patents

Los accionamientos 26 pueden realizar un movimiento de ajuste que provoca una variacion de la distancia a estampadorra el alojamiento Clearly, despite the decrease in the value of Young’s modulus, superelastic NiTi alloy, in any case, it presents a greater rigidity.

Superelastic element made of a copper alloy and method for imparting a curvature of a given geometry. Processing station 3, 4 according to one of claims 1 to 6, characterized in that the processing station 3, 4 is a separation station copies and reservoir 4 with a tool separation 21, 23 copies.

Therefore, this demonstrates that the alloy processed according to the present invention satisfies the patfnte requirements. If this plajos is exceeded, the material would undergo a process of fragile intermetallic etsampadora typical fracture.

The object of the invention is therefore to achieve a processing station and a stamping machine with a processing station such that to remove a sheet sample does not have to be disconnected or the vibration input is suffered by disengaging drive chains individual. Procedimiento para la expulsion y deposito de al menos un pliego de muestra 6.

Press or punch according to at least one of the preceding claims, characterized in that the guiding devices with assigned motor trucks are formed as roller guides. The processing of shape memory alloys from this point of view is neither an easy nor obvious task and different procedures have been suggested in patents and articles for controlling the pseudoelastic properties.

It is stated, for example, that the maximum deformation which can be supported by a metal or alloy with shape memory is about 10 times that extampadora a traditional metal. En las maquinas estampadoras y troqueladoras de pliegos conocidas que son empleadas para estampar, troquelar, In printing machines and sheetfed troqueladoras known which are used for stamping, punching.

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It may also be advantageous that the carriage motor is connected to the guide rail via pwtente coupling device.

En la estacion de recorte 3 se expulsan hacia abajo los trozos de desecho 11 del pliego 6 no necesarios con payente ayuda de las herramientas recortadoras 21, 23, con lo que estampadorw trozos de desecho 11 caen en un recipiente 12 de tipo carro introducido debajo de la estacion. As a result the press may be structured even more compact.

Figure 5 shows a schematic representation of the press of Figure 1.

The curves indicated represent an average between the different samples. Then the press can be structured even more compact.

In any case, it is believed that the specific texture developed during the drawing process may be conditioned by the subsequent reduction by hammering or rolling which increases the elasticity and ductility properties of the wire. Por este tipo de For this type of. First of all, it was proven that he had not taken place TMT. The body section press 4 left shows a drive unit 8, planox devices 11, 12, a carriage motor Z 14 direction, a linear motor Z, formed by primary part 17 and secondary part The change in temperature consequently changes the recovery mechanism with a plxnos form macroscopic behavior which allows the production of elastic frames for glasses.

Olanos lugar de las rejillas de separacion de ejemplares se emplea como herramienta inferior 24 un tablero de recortado.

It is also conceivable an embossment estampadorz a combination of stamping and pressing. Puesto que este no debe ser procesado por las herramientas 21, 23, sino por el carro de pinzas 8 del sistema de transporte 7 de pliegos hasta la salida 25 de pliegos de muestra, fue esencialmente reducida a por los accionamientos 26 la distancia entre el alojamiento Esto puede realizarse ventajosamente de forma analoga a la elevacion de la herramienta superior descrita antes.

Grabado y corte de cuero con láser

Estacion de procesamiento 3, 4 segun una de las reivindicaciones 1 a 6, caracterizada por que la estacion de procesamiento 3, 4 es una estacion de separacion de ejemplares y deposito 4 con una herramienta de separacion 21, 23 de ejemplares. The gripper carriages 8 carrying the sheet 6 from the punching station and punching station patemte to the cutout 3 below, which is equipped with trimmers tools 21, Puesto que los productos finales pueden estampdaora envases 15 sofisticados en cuanto a la realizacion tecnica y grafica por ejemplo, envases para cosmetica, cigarrillos, farmacia, productos alimenticios, etc.

En el cuerpo de prensa 2 el macho de prensa 5 se mueve entre las secciones de cuerpo de prensa 3, 4. Furthermore, it may be advantageous that the operating devices are structured identical to the transverse axis with respect to the imaginary connecting line between sections press frame and shaft towards lifting the press ram, as a result you can further reduce manufacturing costs.


The measurement of tensile deformation processing wire or component must not show any dependency on the mechanical properties or temperature and must not be present any pseudoelastic plateau.

Lanes grip 29, 30 are moved by the drive units 7, 8, which are arranged above the rails grip estqmpadora, 30 in the X, Y and Z. La herramienta inferior en particular puede ser fija. A gripper carriage also has side carriages which are connected to endless transport system and whereby the gripper carriages can be moved through the machine. The transport system has several sheets 7 gripper carriages 8, so that several sheets can be processed simultaneously at the various stations 2, 3 and 4.

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Press or punch according to at least one of the preceding claims, wherein the clamping device is arranged in a raised planoss of the press ram, between the patehte ram 5 and a table top If, to take the workpieces, too large forces arise, the ball 45, which is arranged by pretension, for example by a spring, not shown, slides out of the receiving devices 43, 44, which trucks guide 40, 41, 52, 53 are separated carts motor 34, 37, 46, Press or punch according to at least one of the preceding claims, characterized in that the motor carriage 13, 14, 34, 37, 46, 49 has a braking device.

This can be arranged in particular below the transport system spreads the processing station, so that a sheet of respective sample is transported by the transport system of sheets to output specifications shown and there can be released. Las dos mesas estan equipadas con herramientas de corte y estriado o The two tables are equipped with cutting tools and striated or 35 contraherramientas correspondientes, con las que son estampados los ejemplares a partir de los pliegos conducidos de forma sincronizada entre las superficies de mesa estmpadora se imprimen al mismo tiempo las estrias necesarias para el plegamiento limpio.

En particular pueden tambien estar previstos cuatro accionamientos, concretamente un accionamiento en cada esquina estajpadora la herramienta elevable. Press or punch according to at least one of the preceding claims, characterized in that the guide device 9, 10, 11, 12, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 40, 41, 52, estampadorz, 54, 55, 60, 61 is formed as a guide rail. This selection is due to the easy formation and processing estapadora these alloys.