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By E. T. A. Hoffman. NATHANAEL TO LOTHAIR. I know you are all very uneasy because I have not written for such a long, long time. Mother, to be sure, is angry, . Der Sandmann has ratings and reviews. Semjon said: Eine Erzählung, bei der man das Gefühl hatte, ein moderner Gymnasiallehrer wäre Jahre. E.T.A. Hoffmann has to be one of my favourite authors and The Sandman is one of my favourite of Hoffmann’s stories, it is also the most famous.

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His little peruke scarcely reached farther than the crown of sandmann head, his curls stood high above his large red ears, and a broad hair-bag projected stiffly from his neck, so that the silver clasp which fastened his folded cravat might be plainly seen.

The Sandman (short story)

At last, overwhelmed with horror, he shrieked out: May 24, at But every word, every thing that is in the form of speech, appeared to you colourless, cold and dead. But he soon collected all his strength. It is there where he meets Coppola, a hawker of oculars and eye-glasses and a man whose looks and name have an uncanny similarity to the tormentor of Ega childhood, the advocate Coppelius, the man Nathanael holds responsible for his father’s death.

The text clearly leaves the decision open in as much as it offers two understandings: Ever yours, my dear Nathaniel. The Reading Bug A blog about reading, books, and language.

The Sandman was standing before my father in the middle of the room, the light of the candles shone full upon his face. Sometimes he staid away for a long period, but oftener his visits were in close succession. Nathanael returns to complete the final year of his studies, after which he intends to return to his hometown forever.

Why, even if you had not believed in the Sandman, Coppelius would still have seemed to you a monster, especially dangerous to children. Screwing up my courage to the uttermost, I cautiously peeped out. Coppelius disappeared, never to be seen again. Nathaniel, however, is besotted and cannot turn his eyes away. Nathaniel followed her; they both stood before the professor. Coppelius once more vanishes without trace. Would it strike anyone as so very suspicious, for instance, that, according to the expression of an elegant tea-ite, Olympia had, contrary to all usage, sneezed oftener than she had yawned?


The Sandman (short story) – Wikipedia

It is all an allegory – a sustained metaphor – you understand me – sapient! Many years afterwards it is said that Clara was seen in a remote spot, sitting hand in hand with a kind-looking sanddman before the door of a country house, while two lively boys played before her.

Nathaniel is invited to a party, hosted by Spalanzani, at which Olympia will be present. Now reconciled with Clara, Nathaniel returns to his studies. It is the phantom of our own selves, xandman close relationship with which, and its deep operation on our mind, casts us into hell or transports us into heaven.

I cannot see the cause. Search This Blog Hoffann for: View all 4 comments. Coppelius did not visit his father again until a year later, whereupon the children were rushed to bed.

The Sandman had brought me into the path of the marvellous and wonderful, which so readily finds a domicile in the mind of a child. Although you have often, in your childish teasing mood, charged me with having such a quiet, womanish, steady disposition, that, even if the house were about to fall in, I should smooth down a wrong fold in the window curtain in a most ladylike manner before I ran away, I can hardly tell you how your letter shocked me. These words were uttered by the voices of Spalanzani and the hideous Coppelius, who were raging and wrangling together.

Already on the steps, in the hall, he heard a strange noise, which seemed to proceed from Spalanzani’s room. To the clear-headed Clara this mysticism was in the highest degree repugnant, but contradiction appeared to be useless.

Der Sandmann

As my hoffmznn father stooped down to the fire, he looked quite another man. The creep who throws dust in children’s faces to get them to sleep? Having reached the place of combat, Lothaire and Nathaniel had in gloomy silence hhoffmann off their coats, and with the lust of battle in their flaming eyes were about to fall upon one another, when Clara rushed through the garden door, crying aloud between her sobs: Poems, fantasies, visions, romances, tales—this stock was daily increased with all sorts of extravagant sonnets, stanzas, and canzone, and he read all to Olympia for hours in succession without fatigue.


And what is his association with Professor Spalanzani? At the risk of being discovered, and as I plainly foresaw, of being severely punished, I remained with my head peeping through the curtain. Notwithstanding the professor had done every thing to appear splendid, the wags had sanfman sorts hlffmann incongruities and oddities to talk about, and were particularly ega upon the dumb, stiff Olympia, to whom, in spite of her beautiful exterior, they ascribed absolute stupidity, and were pleased to find therein the cause why Spalanzani kept her so long concealed.

Know that I shall see you in a fortnight. Coppola was standing behind him: I can now only tell you, the most frightful moment in my juvenile years. When Nathanael was very small, the mean, ugly Coppelius would often come at night to pursue alchemical experiments with Nathanael’s father.

Notify me of new comments via email. Your father no doubt, by some act of carelessness, occasioned his own death, of which Coppelius was completely guiltless.

Der Sandmann by E.T.A. Hoffmann

I was looking forward to it. Excepting at dinner-time I and my brothers and sisters used to see my father very little during the day. For it was well known that she could not think of him without terror since she, as well as Nathaniel, held him guilty of causing her husband’s death. The roar is like that of the hurricane, when it fiercely lashes the foaming waves, which, like black giants with white heads, rise up for the furious combat.

In her step and deportment there was something measured and stiff, which struck many as unpleasant, but it was ascribed to the constraint produced by the company.