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Annals of Marketing Management & Economics Eugeniusz Michalski The American Marketing Association defines a brand as a name, term, design, sym-. Corresponding author: Eugeniusz Michalski, Department of Management, Koszalin Marketing mix, value added to customer and foreign environment as. Get this from a library! Marketing: podręcznik akademicki. [Eugeniusz Michalski; Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN.].

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It also determines that the prerequisite for the educational migration marketig the desire of an individual to get certain education, which can be classified in terms of desired level of qualification, professional specialization, directions, methods and ways of getting education and the desired result.

Advanced Search Find a Library. The purpose of the present paper is to identify the jichalski use of marketing strategies for innovative products and to define the features thereof. On motivation and enterprise education — ensuring manageable goals and objectives Timothy Isle, Andre M.


Home About Help Search. To understand the factors shaping business activities, it should also study the competition between local and foreign enterprises in a foreign country, commercial organisations and risk in price fluctuations.

It assumes a collaborative partnership with the commercial organization whose aim is to engage in solving social problems. mihalski

Talent management programmes in the retail industry designed for university graduates Aneta Szara Summary. I was interested in discovering key factors which contribute to teacher motivation to work at university, to doing research, to teaching and doing work of an organizational nature among civilian, officers and reserve or retired officers.

Synergy and diversity of the resources of an enterprise. The article presents the research approach based on eugeniuwz studies and empirical examinations. F63, I15, R11 Dobrowolska I. The objective of the study is to present the concept of personal branding and to better understand the role selfie has, being one of the most frequently marketinb social network, in helping people to build personal branding in the online context. One of the specific features of the agricultural market michapski limitation of land and how production depends on it.

The determinants are divided into indirect factors economic, demographic and marketing and direct ones. This was the basis for the premise that the quality of human potential is formed in a three-dimensional system of time, space and energy parameters, corresponding to the demographic, ecological and economic dimensions. The analysis reveals disparities in terms of the saturation of tourist assets and tourist infrastructure facilities.


This article is intended for researchers studying CSR and also for company managers who think about philanthropy. Click on the cover to download the publication: The purpose of the presentations is to present the current state of purchasing activity of eugeniuz from the point of view of retail outlets of the FMCG sector in Poland traditional and online ejgeniusz to indicate examples of pro-business policy of traders.

It also presents solutions individual countries have used in choosing components available in the direct payment system and the division of national budgets allocated for their realisation.

This is why the paradigm of radical humanism was chosen for the markering.

Publications – Annals of Marketing Management & Economics ISSN

The paper shows areas of CSR included in corporate strategy, including particularly philanthropy, markwting may be pursued by an external organisation.

The process of improving threat detection systems is based on scientific risk analysis, the results of which form the basis for comprehensive risk management in clinical nutrition.

Hence, if companies wish to succeed, they have to evaluate consumer behaviours effectively and efficiently. Most respondents were of the opinion that milk packaging was neither a significant determinant of their buying decisions nor a major indicator of product quality.

This difference is the result of decisions concerning the implementation of private labels in the automotive industry.

Marketing Podrecznik akademicki

Recently, Africa has played a very important role on the international political arena and it has been empowered thanks to a plentiful supply of raw materials. Unemployment rate, distribution of educational attainment, population growth, michapski of ageing, vitality index, dependency ratio and GDP per capita were calculated and assembled to present the differences.

I21, I23 Rembielak G.

Using own research the analysis of websites of corporate foundations in Poland in and the results of the survey of 46 managers from corporate foundationsauthor present ways of delegating philanthropic tasks to corporate foundations markeing how the tasks are accomplished. Individualism, changing needs with age, delay the aging process of biological, psychological and social development are examples of conditions that should be included in marketing efforts.

D21, D22 Soroka-Potrzebna H. Therefore their buying behavior should be analyzed. The socio-economic development in most counties of Wielkopolska province was at a medium level in This is important for the city, as an ever more vibrant economic center, as well as for the outlying rural areas, for which, next to agriculture, tourism could play an important role in socio-economic development.



The implementation of enterprise performance management tools using the PRISM Team Performance Diagnostic allows an organisation to build a high-performance team and achieve better business results. Following a brief look at some of the relevant eugeniudz, this paper analyzes a pilot study conducted with university students, who were asked about their movie consumption habits, focusing on the various influences and sources of information that have an effect on their decisions.

In the article, a comparative analysis of political advertising in and of PiS and PO parties from the perspective of the content of the message was carried out. In other words, the analysis shows that the interests of both sides are consistent in career development. The woman is both the target group and the object of the advertisements.

Some significant attributes that a company channel should have were indicated. While the gender of woman influences the outdoor advertisements, the woman image in advertisements is influential on the woman image in society. In particular, I suggest a method for identifying their satisfaction level with the shopping experience and discuss areas of satisfaction and euveniusz dissatisfaction in this segment of the population.

The teams managed with traditional methods never obtain high performance. Some features of WorldCat will not be available.

The research is based on Polish students who attended the University Global Fair in Warsaw, Poland inand were inclined to study at one British university in north-west England.

The name field is required. This article is of a research nature. The paper also introduces some national and EU programmes which are meant to mitigate the effects of unfavourable situations.

In this context, the question about the quality of political discourse in the Polish public space is the key of importance.