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Fantasy Grounds – Evernight (Savage Worlds). This content requires the base game Fantasy Grounds on Steam in order to play. All Reviews: No user reviews. Notice. Making heroes for Evernight is as easy as creating characters for any Savage Worlds game. You’ll find a character sheet designed. Savage Worlds has 20 ratings and 2 reviews. Marcelo said: This is a very good scenario for Savage World. Even being published so long ago, it’s still a f.

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This is the secret history of Tarth, and begins with a question: Notify me of new comments via email. Scott Neal rated it liked it Nov 17, Liesl marked it as to-read Apr 27, Daniela marked it as to-read May 06, Salvatore Picano Di Tucci marked it as to-read Oct 13, To me that sounds like a dislike for one source causing you to dislike a class in general.

It’s a dark, drab world. Part of that has to do with Savage Worlds not really having rules for them. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Other power users don’t need to “conduct” magic but Bards are tapping into a different aspect of power and need to sing dance, chant, play instruments, etc.

Savage Worlds: Evernight

Tj marked it as to-read Oct 21, Jonas Eckerman added it Mar 10, Mindnights marked it as to-read Aug 11, The specific story beats are pretty good at the start, then pretty terrible in the middle, and passable evetnight the end. About Shane Lacy Hensley. It kind of builds off the same idea behind spells needing somatic and vocal components: Simon Lucas rated it really liked it Jan 20, Brittany marked it as to-read Jun 03, In Evernight, the AB Magic is divided into schooled wizards those with the Wizard Edge and “hedge wizards” self-taught and without the Edge.


At the time, I would have rated this 4 out evernnight 5, evernught it gives the GM the tools to run a standard high fantasy game, a Warhammerish clockpunk fantasy game, or the full-on grimdark alien invasion fantasy campaign. But what would happen if they failed?

Evernight | Product categories | Pinnacle Entertainment Group

Published by Pinnacle themselves inEvernight is one of the earliest Savage Worlds settings. There they rally and plot to overthrow the Masters, while avoiding the denizens of the underworld and the Masters brain dogs and mind-seeking giant worms! Non-humans with darkvision have a distinct advantage over humans, who may no longer be dominant.

This is a campaign in 33 scenes, split between five acts, and accounts for well over half the book.

It continues with the setting-specific rules; magic items, and lighting most of the campaign takes place in darkness, hence its name. Bardic and druidic magic isn’t really a thing in the original setting. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. You are commenting using your Facebook account. You’ve never seen fantasy this savxge To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: That design philosophy just didn’t worldd over to Savage Worlds.

Evernight characters – Pinnacle Entertainment Group Forums

It’s a bit of a shame that this book does little to uncover the potential lying in that campaign idea, but it provides enough of a framework to try and tinker it to your needs. This is your standard setting background fare; a quick three page overview of the world of Tarth and the kingdom of Valusia, which your PCs call home, is followed by character creation — a one page refresher of the SW approach, then details of the races of Tarth the usual suspects — dwarves, elves, half-elves, Halflings, half-orcs, humans.


Taran Winkler added it Jan 18, Evernight is one part purposefully generic fantasy setting, and one part reasonably interesting campaign, though the latter is clearly more than the sum of its parts.

Circadian rhythms are probably out of whack for everything, so animals and people alike may be on edge. I’m wondering what I should do with some of the core classes. Jessica marked it as to-read Feb 08, And the same goes for sun priests light domain clerics and red knights oath of devotion paladins.

And with an over-reliance on darkvision, color in objects and clothing becomes largely meaningless. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

Return to Book Page. Originally posted by Jounichi View Post. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn’t always clear.

Still, there they are. Things change with the arrival of the Masters towards the end of Act worlde, and from then on the campaign focus is on repelling the invaders from Valusia.

Patty Webb marked it as to-read Feb 20, I think that’s seriously stretching what the idea of a “hedge wizard” is.