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FAA Permission To Test for the A&P License Airman’s Certificate And/Or Rating Application Form (Form is NOT required for School Graduates). Fill 2, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with PDFfiller ✓ Instantly ✓ No software. Try Now!. Airframe and powerplant mechanic FAA forms needed to apply for a A and P license, , , Major Repair & Alteration, ETC.

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This includes applicants who come to the United States just to take the mechanic test. Applications Based on Military Experience. In evaluating documented part-time practical aviation mechanic experience, an equivalent of 18 months for each rating individually or 30 months concurrent rating experience based on a standard hour workweek is acceptable.

Review appropriate airman test report to ensure the passage of all appropriate sections of the knowledge test within a month period.

FAA Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic Forms

Note if you have a paper certificate you will not be able to excersize your privelages after March 31, SSN as the certificate number if the airman wishes to retain that number as the certificate number. Please note as a DME I will be checking applicant passports for legal name, passport number, and date the passport expires and writing this in the remarks section of the form The first block on the is the Applicant Information, and very important you write your legal name in this block to prevent issues down the road.

Inspectors and examiners conducting the tests must use this handbook to ensure a satisfactory standard of competency by applicants for mechanic certificates.


See FAA Order You can also write to Airman Records and they will send you FREE of charge a copy of your original certificate to hang on the wall. Individuals issued a Certificate of Eligibility by the military may receive verification through the SGL Inspector online database at the following address: For retests, also send a copy of FAA Formcompleted and signed in Section V, by the inspector who originally authorized the test.

Enter the results of the research in the PTRS comments section when recording the authorization or denial. The applicant may still supply their SSN on the application, but certificate number on the temporary airman certificate will be different. Under no circumstances should one copy the Naturalization papers.

If you apply for an IA authorization the first thing the inspector will do is check the data base and check it against what the airman brings to the office for the authorization to test. To confirm the validity of the airman certificate contact AFS This is an interim certificate issued subject faz the approval of the Federal Aviation Administration pending the issue of a greater duration.

FAA Forms and Applications:

Remember that you never stop learning. Sections of this page. That certificate has been replaced with my latest certificate that does not expire. There is no expectation that an applicant be highly proficient in overhauls, major repairs, or major alterations in the minimum 18 months experience.

Good Luck on testing. Do not issue a temporary certificate for more than 60 days in any case. Applicants for a mechanic certificate must meet the requirements of part 65 subparts A and D. I apologize for not answering the question clearly. The current edition of FAA Order However, applicants who apply for retest within 60 days to the same DME who gave the failed test may, at the option of the DME, be tested only in the subject areas failed, not completed, or that have expired.


Being human notwithstanding, both Bobs are giving a direct answer to a direct question. See FAR part Proof of passing the General section may be in the form of a current mechanic certificate or FAA Form indicating the pervious passage of the section. Military Metal Art Inc. However, you will need to have any appropriate-rated Airframe or Powerplant mechanic sign-off for you to retest.

The original failed AKTR must be retained by the proctor and attached to the applicable daily log. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? An applicant for a retest must first present a valid airman test report with raised, embossed seal from a computer test center, two newly completed FAA Formsand the failed FAA Form A certificated mechanic may not exercise the privileges of his certificate and rating unless, within the preceding 24 months— a The Administrator has found that he is able to do that work; or b He has, for at least 6 months— 1 Served as a mechanic under his certificate and rating; 2 Technically supervised other mechanics; 3 Supervised, in an executive capacity, the maintenance or alteration of aircraft; or 4 Been engaged in any combination of paragraph b 12or 3 of this section.

This form must be either typewritten or filled out in ink and signed by the issuing official and the applicant.