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Model: A. Manufacturer: Fluke. About: We are NES Sales, Northeast’s industrial source. Notes: Does not include stand. Sold as-is, as pictured. | eBay!. Fluke A bench multimeter. «on: November 04, , am». I got this oldie from ebay the other day, the seller sold it as untested but it works. Fluke will not be liable for any claims, losses or damages of any kind incurred by any user arising from use of this manual. A Digital Multimeter Instruction.

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Check the wave- forms at the buffer, U4, for the correct voltage from Q14 and the appropriate reference U17, Q17, and Q When all the display decimal points flash on and off, the battery pack should be recharged by switching the POWER switch to OFF and connecting the instrument to the ac power line.

Please address your requests or correspondence to: DOU Data Identification 7- 1. Learn more – opens in a new window or tab. Yankton, SD Ovenaiie Div. The presence of an overrange indication does not necessarily mean that the instrument is being exposed to a damaging input condition.


When making a resistance fluks the un- known resistance, connected across the input, is supplied with a known value of current by the ohms converter and input divider. Because of this the power supplies should be checked in the event of any A malfunction.

Fluke 8600A Portable Bench Digital Multimeter 1000v DC

Topaz Semiconductor Inc Electronics Inc. Detailed information concerning each option and accessory is given in Section 6 of this manual.

CA Rubber-Teck Inc. Improper opera- tion may not always be caused by failures within the A. The current output from Ul changes for each range refer flu,e table but is constant within each range. A blinking 1 readout indicates that the A is being operated in an overload condition and provides a test for all seg- ments in the display.

The decimal point logic DPL from U8 outputs a signal at the appro- priate fluk signal. Buchanan Crimptool Products Div. Set the ac signal source to MHz with an out- put level of 10 milliwatts as indicated on the power meter.

Wesson, MS Thermalloy Co. Should the 80RF— 1 require recalibration, perform the following steps: An item that has been used previously.

Ground lead, straight tiphook tip, high frequency adapter Figure The out- puts at a, b, and c are steady state outputs applied to 86600a. Mating connector for interface instrument.


Rent Fluke A Digital Multimeter 4 1/2 Digit | Transcat

Installation Procedure Display PCB Assembly The compare signal stops the counting of the clock oscillator pulses so that the 8600aa value of the instrument input is now digitally represented by the number of oscillator pulses counted in the 4’A digit counter. Input Signal Conditioners Strip fluie inch of insulation from the DOU con- nector end of the wires and tin each wire. The voltage, Vx is held below a maximum of 5V. Block diagrams and simplified circuit diagrams are included in these sections.

Digital Multimeter A Equipment Fluke, John, Mfg. Co

On receipt of the shipping instructions, forward the instrument, transportation prepaid. Table presents the relay conditions for each ac volts range; relay K4 is located on the Input Divider pcb and closes to apply the AC 86000a output to the A-D Converter.

The following procedure should be carried out only by qualified personnel. Perform steps a and b in paragraphwith a frequency of 1 MHz.