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The Burrow” (German: “Der Bau”) is an unfinished short story by Franz Kafka in which a mole-like being burrows through an elaborate system of tunnels it has. EVERY READER of “The Burrow” who is even moderately familiar with Kafka’s life and work cannot fail to be struck by the realization that there is an intimate. Franz Kafka wrote continuously and furiously throughout his short and . “The Burrow” and “The Great Wall of China” belong at the summit of Kafka’s oeuvre;.

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It was used as a theoretical base to start a research and build an architectural concept. From reading this story I gather than the person, or thing, telling you the story is a mole, though I am not all that willing to stake my life on that preposition. Hey, I work for an insurance company basically doing what Kafka did and, well, to be honest with you, it is driving me nuts as well.

Prior to his death, Kafka wrote to his friend and literary executor Max Brod: Feb 23, Steven rated it it was amazing Shelves: For instance, the main room is referred to as the ‘Great Castle’, while in reality it is just a muddy hole in the ground.

The creature’s sophisticated level of cognition renders it extremely neurotic and it also shows symptoms of paranoid kadka in its long descriptions about what kind of dangers it is preparing against. Here we have a burrowing mammal who is describing what is in effect a muddy hole in the ground oafka if it were some exotic fortress and some fantastic palace.

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Kafka refere-se muito a julgamentos. The protagonist has lived in isolation with his thoughts all his life, and no one knows or cares about his existence. Buurrow creature holds such extreme anxiety that he has to leave his borrow for periods of time just to watch the entrance, butrow just for his imaginary enemies, but to imagine himself content within.

Brod, in fact, would oversee the publication of most of Kafka’s work in his possession, which soon began to attract attention and high critical regard. But I teh not. The whistle or the blow that Kafka mentions is the constant fear, in my opinion, that something is wrong in ourselves and we constantly fight against it.

Books by Franz Kafka. In many ways Kafka’s writings are absurd in that they expose the absurdity of life. Order by newest oldest recommendations.

The Burrow by Franz Kafka review – a superb new translation | Books | The Guardian

Yet we, the reader, know that it is little more than a hole in the ground. It is outside all possibilities of naming and comprehension, and its inability to be contained within the alternatives of man and beast puts it in the perimeter of any shared human Symbolic Order.

There is an instant, where, it is doting over its treasure that is largely made up of food and it loses itself in a binge eating episode. View all 3 comments.

The mole earns his home through hard work and intelligence, and has a right to peace, but the knowledge of impending reality prevents him from enjoying it. This was a great act of literary disobedience, and we are grateful for it. This is both a simple fact void of noise the mind hallucinates but also slightly tragic given what we know about the author.


This book is so special and it is written from an animal which seems to be a mole’s perspective. Mar 24, Tommy rated it really liked it Shelves: Want to Read saving….

The Burrow

The story has great potentials to be a reference for many architectural ideas. As it is often true, our efforts are never enough to be well protected.

Kafka, sempre, em alta e uma mente brilhante, com uma criatividade louca e apaixonante. Unfortunately, reading this book was painful for me.

Naturally, because this is Kafka, there are a lot of paradoxes and incongruities. The narrator also goes into intricate detail on how it stores its food, and also tells us about the beast that lurks nearby though we don’t know buerow the beast is, just that it is a beast.

The Burrow by Franz Kafka

One of Kafka’s greatest short stories. Jul 09, Adam Carrico rated it really liked it.

Apr 24, Huda Yahya rated it really liked it Shelves: I thought that this fear is also coming from our deepest fear of death, which power is unquestionable and beyond doubt more powerful of our constructions. They are often tye, fragmentary or even, so to speak, radically unfinished: