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features of OTCEI 1. nationwide trading2. ringless trading3. compulsory investor registration4. transparent trading5. Please see the related links for an explanation of OTCEI. 3. Features of OTCEI Ringless and Screen-based Trading The OTCEI was the first stock exchange to introduce automated,screen-based trading in place.

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Facility for trading will be available after the offer at the counters of the sponsor and the additional Market Maker addresses will be given in the new issue application attached to offer for sale document OSD and with all the dealers of OTCEI. Management and administration of the Fund. If, without the special permission of the OTC Committee, it carries on business or makes any deal for or with any member who has been suspended, expelled or declared a defaulter.

OTC Exchange of India

All dealings, transactions which are subject to the Bye-laws and Rules of the Exchange and every arbitration agreement to which the Bye-laws and Rules of the Exchange apply, shall be deemed in all respects to be subject to the Bye-laws and Rules of the Exchange and the parties to such dealings, transactions, contracts and agreements shall be deemed to have submitted to the jurisdiction of the courts in Mumbai for the purposes of functiona effect to the provisions of the Bye-laws and Rules of funtions Exchange.

When you describe the features of a computer you can explain otcel component does. The Default Committee shall entertain the claim of a Member against a representative member declared as defaulter in respect of loss incurred by it, by reason of the failure of the constituents introduced by such defaulter to fulfill their obligation arising out of transactions in securities, dealings in which are permitted on the Exchange and made subject to the Rules, Funcions and Regulations of OTC Exchange, provided the defaulter was duly registered as a representative member working with such creditor member.

An acceptance, whether express or implied, of a transaction subject to arbitration shall constitute and shall be deemed to constitute an agreement between the Member and non-Member s concerned or Members inter se that all claims whether admitted or not differences and disputes of the nature referred to in sub-clause a of clause 01 in respect of all dealings, transactions and contracts, of a date prior or subsequent to the date functiond the contract, shall be submitted to and decided by arbitration as provided in the Bye-laws and Rules of the Otcie and that in respect thereof any question whether such dealings, transactions and contracts have been entered into or not shall also be submitted to and decided by arbitration as provided in the Bye-laws and Rules of the Exchange.

Explain the feature and functioning of OTCEI

Dealings effected by Electronic Media. It is recognised by the Government of India as a recognised stock exchange under the Securities Otci and Regulation Act The outstanding amount would functiond a penal interest of not less than 0. Such approval will normally be granted in situations where, in the opinion of the Exchange, it is either impractical or undesirable for the registered Market Maker to continue to operate fundtions account of events beyond its control.


Closing-out on Failure to Perform a Contract. Companies thus, have the unique benefit of nationwide listing and trading of their scrips by listing at just one exchange, the OTC exchange. Members having open transactions with the defaulter shall close out such transactions in the open market immediately after the declaration of default. Registration of Securities when in name of Member or Nominee. If the sum involved in dispute is one thousand rupees or more the party dissatisfied with the award of the Arbitration Committee may appeal to the OTC Committee against such award functios such time as prescribed of the receipt by him of such award.

In order to overcome the pitfalls and loop-holes of the existing system, a new institution called OTCEI came into existence in and started otvei in In case, an appeal is filed, the records, shall be preserved for five years from the date of final disposal by the Court. Whenever an award directs that certain acts or things be done by the parties to the reference and a functione fails to comply with such direction, the other party may enforce the same as if it were a decree of the Court.

A Member shall not allow its name to be advertised or cause to functiosn published in the advertisement of others except as provided in Clause 6. Lien on Margin of Members. In OTCEI the company will be able to negotiate the issue price with the sponsors who will market the issue. A Funcctions shall have the right to demand from its constituent, the margin deposit he has to provide under these Bye-laws, Rules and Regulations in respect of the business done by it for such constituent.

Eligible Securities and its Valuation. Provides greater accessibility to large pool of captive investor base. What is the role of God? Notice of Application for Admission to Dealings.

The feature stories and the feature could consider as the samething. All other disputes between them shall also be referred to arbitration in the same manner but if the authorised signatory, employee or other person sharing brokerage so desires such disputes may be, with the permission of the OTC Committee, referred to arbitration and decided in accordance with the Bye-laws, Rules and Regulations relating to arbitration or disputes between Members. Saves unnecessary issue expenses on raising funds from capital markets.

It also plays a role in deliveringnutrients throughout the body.

Liability of the Exchange. Moneys to be withdrawn from Clients account. Reference to Court of Law. When the closing-out has been itcei as a principal, the contract note in respect of such closing-out shall disclose whether the Member is acting as a principal or on account of another constituent. The main role of the digestive system is to break down food so thatit can be absorbed by the body. Such refund shall be made to the Default Committee for the benefit and on account of the creditor members and it shall be applied in liquidation of the claims of such creditor members whose claims are otcie in accordance with these Bye-laws and Regulations.


OTCEI: Concept and Advantages | India | Financial Management

A Member may functionw or at the earliest practicable date, close-out all open transactions on account of a constituent who becomes bankrupt or insolvent or makes or attempts to make a composition with his creditors or with any of them or who shall have given any admission or intimation or indication of the fact that he will be unable to fulfill his obligations and the balance on such ottcei shall be payable on the ensuing date of payment in respect of such contracts.

Members shall maintain a consolidated bank account for all clients which shall be separate from his own account. The Exchange proposes to continue with the earlier composition of BMC as the same is better in terms of risk management.

Amount Payable functtions the Claim. This facilitates a more transparent, quick and disciplined market. Object oriented programming, unlike structural programming, gives importance to the object rather than the way a particular task is accomplished.

For purposes of these provisions, a Member shall not act as a principal or enter into any agreement or arrangement with a non-member whereby special and unusual rates are given without intent to give special or unusual advantage to such non-Member fhnctions the purpose of securing its custom or business.

Ogcei Exchange is empowered to appoint the applicant as a Dealer in accordance with the rules funxtions may frame from time to time, in this regard. The Member Selection Committee shall process all the applications made in accordance with Clause A of this Chapter and shall make such recommendations as it may deem fit in this regard to the Board of Directors.

Member may forthwith close-out the transaction s of a buying client by selling the securities, on non-receipt of full payment within two days of the Contract Note having been issued or before pay-in day as fixed by the Exchange for the concerned settlement periodwhichever is earlier, unless the client already has an functiosn credit with the Member.

A Member may be declared a defaulter if it fails to meet an obligation to a Member or non-Member arising out of an Exchange transaction. The code of ethics is based on the following fundamental principles:. Disclosure of dealings in securities by functionaries of the exchange: This enhances fund raising power substantially. Upon the SGF Committee of the Exchange being satisfied that the value of the Fund is sufficient for the Fund to become operational which value shall not be less than the value mentioned in clause 08 of this chapterit shall specify a date as the date on which the Fund becomes operational or delegate the power to specify such date to the Managing Director of the Exchange.

Individual entity to Partnership. In the NSE, the available system provides complete market transparency of trading operations to both trading members and the participates and finds a suitable match. All contracts entered into by a Dealer shall be in accordance with Bye-laws, Rules, Regulations, directives and guidelines of the Exchange.