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Find great deals for Gamewell Flex If LCD Display With CPU Fire Alarm Board ASSY If Shop with confidence on eBay!. The Gamewell Retrofit Kits offered by Gamewell-FCI provide a simple way to convert without replacing the existing Gamewell backbox. IF panel. Gamewell IdentiFlex Fire Alarm Control Panel. FIRE ALARM AND SMOKE DETECTION SYSTEM. 1. GENERAL. RELATED DOCUMENTS.

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Recently, UL updated it’s fire alarm standards from 8th edition to 9th edition. Page 1 of 1. Yes this really happened to me a few months ago. With care and maintanence, commercial grade smokes last a long time, but a facility like a school is a pretty hard use environment.

That being said, what temperature rating sprinklers are installed? There are replacement parts available though.

Gamewell Flex If LCD Display With CPU Fire Alarm Board ASSY If | eBay

The ambient temperature is fairly warm though far from hot enough to cause a legitimate alarm condition. Any ways the E3 will accomodate the Apollo devices and give you full control over the system and even more features. Wed Sep 24, 6: Previous topic Next topic. Make sure the heat detectors are rated for the same environment.

Real Knowledge From Real People. Mon Dec 31, gamrwell Now there is ventilation provided by an exhaust fan and two open-air elctro-mechanical dampers, all if6110 which are open and running.


Gamewell Flex If610 LCD Display With CPU Fire Alarm Board ASSY 30867 If600 71804

I am in charge of a large school building and am being told that my fire alarm panel is obsolete and that parts are not available. You cannot post new topics gamewe,l this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot post attachments in this forum. We have literally hundreds of customers that have older gamewell systems in them.

There are 2 different addressable loop cards available for it. Not familiar with that model, but chances are, he’s right. The cost on parts for the is NOT going to go down but rather UP as parts become less and less available. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

That said There is a new read 2 to 3 years old panel out that you may want to look into. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Further, the rate of rise is consistent with the second tower on the property, which is not having this issue.

Gamewell IF heat detector false alarms Posted: The location is inside the elevator machine room on the roof top of a 10 story tower in Long Beach. Gamewell has been around forever, I’ve seen some really gamewel systems by them that are probably obsolete.


We have had no issues servicing them so far.

Gamewell If610 Gw31026 Y Fire Alarm Front Control Panel Display

Gamewell IF heat detector false alarms. It is true that the, and panels are not made any more. This will indicate design ambient temperature of the machine room. Gamewelk anyone happen to know if just like with the Gammewell systems, that system points in the IF may just go bad??? Mon Sep 22, 5: Now a few years later the system gets swapped out with an E3 system and all of a sudden there is an extra address trouble on the panel.

January 15, Please login or register. You can’t win; you cant’ break even; and you can’t get out of the Game.

The fire alarm company who was “maintaining” the system for the last uf610 years of course does not know anything about this? Either way I would look into the E3 as a solution for the Gamewell I am also being told that all of our detectors need to be replaced as they are almost 10 years old and past their life expectancy.

You get the picture.