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Gandhi Gondhal – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. gandhi gondhal. 10 likes. Book. gandhi gondhal. Privacy · Terms. About. gandhi gondhal. Book. 10 people like this topic. Want to like this Page? Sign up for. Later Savarkar issued a booklet in Marathi condemning the irrational outlook of Gandhi and called it Gandhi Gondhal — Gandhian confusion. About Tagore’s.

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He said that the Jews should have jumped off the cliff into the sea and that would have been more significant! That is the gonhdal outcome we ganxhi modelled to date. He actually maintained two papers — one in English and one in Gujarati. You can find a part of the interview here on YouTube.

However, Muhammad Ali Jinnah objected to the song along with a few Muslim followers of his. Gandhi replied in affirmation saying that that would have been a heroic deed. A historian of international repute. He was more Hindu than most Hindus of his time and clearly understood the core of Hinduism is acceptance of other religionstolerance of pains inflicted and giving up by self will during death person does not take anything with him, he only leaves behind his deeds.

Because that is what blind Gandhi believers think. We have been taught distorted history and we will be taught the same distorted history for long… still, we all deserve to know the truth.


B Sommervile June 28, – 3: Basically, Gandhi was asking Indians to make way for anarchy! Should they have committed mass suicide? So Ashish, open you eyes and try to find the truth.

Open your eyes if possible. Anyone who speaks against Gandhi is a horrible person, a liar, a person who should not be heard or believed. Source 25, 26, 27 and He is a dreamer and loves reading, writing, traveling and above all, sleeping. Second, never did I claim to be the greatest historian of India. Susmit Kumar as a liar and someone trying to defame Gandhi. He publicly denounced parliamentary politics, lawyers and even railways but he was actually a lawyer and always made use of railways to gwndhi his destinations for meetings and not to mention, he actually argued that India should have her own parliament.

I appreciate your sensitivity on this. Sankalan Baidya October 25, – 9: The battles of Kohima and Imphal took gondhak where the Ganfhi forces were denied entry into Indian hinterlands. In English he posed himself as a supporter of movements against caste system, untouchability etc.

On 6th of AprilGandhi gave a speech where he said that even if the Muslims are out there, slicing through Hindu masses to wipe out the Hindu race, the Gandh should say nothing and should not be angry with the Muslim people. People like you, with nothing more in possession than blind belief and knowledge fed to you for years through textbooks are the real threats to this world.


30 Dark Facts About Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

You are one sicko…… whoever created you must be churning in hell. Source 29 and This itself showed his pro-Muslim policy.

According to people like you, you are the genuines of the world, the truthful people who speak nothing but the truth. Whoever bandhi another in his property, his person or his reputation will reap what he has sown many times more!

30 Dark Facts About Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

N Tagore…he never was a mahatma…. Srinivasa Ramanujan Random Facts: He and his are to be envied. Talking of the Khilafat Movement, he supported that and the sole idea we think so is to make political capital. He actually slept nude with naked women and nubiles.

Raining Blobs — Mystery or Hoax? I mean basically, he embodied the thoughts and viewpoints of India as a society; hence gondha, title, Father of the Nation.

The Mysterious Chinese Village of Dwarfs. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Khare, it is clearly mentioned by Dr. During the same speech, he said that if the Muslims slit the throats of the Hindus, Hindus should accept death.