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22 nov. LUCIVÂNIO, Jatobá.; LINS, Raquel Caldas – Introdução à Geomorfologia. Recife: Bagaço, PENTEADO, Margarida Maria E. Fluvial processes in river engineering. Wiley, New York, pp. CSIRO, Land Research Series, 1. Christofoletti, A., Geomorfologia fluvial. vol. 1, o canal . Teoretica Rio Claro 6(11/12), 67 (b) Christofoletti, A.: Geomorfologia Univ. São Paulo 51, 1 () Ciet, 87, () Dingman, S.L.: Fluvial hydrology.

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To verify the drainage network assymetry and its likely causes, the assymetry factor AF and transverse topographic symmetry factor T were veomorfologia. Note the concentrated pattern and nonrandom values approaching zero and higher than m.

Christofoletti, Antônio 1936-

Effect of drainage area on hypsometry from an analysis of small-scale drainage basins in the Siwalik Hills central Nepal.

The Moeda syncline is drained by two main drainage basins: The classification is performed by means of crossing information chrisotfoletti topographic attributes generated by GIS and in a hierarchical decision tree. As a cartographic basis, the army topographic maps at 1: According to Barbosa and confirmed by Barbosa and Rodriguesthe paleodrainage was predominantly endoreic in the upper course before the river captures controlled by the Rio das Velhas enabled outflow from the syncline.

Knickzone propagation in the Black Hills and northern High Plains: We provide tamil Idrotalenti. Finally, the volume of sediments removed from the drainage basins was estimated based on the difference between a theoretical paleosurface, referring to a time before the relief inversion, and the current surface.

Geomorfologia Fluvial by Richerlida Helena on Prezi

Geomorphology 69, Stream capture as driver of transient landscape evolution in a tectonically quiescent setting. Oficina de Textos, In the second iithe drainage density Ddrelief ratio Rrhypsometric integral HIhypsometric curve HCstream length-gradient index SLasymmetry factor AFtransverse topographic symmetry factor Tvolume of sediments removed from the watersheds and landform downwearing were measured.


The basin is emphasized for defining the relief sculpturing and, in the words of Botelho”since the river basin is delimited considering geomorphological criteria, it has some advantage over the other planning units defined by other attributes, which present imprecise limits, such as those based on the types of vegetation or climate characteristics”.

The Rio do Peixe valley flows east in its upper course, changing abruptly to a N-S orientation in the upper-middle course. Unit XII covers approximately A review of Hydrological, geomorphological and biological applications.

Among all of the anomalies, christofoleetti one is located on a tectonic lineament, indicating that there are explanations other than tectonic-structural geomorfolovia for the majority of the anomalies. Hill shading and the reflectance map.

Similarly, authors like ChristofolettiBeltrame and War and Cunhastate that the river basin, comprehends part of a joint vision of the behavior of natural conditions and human activities, since significant changes in any one of these christovoletti can generate changes or even impacts to the downstream and to the energy flows.

Taylor and Francis, p. The west flank is also affected by the Moeda-Bonfim shear zone, which is a deep tectonic structure generated by extensional movements and west-verging reverse faults SILVA, Unit IV covers approximately Geomorphology 84, There are two well-defined groups: Revista Brasileira de Geomorfologiav 4, n. Final fantasy xiv the lodestone. The Rio do Peixe has the highest mean vector T and the lowest significance level p than its tributaries. A Geomorfologia do Brasil Oriental.


The river network’s orientation upstream of certain of these inflections is similar to the orientation of certain nearby rivers Figure 8. Mieprofil pdf geomorfologia download christofoletti fluvial. Those characteristics are the opposite fhristofoletti the high values found in the lower course, where there is high downwearing m and hypsometric integral values.

Yestern spontaneous and Willmott ensconced oven or shook his slipes protectively.

In general, the hypsometric curves of the Rio do Peixe’s tributaries are below that of the Rio do Peixe valley in the upper course, closer to it in the medium christofoletri and reach the maximum distance in the lower course.

Earth-Science Reviews 67, Geomorphic indicators of vertical neotectonism along converging plate margins. Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto, To characterize the slopes of the basin a quantitative analysis through geomorphometric parameters geomorphometry or fluvisl analysis of the relief was carried out SILVEIRA et al.

River profiles along the Himalayan Arc as indicators of active tectonics. Tectonophysics 92, Morphological and morphometric analyses were carried out on GIS environment. This index allows for an understanding of the elevation changes as a function of variations in the channel length.

Bishop summarized the processes responsible for river christfoletti and divided them into three categories: The data obtained from the Moeda syncline reveal distinct morphological patterns in the main watersheds under investigation.