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Eugenics and Other Evils has ratings and 64 reviews. The Man Who Was Thursday by G.K. Chesterton Orthodoxy by G.K. Chesterton The Complete. This amazingly prophetic book demonstrates how a philosophy of eugenics would lead not only to Nazi Eugenics and Other Evils. $ by G.K. Chesterton. G.K. Chesterton didn’t fall for the lure of the “eugenists” in his day; nor should we in ours. Eugenics and Other Evils: An Argument Against.

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And no, I don’t really know any Latin. This book was truly prophetic. Open Preview See a Problem? This background is important because—though it is generally looked upon with revulsion today, across the political spectrum—during Chesterton’s day eugenics seemed almost inevitable. As a man can find chseterton jailer more lax than another, so he could find one employer more kind than another; he has at least aand choice of tyrants. Ggk to the ‘s, eugenics was focused more on selective breeding and forced sterilization rather than abortion; in the years that followed, dedicated eugenicists like Margaret Sanger turned their attention to different methods.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. His social commentary was priceless, not to mention way chestdrton of its time. I enjoyed this book. There is a good argument for Distributism in the last couple of chapters in this book that are well worth reading for anyone. But while one would have a hard time finding blatant exponents of the idea of eugenics, the principles of eugenics are very much alive today.

In short, people decided that it was impossible to achieve any of the good of Socialism, but they comforted themselves by achieving all the bad. Excellent, written 90 years ago, but you would think it was written today- except that Chesterton was a fantastic writer, most modern journalists are not fit to stand in his shadow, and it was a big shadow. Rather than bypassing intelligent discourse which may be uncomfortable at times in favor of a superficial examination and quick fixes, we should exercise our brains a little more often — yes, I said ‘should’.

Yet to his eternal credit, he showed no sign of being intimidated by the prestige of his foes. With Tolkien, I devoted an entire commonplace book.


Eugenics and Other Evils: An Argument Against the Scientifically Organized State

It is terrifying to think that such evil people existed, and perhaps even more terrifying that they go exist today, masquerading their cold-blooded intents under the guise of science and the “betterment” of human society. Here are a few excerpts that stuck out to me as I read: He represented the absolute best side of cynicism and while he may have been a cynic, Chesterton was not a pessimist.

Many are calling for a culling of the human race, and where else would they start but with the sick and disabled. Chesterton makes a clear and powerful reasoning for keeping the grasping government’s hand out of the individual’s most private life. What does this have to do with the topic of his book? And it was Chesterton, ever forward-thinking and prophetic and astute, who took eugenics to task ohter Hitler even applied to art school. Where are you going? And the creed that really is levying tithes and capturing schools, the creed that really is enforced by fine and imprisonment, the creed that really is proclaimed not in sermons but in statutes, and spread not by pilgrims but by policemen—that creed is the great but disputed system of thought which began with Evolution and has ended in Eugenics.

Chesterton was one of cchesterton few voices in opposition of it, and othef be not a little horrified at the abyss we nearly descended into. I apologize for the inconvenience. I’m acquiring his habits without the skill.

The world powers namely big financiers such as Soros, and the governments of the European countries, either socialist or rightist have taken control of the U.

He also edited his own oyher, G. It is an chesetrton takedown of the entire basis of eugenic thought as well as a profound argument against unregulated capitalism. And, in perhaps one of the most chillingly accurate prophecies of the century, he warns that the ideas that eugenics had unleashed were likely to bear bitter fruit in another nation.

Transcript of a lecture from the American Chesterton Society on the significance of this book, and on the link between eugenics and abortion: Provocative stuff, particularly in today’s political climate. Just as a State might own all the guns lest people should shoot each other, so this State would own all the gold and land lest they should cheat or rackrent or exploit each other…. Nov 13, Brent McCulley rated it it was amazing Shelves: I listened to David Grizzly Smith’s excellent audio podcast of this book, available from Podiobooks.


He’s not just an lther author and a master of logic, he’s a voice for common evilx rooted in spiritual truths. Yet I never picked anyth Bloody amazing. Be the first to ask a question about Eugenics and Other Evils. With Chesterton, I’m not even going to bother trying. Chesterton, theologian, philosopher, poet, journalist, et I love old, forgotten, underrated books which present good to excellent pictures of now.

Jan 30, Keith Zuniga rated it really liked it. A book review has turned into a tirade against Planned Parenthood. It was the Capitalist State raiding those whom it had trampled and deserted in every sort of den, like outlaws or broken men.

Eugenics and Other Evils eBook by G. K. Chesterton | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster AU

Yes, he opposed divorce and abortion, probably would be outraged by mere idea of gay pride and homosexual marriage, and would think pretty much the entire notion of social liberalism is an irrelevant red herring Say to them ‘The persuasive and even coercive powers of the citizen should enable him to make sure that the burden of longevity in the previous generations does not become disproportionate and intolerable, especially to the females? The reader c “The wisest thing in the world is to cry out before you are hurt.

To my knowledge, Chesterton was the one of the only voices at the time to spe This book was truly prophetic. He combines a kind of libertarian tk of government interference in morality with a Christian especially Catholic concern for “living wages” for the poor. Jul 26, Matthew rated it it was amazing.

On the one hand it was said that the State could provide homes and meals for all; on the other it was answered that this could only be done by State officials who would chestertonn houses and regulate meals.