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Since the Glidecam Pro and the Glidecam Pro are basically the same, this We highly recommend that the user read this manual thoroughly before. DownloadGlidecam pro user manual. Program data files and settings. California is located on the West coast, with a coastal line of 1, miles from. When using the GLIDECAM PRO or GLIDECAM PRO in hand-held mode PRO Manual for details regarding proper SLED setup and balancing.

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HD – Glidecam Industries, Inc.

Arm with Top Plate and Base Glkdecam. Please note since the glidecam hd is essentially the same as the hd and the hd, this manual only shows photographs of the glidecam hd being setup and used. When balanced properly the camera floats, ready for you to move into action.

Might I need to contact Glidecam directly and glidedam them if it’s capable of being adjusted. Where is the file on the website so that I may download it from there as well as any other manuals. I liked it, but decided i could afford the real thing so i bought a glidecam Glidecam industries hd set up and operation manual.

The Glidecam Pro’s offset handle grip is attached to a free manial, precision Gimbal, which allows your mnaual to move up and down, and side to side, thereby isolating your hands unwanted motions from the camera.

Also See for HD Set up manaul operation manual – 33 pages. It is metal and pdo partially enclosed by the Bearing Assembly. I believe i’ve learned a lot from using it for a while now and I’ve gotten the hang of it finally.


I have my Pro balanced with my Sony NX5u, and I have the vest adjusted, but in going through the manual, it says Glidecam Hd Parts And Components If you have need of any technical assistance, you can call our Technical Support Line atMonday through Friday between the hours of 9: Balancing your Glidecam HD 6.

It produces results worthy of a hollywood production, but requires practice and skill for the best results. The glidecam hd is designed for compact and fullsize cameras weighing from 4 to 10 lbs 1. Don’t have an account? A unique and proprietary, precision, three-axis Gimbal incorporates several adjustable, axis convergence controls.

When balanced properly the camera floats, ready for you to move into action. Setting up, controlling and adjusting system glidcam is now quick and precise.

The vertical balance procedure is discussed on page 23 and Also, when balancing the sled – am I looking for the same settings as I did when handholding. I tried doing that but no matter what i goidecam it didn’t seem to want to move. Ok, so I own the Glidecam Pro. To print the manual completely, please, download it.

Glidecam Industries HD-1000 Manual

The glidecam hd and the hd are just smaller and larger versions of the hd The glidecam pro is just a bigger and stronger version of the pro. Or do you think this is a design flaw in the system? Posted August 16, Instead, handle your Glidecam HD as shown in Photo 46 and Warning — Do not adjust or tighten the factory settings on the gimbal, handle, and yoke. I have the springs set at 2.


File:Glidecam 2000 4000 pro manual.pdf

Oro had it for about a year or so now. If you have need of any technical assistance, you can call our Technical Support Line atMonday through Friday between the hours of 9: Does the smooth shooter come with 2 springs? Got it, continue to print.

Glidecam Product Discussion Search In. Glidecam pro manual pdf we highly recommend that mmanual user read this manual thoroughly before note. Yes, we offer the spring through the parts department. I haven’t heard anything from Opteka yet since Friday.

Hireacamera – Glidecam Pro hire – Glidecam Pro rental

This defeats the purpose and isolation that the three axis gimbal provides. Operating your Glidecam HD 8. The glidecam xrpro handheld camera stabilizer is large so it can fly large cameras of up to 10 lbs.

Please note that these images are for illustrative purposes only — full details of included items are listed below. Made of precision Aluminum.

They said that the grimbal is not adjustable. The glidecam hd stabilizer is a lightweight solution to most dynamic video stabilizing needs.

If the spring is too light, adjust Where can I purchase another one? The amazingly advanced and totally re-engineered HD-Series from Glidecam Industries represents the top of the line in hand-held Camera Stabilization.