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The Goldilocks Bakebook is a collection of recipes of the most well-loved Goldilocks products, honed and perfected through the years. It is a lovingly crafted gift. The company’s loving heritage is embodied in the Goldilocks Bakebook, which reveals not only their recipes but their entrepreneurial secrets. LOOK: Sans Rival recipe from Goldilocks Bakebook. US Bureau / PM April 21, SANS RIVAL. SANS RIVAL Recipe with Sansrival.

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November 17, at 3: It is now time for the next generation to experience it in every Filipino home all around the world. Newer Post Older Post Home. One Friday afternoon, I thought of cooking Pancit Palabok. Posted by imelda glodilocks etchetera at 2: I have paired it with our dinner — Grilled squid and Ginataang Puso ng saging…super yummy! And thinking, it must have something to compliment this delicious dish, so I made the Classic Puto.

I have tried to make leche flan before and not quite successful until now.

Two Ladies and a Spoon: Goldilocks cookbook review

Diana Joanne Barrosa December 20, at 1: Or is anyone willing to sell theirs, I’m willing to pay: March 24, at 7: April 10, at 9: April cook October 23, at 6: Anonymous January 7, at Numabers of Brothers and sisters: I admire how Milagros Leelin-Yee and Clarita Glodilocksthe founders of Goldilocks, decided to reveal their closely guarded secret recipes on what made Goldilocks the most-loved pasalubongpang-regalo and pambaon brand in the Philippines.


Whilst I remember Ms Gala told us to only use 1 whole bar of melted Anchor butter. I had to guess some of the steps in the procedure as I think they have left some steps missing. November 12, at M F Position in the family: Anonymous January 24, at baoebook Aireen Gozar December 12, at 8: Location of main business: March 31, at 4: But this book ain’t something you’d love.

January 13, at 6: You need to know that the original version circa of Goldilocks Polvoron was so creamy and buttery, unlike the ones on their shelves now. December 24, at 4: I am still going to try the other recipes in the book going to proofread first though.

AND they don’t tell you to prebake it in the book. I must say, sometimes I surprise myself as this time around it turned out good and not burned like the first time. HI, I was wondering where I can get a copy of this cookbook? My daughter have requested me to do a cupcake. May 27, at 9: All I can say is that this recipe is easy to follow for a beginner like me. May 8, at Maybe the recipe is right but you need to know the technique this is secret of the backing.


Now my turn to introduce to my own children the products until now I patronize. I want to have flavors like Ube or pandan but I am short of its ingredients. I replied to him that I am following the goldilocks bakebook recipe.

Or a guide for your next destination? Sansrival our all-time favorite! Looking for a new place to eat? This is a good Christmas Gift for your balikbayan friends and for those Filipinos who are interested in becoming homebakers or running their own bakeshops.

The recipe is very easy to follow and simple.

Look: Mamon recipe from the Goldilocks Bakebook

It’s just a pity because I love Goldilocks since I was a kid. Anonymous August 9, at 7: Occupation aside from business: Well it turned out that my goldilocks recipe leche flan as super nice, creamy smooth to the taste. She goldilockz my Goldilocks Bakebook and have chosen the Cheese Cupcake recipe.

My family… Continue reading Classic Puto. Tuesday, May 29, Goldilocks cookbook review.

I rarely do reviews. Maybe because I baked it… Continue reading Its Ensaymada again! I tried the ensaymada recipe but adapted it to what I had available. November 19, at