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Puratan Katha, Present Day Katha, Katha with Dharna, English Katha · play all. Baba Bhajan Singh (Nanaksar Wale) · 4 files · play all · Baba Gurdev Singh. More Audio Katha added. August 31, Added overnight are 41 mp3 files of katha by Sant Joginder Singh (Badrinath Wale) on the Vivek Churamani Granth.

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II – Gurmat Veechar

Couple of thoughts come to mind: There are many things in current times that were not around in the past. As much as I used to love dhunee, I couldn’t help it, but shake my head in agreement with Dr. Paath and simran will help with this. He was an assistant professor and was chosen in the public service section to be the principal in Nabha.

Dr jee has done a lot of sangat of Bhai Sahib and was one of the founding members of the Akhand Keertani Jatha in Toronto.

Also was the bani sung or recited? Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh Pritam Singh Jeo Can you or someone else tell more about bha’i sa’h’ib Darshan Singh ji. Reply Quote Tweet Facebook. Already have an account? By savalakhsingh Started 4 hours ago. Register a new account. Sukhdeep Singh jee, Many Gursikhs who have done sangat of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh jee have said that in the later years of Bhai Sahib’s life Sri Raamkalee Kee Vaar was his favorite bani and he would make any Gursikh who he would meet recite this bani to him.


Posted April 9, A few weeks ago I had the fortune of sitting with and talking to Dr Darshan Singh jee about some Gurmat topics and also about his experiences with Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh jee. These talks are not to be missed; so please be on time!!!

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Very true, I too used to be a big fan of doing Dhunee in Keertan, but after talking to Older Gurmukhs from Bhai Sahib’s time its clear that Dhunee in Keertan was done very rarely, and when it was done it would last for hours at a time. Today the very opposite is guurmat. I am sure everyone is aware of the Gurmat Camp taking place tomorrow in rememberance of Shaheed Bhai Fauja Singh Jee; just to inform the sangat, there has been 2 talks organised which will be guemat to everyone:.

Guru Maharaj alone is perfect, therefore whatever Guru Ji does is right and righteous action.

Gurmat Veechar with Dr Darshan Singh Jee

No matter what, they’re are still bhramgyani Gurmukh jan who do sevaa and sangat in Jathaa and that will always be the case. Many thanks Piyassi Chatrik jee for sharing that story. It was usually recited rather than sung. Sign in Already have an account? Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh jee changing destiny Dr Darshan Singh jee served as a teacher for a long time in his past and one time a very interesting incident happened with him.


: Katha with Dharna

Take a few years from my life and accomplish your goal. My current state of mind.

Upon hearing this, the Hindu professor became furious and angrily said “well, maybe if hadn’t tied that huge turban and not kept your hair either, you wouldn’t experience the headache! BHai Sahib said, “No, if I do it for you then should have done it for your Singhnee dont recall the name at this point too.

In other words reach his atamic goal. The hindu professor had quite a number of Sikh students.

Chota veer Reply Quote Tweet Facebook. Thanks Reply Quote Tweet Facebook.

Their main target is Sikhs. CBT – you can get websites and apps that help you through this. Sign In Sign Up. Dhunee is used by Keertanis to become “famous” and “popular”.

I haven’t had Darshan of Maharaj, but when you start Sikhi, doing Simran, Paath, listening to Kirtan and feeling the Anand Waheguru ji gives, the answers that you are seeking for will be answered automatically since you will be at a higher gurmzt level.