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Reinventing The Tattoo is Guy Aitchison’s flagship educational package, including a page full color hardcover book with slipcase, plus a DVD featuring Reinventing the Tattoo, 2nd Edition. Book and DVD Deluxe Box Set. by Guy Aitchison. Three years in the making, this is the long-awaited, fully updated. Reinventing the Tattoo – Guy Aitchison. I bought this book not so long ago and it has helped me a great deal. Just thought I’d provide a.

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You can begin by browsing through the thousands of entries that have been posted by hundreds of participating artists over the past 8 years or so.

Reinventing the Tattoo, 2nd Edition

Return to Book Page. We feel fortunate that an artist with Phil’s amazing technical abilities is available to share some of his specialized knowledge in a chapter that goes into both the philosophy and the nuts and bolts of how to create bold, crisp, realistic effects in almost any style of tattooing.

This is followed twttoo a long section showing some step-by-step tattooing processes, including detailed videos referring directly to the written content.

Chuck D rated it it was amazing Jun 08, The Next Level breaks the coverup process down into a list of factors and considerations that can make your job easier. Very helpful review, nightOwl – thanks! Just aitcison I’d provide a summary of the information this book provides and a physical description of the book.

Making a stencil fit perfectly based on a tracing is an art unto itself, which Don covers in detail along with practical steps for printing and assembling large machine-made stencils, then he demonstrates his smooth-as-silk method for getting the design flawlessly and reliably onto the skin. Table of Contents Feed Forum. Coverup Trivia Question 5 I’ve seen solid black tattoos where it was obvious where the coverup areas were.


COM, to place your order! In the technical parts of the book, the machine tuning area in particular, are details of developing a closer relationship with your equipment and a better feel for how small changes to its tuning can effect its performance.

I would recomend this for anyone who has some experience of tattooing and it will help improve your skills. Let’s say you’re doing a backpiece to cover up a “tramp stamp” and a couple small shoulder pieces. Find out more at www. Guy tells how to find the appropriate reference, how to photograph aitxhison and prepare it for tattooing or painting. A Guide to Realism. It has been cleaned-up, expanded, and fully illustrated with color photos and captions.

Due to the economy, and waiting to see what happens as a result of the election I’m currently employed by a defense contractorit will be close to a year before I can even think about moving myself and my wife. Guuy this isn’t just a color version of the first edition with a few of the typos ironed out. I was reading about this book on a few tattoo sites and they say something like “at the request of the author, this book will only be sold to artists working in shops” and that they request a phone number and shop address to verify you’re in a shop.

It is actually presented in a 2 ring binder folder providing the ability to add extra chapters in the future. Four new Photoshop tutorial videos New video seminar focused on acrylic painting Handy format that adapts to any device and works well on rinventing phone Over coming months we will continue to refine and build the curriculum and the interface to include such things as: English Choose a language for shopping.

This project has given Guy a chance to go back through the entire text and rewrite parts of it to reflect our current understandings of tattooing, plus it was a chance to get the Photoshop chapters current and talk about the changes happening with machines, tubes and needles, including the aitchjson cartridge systems.


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Reinventing The Tattoo Hyperspace Studios :

These clips are also accompanied by a musical soundtrack featuring the music of Sunchannel, Satchi Om and Ajja Leu. Great information about subjects such as warm and cool, dark and light, focus and out-of-focus, smooth and rough, flow and anti-flow.

Posted June 17, Posted November 5, I did find this one a very interesting read, though a bit superfluous. When you apply layers of ink across multiple sessions, you are mixing pigments in the skin, so adding a lot of white or off-white pigment can limit how black you can get your lines later on. Sky added it May 12, Nobody tattoos roses like Phil Garcia.

Don McDonald is at a point in his career where he is laying out lots of sleeves and back pieces, which he likes to have drawn at full size and stenciled before each client arrives. I can’t wait to order my copy. The pages aren’t very secure in the folder and the page binder holes need reinforcing.

Reinventing the Tattoo, 2nd Edition: Guy Aitchison: : Books

If you are not yet a subscriber, consider joining before you buy the DVD But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Clever use of detail can not only hide the old piece but also disguise which parts of the new tattoo are coverup and which aren’t.

Why should I bother when I do my best work on clean skin? Hell, my wife bought it for me at christmas This new edition is subscription based, with the goal of adding new content regularly so that your Reinventing experience is constantly evolving and can be customized to your path as a developing artist.