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Ahl al-Kisa or the People of the Cloak, are the Islamic prophet, Muhammad; his daughter, Fatimah; his cousin and son-in-law Ali; and his two grandsons Hassan . Every Muslim should know the historical events of Islam that were stated through a hadees to guide whole this purpose this beautiful app has been. The historical event of Islam that were stated through a hadees to guide whole app contains Hadith-e-Kisa. With a view of perfecting the benefit of .

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Hadees-e-Kisa :

Muhammad offered to do the Arabic tradition known as Mubahalawhere each conflicting party should cover themselves, and together all parties ask God sincerely to destroy and inflict with curses on the lying party and their families. In Hadeeth-e-Kisa, such spiritual virtues of Aale Mohammad kiza. God desires to take away any uncleanliness from you, O people of the household, and purify you thorough purifying “. The Holy Prophet has not mentioned illness but has mentioned of weakness, and it is quite apparent that the healing of weakness is different from curing illness.

For example, at the gathering that was convened after the death of Umar in to select a caliph, Ali made the following argument: And abide quietly in your homes, and do not flaunt your charms as they used to flaunt them in the old days hadeees pagan ignorance; and be constant in prayer, and render the purifying dues, and pay heed kosa God and His Apostle: Hafiz Delmi, author of Kitab Firdaws, refered by Sawaaiq.

Other than this in the copy of Awaalim some other additions are also there, which are not mentioned in Muntakhabe Turaehi. O Residents of My Heavens, verily, I have not created the erected Sky, the stretched earth, the illuminated moon, the bright sun, the rotating planets, the flowing seas and the sailing ships, but for your sake and love”.


Gabriel, the trusted, landed near them and said: This hadith is graded authentic by Shia Muslims and Sunnishowever many Sunnis plead a different interpretation.

Ahl al-Kisa

My father replied, “Peace be upon you too, O brother, successor, vicegerent, and bearer of my Pennon. To whom then does it refer?

At that request, God immediately sent Gabriel to reveal to Muhammad that all the five under the cloak are dearest and closest to God and they are Tahir purest of the pure without any traces of impurities. In the name of Allah, the All-Merciful, the All-Compassionate Fatimatuz-Zahra, the daughter of the Prophet, peace be on them, is to have thus related an event: Ar Rawza an Nazeer. Part of a series on Shia Islam. I smell a sweet fragrance like that of my bother, my cousinthe Prophet of Allah”.

This hadith provides the background for the “purification verse” or ayah al-tatheer from surah Al-Ahzab in the Quran whereby God explicitly identified the Ahlul Bayt:. And remove impurity from them and keep them thoroughly pure” Then the Lord, Almighty Allah said: The Shia believe this authentic hadith proves whom the Qur’an is referring to when it mentions the Ahl al-Bayt which includes only Ali, Fatimah, and their descendants.

Generally, Sunnis also accept the spiritual significance of the event of purification as exalted in the Quran and elaborated upon by Saheeh Hadith see belowbut do not subscribe to the political authority that the Shia infer from this belief.

And remove impurity from them and keep them thoroughly pure”. Wishing for purity and the disappearance of defects, is oisa separate proof that Ahle Bayt a.

A copy of this Hadeeth has been entered in the book of Allamah Sheikh Mohammad Taqi ibne Mohammad Baqir Yazdi Bafqi, which he has directly traced from Awaalim, and has quoted that, this Hadeeth is present in the book Awaalim, which is in more than 70 volumes, and is secure hadeee the library of Hujjatul Islam Aaqae Mirza Sulayman in Yazd — 11th volume is regarding the events of Siddiqa-e-Tahera s.


Views Read Edit Hzdees history. He has, by declaring the purity and equality in excellences made this also clear that, alms are prohibited for Ahle Bayt a. Author of Arjahul Mataalib.

In contrast, the third branch, the Zaidisview them only as political figures with the duty to lead revolts against corrupt rulers and governments. My father replied, “Peace be upon you too, my son and director of my Pond. In the copy of Awaalim after the collection of all Panjetan paak these remarks of the Holy Prophet s. Their flesh is my flesh and their blood is my blood. One day, my father the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him and his Household, visited me, “Peace be upon you, O Fatimah!

They are namely Fatimah, her father, her husband, and her sons. Hadees-e-Kisa rated 4 on a 1 to 5 point scale based on votes.

Using Tat-heeran, as an indefinite article, it has been exhibited that this purity is a special kind of a great purity which cannot be compared to the common purities.

The verse is started with the word innama, which itself means that Allah has based Havees wish in their purity, and this a best proof of their being a fountainhead of piety and graces.

As Laudian Professor of Arabic at the University of Oxford, Wilfred Madelung made the following observation on the verse of purification:. He wrapped him under it, then came Husain and he wrapped him under it along with the other one Hasan. Your grandfather is lying underneath the cloak” Hasan went near the cloak and said: