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HAMEG. OSCILLOSCOPE HM Specification. TLOPL HH4E. Vertical Deflection (Y). Bandwidth: of both channels. DC MHz (-3dB), DC MHz (- 6dB). OSCILLOSCOPE HM I Overscanning I Bandwidth DC MHz H Delayed Sweep H LPS Triggering to 40 MHz The HM demonstrates the. Hameg HM Oscilloscope problem. «on: January 16, , pm». Hey guys. The other day i went to the old stuff market and saw this oscilloscope.

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Trigger and Timebase To achieve a perfectly stable display the correct set- tings of the timebase and trigger controls is most im- portant. It is important to note that the x5 magnifier in- corporated in the “X-POS. bm

Missing deflecting plate voltages is probably caused by a defect in the power hmm. When one trace is shifted vertically across the entire screen, the position of the other trace must not vary by more than 0. Both the BNC and 4 mm signal plug have anti-kink mouldings while the 4 mm earth lead is fine stranded wire, to minimize the risk of the cable breaking.

If an attenuator probe XI 0 is hame, it should be remembered that a further multiplication by a factor of 10 is required to ascertain the correct voltage value.

When very fast risetimes are being measured the risetime of the oscilloscope amplifier has to be deducted from the measured time nameg. Certainly the quality of the transmission performance is not only dependent on the measuring amplifier.

Oscilloscope HM412

When using the HZ 37 the input voltage to the oscilloscope is reduced by a factor of If not, it must be corrected with the trimming pot for sweep amplitude see Adjusting Plan. Maximum deviations of 1. However, when investigating very low-frequency pulses, disturbing ramp-offs may occur with AC coupling. For X-Y operation the pushbutton marked “Hor. It should be noted that with wide variations in brightness, refocusing is always necessary.


If the instrument fails completely, the first and most important step will be to measure the deflecting plate voltages of the CRT.

Oszilloskop HM Equipment HAMEG GmbH, Frankfurt, build

The controls for the timebase and trigger selection are contained in the right-hand section. The pre-amplifiers are electronically switched to the final vertical amplifier in either alternate or chop mode. Addresses are provided at the back of the manual. Hamg load resistance should not be less than lOkQ. To obtain a display the following procedure should be adopted.

In accordance with standard safety regulations, the earth wire must not be disconnected. Power nameg 36 W approx. It is significant to note that all these modes are selectable on just three push buttons.

HAMEG hm Oszilloskop Oscilloscope | eBay

The signal coaxial cable e. For a better understanding of these Operating Instructions haameg front panel picture at the end of these instructions can be unfolded for reference alongside the text.

Correct adjustment is performed when the trace can be blanked while “Hor. The choice of the optimum time coeffi- cient depends on the repetition rate of the signal be- ing measured. This is recognized, if the vertical trace posi- tion changes considerably when the fine control on the input attenuator is rotated. Sweep Delay Ranges 7 decade steps, ns – 1 s with fine control, ratio 10 ; 1. The signal has an amplitude of 0. The mh attenuators, located in the front of the amplifier, are frequency-compensated in each posi- tion.


This is best seen by displaying a square-wave signal with the repetition rate of approximately 1 MHz.

Checking of the internal TV-triggering is possible with a video signal of any given polarity. It should be noted that if the change is less than 1 mm after hn 20 minute warm-up period then the instrument is within specification.

This oc- curs, for example, with burst signals. Pay attention to the Overscanning Indication see next paragraph.

Operating problems can sometimes occur when composite signals are to be displayed, especially if they hsmeg not contain any suitable level components and repetition frequency which can be used for triggering.

HAMEG hm 412 Oszilloskop Oscilloscope

Ventilation holes are provided in the case so that instruments with a maximum consumption of 30 Watts can be operated in the case. The DC range should only be used if the ac- quisition 4122 the DC voltage content of the signal is ab- solutely necessary. The pulses, which control the trigger indicator, are stored for approximately ms only.

It also con- tains a compartment which can be used for accessories and tools.