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Mar 22, Voted one of Christianity Today’s Books of the Year. Reasonable, concise, witty and wise, Peter Kreeft and Ronald K. Tacelli have written. Handbook. ºf Christian. Apologetics. H UND REDS OF ANSWERS TO C R UCLA L. QUESTIONS. Do faith and reason conflict? Does God exist? Is the Bible myth. Sensible and concise, witty and wise, this is the guidebook for anybody looking for answers to questions of faith and reason. The authors provide clear and.

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Tacelli have written an informative and valuable guidebook for anyone looking for answers to questions of faith and reason. Unbelievers, doubters and skeptics continue to attack the truths of Christianity. The Nature of God.

We can’t know everything, but we can know much. Kreeft is my favorite Catholic apologist, along with Jimmy Akin, and everything in this book can be agreed to by both denominations. I read through this book and found the “apologetics” argument in it to be so childish in reasoning and all along they still don’t know how an at At first I was excited about this book, as well as any other book that falls in the genre of “Christian apologetics”.

His ideas draw heavily from religious and philosophical tradition, especially Thomas AquinasSocratesG. His philosophical depth is matched in many ways by his Christian faith. Ronald Tacelli Limited preview – But it’s important to know what is really going on in the soul of the person to whom apo I read this book under our church’s Reading Programmeand I am so glad I picked it.


Mar 12, Dan Snyder rated it really liked it. I’m surprised just how much this book ministered to my heart while speaking to my mind. Heavy philosophy, but accessible. Kreeft and Tacelli expect the reader to think, to use reason, and to apply the intellect and will to how they live the faith. This offers a good beginning toward appreciating scholastics like Anselm, Salisbury or Aquinas.

This does not discount Kreeft and Tacelli’s logic, only perhaps their writing style, which at some times is patronizing and at some times is eye-opening.

Handbook of Christian Apologetics – Peter Kreeft, Ronald K. Tacelli – Google Books

Details the full breadth of Christian Apologetics. So often these books are nothing but worn out platitudes. The authors present their evidence in a logical, intelligent, readable way, and while sometimes a full chapter was too much to digest in a single sitting, I never felt like I had to stop and sit with my head spinning after just one paragraph in the way I sometimes do with highly academic works of religious scholarship. Having said that, the most important task remains still undone.

This is the go-to reference book for both common answers and logically sound, ‘tried and true’ answers.

Handbook of Christian Apologetics

His conclusions have a degree of fairness. To ask other readers questions about Handbook of Christian Apologeticsplease sign up.

Four Problems of Cosmology. So what’s the solution? Where is the philosopher of this age?

The proofs here lack the substance of the other christiah. Lists with This Book. Arguments destroy ignorance and irrationality, but the real enemy is sin. The cases for and against are presented in systematic fashion. He wants to be sought. It is masterfully done. It’s not the last time I’ll pick it up.


I found it profound, yet easy to follow. I think this is a great book for anyone interested in apologetics or studying theology, etc I read it fron to back, but it can be just as enjoyable one question at a time over a number of years. apollgetics

A book apologstics meant to be used as a reference, but I will admit I read the whole thing straight through and consider it in my top five favorite books of all time. Well written and as concise as it could be. Using it currently as one of the readings in an upper school rhetoric course.

Handbook of Christian Apologetics by Peter Kreeft

Books by Peter Kreeft. He wants to be known. A good overview of the major arguments for Christianity, however there is a certain arrogance displayed by the authors in contending that it is the nonbelievers who are the apologetisc ones for not accepting these arguments. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

A great catalog of classical Cosmological, Psychological, and Forensic apologetics.