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Harman’s childhood friend Jasleen makes an entry on ‘Shakti.’

This week, Harman’s childhood friend named Jasleen makes an entry on ‘Shakti.’ Harman feels truly delighted to see her after ages.

Jasleen is warmly welcomed by everyone in his family including Saumya. In fact Jasleen gets curious to know about Saumya as she meets her for the first time.


Harman tries to avoid the topic but Preeto tells her that Saumya is Harman’s wife. But it looks quite evident that Harman doesn’t want to talk to her about Saumya.

Saumya willingly offers to cook something nice for Jasleen but Harman strictly says no to it. He says he doesn’t want her to do anything for his dear friend. Harak Singh notices all of this and feels happy about it.

Will Harman get harsher on Saumya????

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